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Evolution Launches Live Side Bet City

Side Bet City live casino poker game new from Evolution. Evolution Gaming is at it again, expanding its world-leading live casino platform with yet another innovative new way to place a wager. They call it Live Side Bet City, and it’s based on your typical poker hand rankings, while making space for an unlimited number of players to join in. Instead of playing your own poker hand against other players or the casino, the dealer will set one hand of 7 cards face up on the table. Your job is to place a bet on the strength of those cards – the first three, the first five, and/or all seven. Or, the more pessimistic among you can bet against them all! Oh, and did I mention it’s set in the fabulously neon 1980s? Side Bet City Live Casino Poker Game Evolution Gaming built an all new studio segment where the … Continue reading

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Real Online Casinos Pushing the Tech Envelope

Prospects of ambitious charge to implement unique online casino tech. Online gambling is far from a new concept. We’ve had access to internet-based casino games for the last two decades. We can now log onto a gambling website on our desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and play slot machines, spin the roulette wheel, shoot craps or hit the blackjack tables anytime, from anywhere. The option to play these games in a real-life setting has been available for much, much longer. So long, in fact, that one might think the land-based gambling industry is more attuned to pioneering new gaming technology. But that’s not the case at all. Real Online Casinos Pushing the Tech Envelope Real-money internet casino companies—the ones that develop the games we play online—are doing all the work towards the future of the global gaming space. They’ve been doing it since the late 1990’s, and what we’ve consistently … Continue reading

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BC Online Casino delivers Record Gaming Revenue

Live online casino games contribute to record-breaking annual gambling revenues for BCLC. The British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC) has released its latest annual earnings report for the fiscal year ending March 2018. Thanks in part to the growing popularity of the BC online casino, PlayNow, the provincial regulator is celebrating record-breaking revenue. All told, BCLC generated $3.72 billion in the 12-month period. That represents a 3.4% uptick—an additional $123 million—on top of the previous year’s results. Net income for the Crown Corporation rose $61.5 million to a record setting $1.4 billion year over year. Land-Based Gaming the Largest Contributor British Columbia’s land-based gaming facilities were the largest contributor to provincial gaming revenue; as is to be expected. BCLC operates a total of 15 commercial casinos, 18 community gaming centers, 5 bingo halls and 2 racinos. Between them, BCLC is reporting record revenue of $1.95 billion. The vast majority of that … Continue reading

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Canada’s Favorite Live Casino launches in US Market

Best Canada Live Casino expands south into New Jersey, USA. The live dealer casino market isn’t nearly so competitive as its cousins in electronic gambling. There are hundreds of companies developing game software for online casinos, building interactive, RNG-based slot machines, tables games and more. Contrariwise, only around two dozen brands host live casino studios, streaming genuine table action to desktops, smartphones and tablets all over the world. There are a few logical explanations for why the live casino industry is so much smaller. For the last decade, it’s been more of a niche market, largely due to high-tech demands. It’s also not the type of software online casinos look to employ more than one of. Furthermore, it’s not a very inviting business for entrepreneurs when a single entity has already reached astronomical heights, soaring far beyond the capabilities and popularity of any existing competitor. If you’re familiar with today’s … Continue reading

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The Hardest Live Blackjack Games to Get a Seat

Why some live dealer blackjack tables are harder to play than others. Blackjack games don’t come with a great stretch of imaginative rules. Some have side bets or progressive jackpots, but the object of the game never varies. The player’s job is to achieve a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, without busting (exceeding 21). Do this and you win. Fail and you lose. It’s that simple. By these basic rules, there’s no single blackjack game that is easier or hard to player than any other. However, if you intend to play live blackjack games on the world’s most popular, multi-award-winning platform, Evolution Gaming, you may find it’s a lot harder to grab a seat at some of their tables than it is others. Live Dealer Blackjack Tables where Seats are Scarce There are two primary blackjack games where players have the hardest time gaining a seat. … Continue reading

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Why some prefer House-Banked Texas Hold’em

The Ultimate Showdown: Texas Hold’em Poker -vs- Live Dealer Casino Hold’em Texas Hold’em is, hands down, the most beloved poker game in the world. It brings people together for a battle of mathematical supremacy and psychological warfare. Whether heads-up or in a thousands-strong multi-table tournament, the games can be incredibly lucrative, if you play your cards right. Casino Hold’em is, for all intents and purposes, the same game. However, competition is limited, decisions are much easier to make, and you don’t have to be a savant to outwit your opponent. This game pits player versus dealer in a house banked rivalry that anyone can win. Texas Hold’em Poker vs Live Dealer Casino Hold’em By and far the most significant difference between these two casino games is competition. In Texas Hold’em poker, it’s you versus every other player who stakes a buy-in. Even in a 9-seat SNG, your natural odds are severely … Continue reading

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EGR B2B: The 2018 Live Casino Supplier Award goes to….

For the 9th year straight, Evolution Gaming named EGR’s Best Live Casino Supplier of the Year. It’s a fiercely competitive world we live in. In most industries, leading brands come and go like dew on a flower pedal. But not all of them… The online gambling industry is one that sees major brands rising to new heights, and very few ‘little guys’ worming their way into a lucrative, top-tier position. Being a big-wig in this business comes with great responsibility. For Evolution Gaming, that responsibility is to carry a brilliant and admirable crown, lighting the path—leading the way—for all its rivals to follow. It’s a tough job, but one the company pulls off incredibly well! That fact was reaffirmed last night when Evolution once again collected the award for Live Casino Supplier of the Year at the 2018 EGR B2B Awards ceremony at the Hurlingham Club in London, England. This … Continue reading

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Canada Live Online Casinos by Playtech

Playtech’s Live Casino Online Canada – 15 Years of Authentic Real Time Gambling If you’re a risk taker in Canada live online casinos by Playtech are worth exploring. I’ve been a longtime advocate of Evolution Gaming‘s formidable live dealer platform. In the last year, Playtech’s live studios have evolved into something profound enough to rival the industry’s longtime leader. Most don’t realize this, but Playtech was the original pioneer of live dealer casinos. Founded in 1999, the Isle of Man company opened the very first live casino back in 2003. That soft launch, from a small studio in Manila, Philippines, delivered real-time baccarat tables to the Asian gaming market. Playtech’s Live Casino Online Canada 15 Year in the Making Although it wasn’t anything close to the quality of today’s live casinos, Playtech’s initial live dealer platform sparked a revolution in the iGaming industry. It was the defining moment for Evolution … Continue reading

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Common Online Casino Software Questions Answered

Top 10 new user Q&A for online and mobile casino software. Most of us use software on a daily basis, whether it’s for work, video gaming, social gaming apps, or simply printing out coupons for your next trip to the grocery store. Today’s technological age runs on software. Most of us aren’t really aware of how it works, nor do we really care—so long as it does work! When it comes to software that incorporates monetary transfers, that’s different. For peace of mind, we generally want to know a little about what’s going on. Online and Mobile Casino Software If you intend to play real money casino games online, you might have a few questions about it. The following is a top 10 list of the most common question relating to online casino software for Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems. #1 Do I Have To Download Anything? This is … Continue reading

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Evolution’s Georgia Live Dealer Casino Open for Business

Evolution Gaming completes new live casino studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. In July of 2017, Evolution Gaming disclosed plans to build a new live dealer casino studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. Construction of the property has been ongoing ever since. Now, eight months later, the company is proud to announce their latest addition is open for business. This marks the official launch of Evolution’s third global gaming hub, and ninth studio overall. Other studios are currently being operated from Evolution’s original hub in Riga, Latvia, and another in Malta. The company also launched a regional gaming studio in Vancouver, Canada last year, exclusively servicing the province of British Columbia. The new location will help the live gaming operator meet the rapidly growing demand in an ever-expanding industry. New Live Casino in Tbilisi, Georgia Evolution’s newest addition is already hosting more than 100 employees, including a throng of professionally trained dealers and pit … Continue reading

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