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Perhaps the most accessible way to fund an online casino account is through the use of a credit card. Enter the card details, press a button, and your account is brimming with funds. The vast majority of credit cards bear a VISA or MasterCard logo. Visa cards are especially popular, merging the impregnable security of a credit card, with an impressively high acceptance rate. These factors combine to make Visa credit cards one of the best deposit methods available to Canadian iGamers.

This article details the usage of Visa and MasterCard credit cards for the purpose of online gambling. For anyone who’s bank or card issuing company disallows iGaming payments, we also cover a wide range of alternative payment methods. The table of contents below will help guide you in the right direction.

Canadian Credit Card Casinos - Visa / Mastercard Online Casinos Canada

Canadian Credit Card Casinos – TABLE OF CONTENTS

Credit Cards



Alternative Payment Methods (APM)

Direct Bank Deposits

Prepaid Cards & Vouchers


Other APMs


Visa Credit Cards

Visa is the world’s most popular brand of credit card, for consumers and merchants alike. From North America to Europe, Asia to Australia, Visa is accepted by more than 61 million merchants across more than 200 countries and territories.  As the old motto goes, it’s everywhere you want to be, including the online space.

Brief History of Visa Cards

Visa Inc. was founded in 1970, and currently hosts head offices in Foster City, California. They are one of the largest payment processing companies on the planet, supporting more than 3 billion customers worldwide. Over the last half a century, Visa’s coverage has spread across more than 200 countries and territories. Among them, over 61 million merchants, operator online and on land, accept the company’s eclectic variety of Visa-branded credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Due to overwhelming popularity as a payment method, Visa cards have long been a favorite recommendation from iGaming operators. They are easy to use, offer instant transactions, and as a result, are one of the leading funding methods for online casino players.

Card payment rejection has become all too common in the iGaming  industry. However,  it’s important to note that Visa does not set the standard for accepting or rejecting online gambling payments. Such policies are enforced by the bank or financial institution that issues the card.

How to Deposit with a Visa Credit Card

To get started, you’ll need an account with an online casino that accepts Visa credit card deposits. Follow the directions to register an account, supplying a user name, password, email address, and whatever personal details are required; (name, address, date of birth, etc.) Note that this information must match the information on your credit card, or you won’t be able to use it.

Once logged into your casino account, head over to the banking section. Choose to make a deposit, then select Visa Credit from the list of available payment methods. Next, enter your card details, including the 16-digt card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVV security code (found on the back). Double check that all the info is correct. Finally, enter the amount of money you wish to deposit and submit the payment.

Within a matter of seconds, you should receive a notice stating whether your transaction was successful or not. Upon approval, your funds are immediately available for play in the casino. If the payment is not approved, you should be given some indication as to why the payment was rejected.

What to do if your Visa Credit Payment is Rejected

Common rejection issues include typos during input, insufficient credit balance, or an issuing bank’s refusal to transfer money for ‘gambling purposes’. If it’s a typographical error, fix it and try again. If you’ve reached your credit limit, try making a smaller deposit. Rejection by the card issuer means you’ll need to choose an alternative payment method.

Here in Canada, depositing with international online casinos can be problematic. Online gambling is not illegal, but to avoid issues for branch offices in other countries where it may be illegal, banks may enforce a blanket-ban against all transfers flagged for “gambling purposes”.

Advantages of Depositing with Visa

There are several advantages to using a credit card to deposit into a casino account, and at least one advantage that’s specific to the Visa brand. Perhaps the most attractive reason for iGamers is that you don’t have to divulge any information about your bank account. All the site sees is your credit card number.

Speed is another major benefit. Credit card deposits are instantaneous. The moment you submit a deposit, the money will appear in your casino account. Plus, they give users the option to buy now, pay later. Not that we recommend betting on credit, but if you pay off the card in a timely manner, your deposits will be free of charge, too.

Visa cards have another advantage over other credit cards. They generally have the highest acceptance rates of any credit card brand. This is especially true when it comes to making deposits at online casinos. While individual banks may choose which transactions to allow or block, by and large, Visa cards issued by Canadian banks tend to be accepted at more online casinos.

Online Casinos Accepting Visa Credit Card Deposits

Almost all online casinos accept Visa cards. As a result, they are a great way to fund your account. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our favorite online casinos that accept Visa deposits. Each one has been trial tested by our editors and proven safe, secure, reputably regulated, and socially responsible:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play


MasterCard Credit Cards

Brief History of MasterCard

MasterCard Worldwide was first founded in 1966 by a compendium of banks in California. Its purpose was to compete against another credit card issued by Bank of America (which eventually became the Visa card). Today, more than 25,000 banks offer MasterCard-brand cards to their customers. It’s an especially popular brand in Europe, where its brand’s include MasterCard, Maestro, Mondex and Cirrus.

Like Visa, MasterCard Worldwide doesn’t directly set most of the policies for their cards. Instead, individual issuing banks can alter things like interest rates and usage policies. Thus, customers of different banks may be subject to different terms and conditions of use.

How to Deposit with a MasterCard Credit Card

The process is the same as depositing with any other credit. First, you’ll need an account with an online casino that accepts MasterCard credit card deposits. Once you register an account, log in and head to the banking section. There, you’ll choose to make a deposit, then select MasterCard Credit as your method.

Follow the instructions to enter the card’s details; 16-digit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVV security code (found on the back). You’ll need to provide the name on the card and the address and/or postal code associated with the card. This info must match the information you provided the online casino when signing up, or the deposit will not go through.

Once you submit the payment, you should get an instant response. If the deposit is successful, the funds will be available instantly for wagering. If you receive a rejection notice, it should come with a reason as to why the payment didn’t go through.

What to do if your MasterCard Payment is Rejected

Most rejections are simply a matter of typographical error. If that’s the case, fix the error and submit the payment again. It could also be that you’ve exceeded your credit limit, in which case you can try making a smaller deposit. However, should your bank decline the payment due to it being “for gambling purposes”, you’ll have to choose an alternative payment method.

Benefits of Depositing with MasterCard

MasterCard has its advantages. It’s a widely accepted payment method, and one that a lot of Canadians carry around in their wallets already. It’s extremely easy to use and, if you pay the balance on time, won’t cost any extra fees to deposit with. Fast, easy, free – what’s not to love?

The disadvantage to MasterCard credit card deposits is that they have a below average acceptance rate. While Visa card deposits make it through to international gambling sites at least 50% of the time, MasterCard payments succeed in only about 30-40% of cases. As stated previously, online gambling is perfectly legal in Canada, both at domestic and international websites. It’s the banks that issue these cards that may or may not reject a payment flagged for “gambling purposes”.

Casino Sites Accepting MasterCard Credit Deposits

Credit card deposits are so popular, the vast majority of online casinos list MasterCard on their payment menu. We’ve provided a short list below of some of our favorite, tried and true, Canada-facing gambling sites:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play


Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

Alternative payment methods, or APMs for short, make up the majority of todays iGaming deposit options. They come in a variety of classifications; direct banking, prepaid, eWallets and more. Within each class is an array of types. Below is a detailed list of many of the common options available to Canada’s iGaming community. If you aren’t able to use a Visa or MasterCard credit card, or want to try something different, these are the most popular choices.

Direct Banking Payments

The direct banking category generally refers to any form of payment in which the funds are debited directly from the users bank account. they include everything from debit cards and Interac deposits, to eChecks and bank wire transfers. Because they are direct debits, you never have to worry about credit card bills or account overdrafts. You can only spend what you already have available in the bank.

Thanks to the power of EFT protocol, the majority of these payments are nearly instant; credited to your casino account within a minute or two, at most.

An electronic funds transfer (EFT) is one in which the two financial institutions correspond to confirm the payment in advance. The receiving bank asks for the funds. The sending bank responds whether the funds are available. If so, a second message confirms initialization of the payment. thus, the casino credits the user with that money, even though it will take a few days to arrive.

Debit Card Deposits

Aside from a few specialty websites, pretty much every online casino in existence welcomes debit card deposits. They work the same way as credit cards, except that you are not borrowing money that you’ll have to pay back later. Debit card deposits take funds directly form your bank account. Anyone with a bank account already has, or can freely request, a debit card.

To make a casino deposit, simply enter the 16-digit card number, expiration date and CVV security code on the back. If done correctly, and funds are sufficient, you’ll be able to bet with that cash in under a minute.

Casinos that accept debit card deposits (Visa and MasterCard) include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play



eCheque / eCheck / Instant Check

An eCheck (aka eCheque, or Instant Check), is like a paper check, minus the paper. As the name implies, it is an electronic form of a cheque. It debits money directly from your bank account in the same way, too. Being electronic, however, eChecks utilize the same Eft protocol as debit cards; hence the common nickname, “Instant Check“.

Writing an eCheck requires you to provide the same information found on a paper cheque. this will include your bank account number, the bank’s routing number (ABA), and in some cases, an actual cheque number. If a cheque number is required, you’ll need to take the number form a real paper, then void that cheque so that you don’t accidentally use it twice.

Casinos that accept eCheck deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play



Interac eTransfer / Online

Interac is Canada’s long-trusted debit system. It was established in 1984 by the nation’s Big Five Banks. Back then, they were looking for a quick and easy way to send funds across their banking network. Today, the Interac system handles billions of dollars in transactions for millions of Canadian consumers.

Interac casino deposits come in two forms – Interac eTransfer and Interac Online. An Interac eTransfer uses two-step authentication, including a special security Q&A sent via mobile. Interac Online uses your existing online banking account to initialize and confirm the payment.

Casinos that accept Interac deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play



iDebit for Online Casinos

iDebit is an online banking system that facilitates transactions between banks that support the network. It’s fast, secure, free to use, and most of Canada’s largest banks offer it. Likewise, a majority of trusted online casinos that accept Canadian players accept it.

When you choose to deposit with iDebit, you’ll enter the amount and choose your bank from a list. If your bank isn’t on the list, you can’t use it. If it is, you’ll be redirected to your bank’s website to log in with your usual online banking credentials. From there, you can confirm the payment, which will instantly appear in your casino account.

Casinos that accept iDebit deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play




Contrary to popular belief, iDebit and InstantDebit are not the same thing. Very similar, indeed, but they are two separate payment options. Where iDebit freely facilitates payments between two banks, InstaDebit is more like an eWallet, of sorts. You need to register an account to use it, and link your bank account to it, but you can’t upload funds directly. Instead, you send funds through it, straight from your bank to a merchant. You can also withdrawal money to it, then spend that money online or send that money back to your bank.

InstaDebit casino deposits are easy enough, and the cost is low. To make a deposit, choose InstaDebit from the banking page, enter the amount, then log into your InstaDebit account to complete the payment. Once you’ve successfully made an InstaDebit purchase, you can select this method for withdrawal. Simply enter the amount and confirm the email address on the account.

Casinos that accept InstaDebit deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino



Online Banking

This is exactly what it sounds like. Online banking allows users to deposit directly through their online banking account. Instead of utilizing financial networks, like Interac, iDebit or InstaDebit, you’re paying directly through your bank’s online service. If you’re familiar with the procedure for things like bill payments, you’ll have no problem initializing a casino payment in this way.

To make a deposit, you’ll simply choose this method from the casino’s deposit menu. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, then choose your bank name from the list. Following a quick redirect, you’ll be able to log right into your online banking account to confirm the payment.

Casinos that accept Online Banking deposits include:

  • None at this time



Bank Wire Transfers

I moved this to the bottom of the direct banking list for a reason. Bank wire transfers are not fast, nor are they cheap. Banks tend to tack large fees onto these, so they’re only handy when moving a large sum of money. The only real plus here is that anyone, from anywhere, with any type of bank account, can use them. So, if you have no other options left, a bank transfer will get the job done.

For Deposit: Due to the high fees associated with wire transfers, most casinos do not advertise them as a deposit method.  If you plan to make a large deposit, however, you can contact customer support and ask about initiating a bank wire. They’ll tell you if it’s possible, and if so, how to do it. Expect there to be a relatively high minimum; probably $200 or more. Your bank may also require a quick security check through email or SMS before processing the payment.

For Withdrawals: Bank wire transfers are more commonly used for withdrawals, and most casinos support them. To request a bank wire withdrawal, choose this method form the cashout section. Enter the amount to cash out and your banking details, as instructed. It could take anywhere from 2-10 business days for the money to arrive.

Casinos that accept Bank Wire Transfers include:

  • Royal Vegas (for withdrawal only)
  • Spin Casino (for withdrawal only)
  • Platinum Play (for withdrawal only)



Prepaid Cards & Virtual Vouchers

Physical prepaid cards and virtual vouchers are a great option when you want to pay with cash, and/or keep your banking details private. The biggest difference between them is that physical cards can be used to make purchase in person and over the internet, whereas a virtual voucher can only be used online.

You can purchase a gift card or print-out voucher at most retail outlets; (department stores, grocery stores, convenience marts, gas stations, etc.) Alternatively, virtual gift cards and vouchers can only be used to make purchases online. Either one is an acceptable form of payment at online casinos.

Vanilla Gift Cards

Both Visa nd MasterCard sell the Vanilla brand of gift cards. You can buy them in stores, or online as a prepaid Vanilla Virtual. They are not reloadable. There’s a one-time fee, paid at the time of purchase. the one thing you need to watch for before buying a Vanilla gift card is domestic/international usage. If you plan on depositing with an offshore casino website, the card must be eligible for international purchases.

To deposit with Vanilla Visa or Vanilla MasterCard, you’ll follow the same procedures as a debit card, minus the personal info. From the casino’s banking page, choose Prepaid Card, or Gift Card. If you do not either on the list, simply choose the Visa or MasterCard Debit (whichever the Vanilla card/voucher bears the logo of). Then provide the 16-digit card/voucher number, expiration date and security code. Follow any other instructions, then submit the payment. your account will receive credit instantly.

Casinos that accept Vanilla prepaid deposits (directly, or as Visa/MasterCard Debit) include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Platinum Play



Neosurf Prepaid

Neosurf is one of the oldest gift cards developed specifically for online payments. Canadians have been using Neosurf prepaid cards and vouchers for more than 15 years. They’re inexpensive, reloadable, and readily available at thousands of retail outlets across the country. Or you can buy them directly online from the official website, If you open an online Neosurf account, you can combine your retail and online vouchers in one place, and keep track of all your purchases.

Making a casino deposit with Neosurf is very easy. Choose Neosurf as your payment method, then enter the amount to deposit, along with the 10-digit numerical code from the card or voucher. Press submit, and you’re all set.

Casinos that accept Neosurf deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino




Another popular prepaid card/voucher in Canada is Paysafecard. The company has been around since 2000, offering physical prepaid cards across countless retail stores. the main benefits include security, worldwide acceptance, risk-free payments, and the risk-free option to buy with cash. Users can download the Paysafecard app to streamline their cards, vouchers and purchase history.

Making Paysafecard deposits requires nothing more than the 16-digit code found on the card or voucher. Choose Paysafecard as your payment method, enter this code and the amount to deposit, and your payment will appear in your casino account within seconds.

Casinos that accept Paysafecard deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino



Web Wallets / eWallets

Web wallets, or eWallets for short, have been around since the turn of the millennium. It all started with Paypal. when the online gambling industry took off, Neteller and Moneybookers (now Skrill) jumped into the fray. Despite immense popularity as global online payment processors, none of those brands support online gamlbing payments for Canadian users. Thankfully, there are other web wallets available that will. They are just as secure and trustworthy, if not as well known.


Starting out as the prepaid ecoCard model in 2000, this company evolved over time into the online-only eWallet brand we know today as ecoPayz. Users can open a free account, link it to a bank account or debit card, then use the wallet to fund their online casino accounts. It’s also a handy withdrawal option, allowing using to move casino winnings to the eWallet, then back to their bank.

To make an ecoPayz casino deposit, you’ll need to choose this option form the casino’s banking page. Input the amount you wish to deposit, then enter your ecoPayz username/email. From there, you’ll be redirected to the ecoPayz website to log in and confirm the purchase.

ecoPayz withdrawals work similarly. Choose ecoPayz from the casino’s list of withdrawal methods. This option will only be available if you’ve made at least one successful deposit with your ecoPayz account. Enter the amount to withdrawal, then confirm the username/email on the account.

Casinos that accept ecoPayz deposits and withdrawals include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino



Jeton Wallet

Jeton is a relatively new web wallet that’s slowly working its way into the hearts of Canadian online casinos. when I say slowly, I mean it. We don’t actually recommend any reputable casinos that accept Jeton at this time, but due to its convenience and versatility, we expect that to change in the near future.

Should your favorite casino accept Jeton Wallet, you’ll find the deposit process to be painless. Choose Jeton from the payment list, enter the amount to deposit, then input your Jeton Wallet ID (username or email). when redirected to the Jeton website, login and confirm the payment.

Casinos that accept Jeton deposits include:

  • None at this time




Another web wallet that’s growing in popularity among Canadian iGamers is MiFinity. It works like an online bank account, and even features its own IBAN number. The company dove headlong into internet gaming payments in 2021, when MiFinity teamed up with Interac. Since then, anyone with an Interac-compatible bank account is able to use MiFinity for online gambling deposits.

Depositing with MiFinity is incredibly quick and easy. Once you choose this method, you’ll enter the amount you wish to purchase, then press the submit button. this opens a new window to login to your Mifinity account and confirm the payment. From there, the funds should appear instantly in your casino account.

Casinos that accept MiFinity deposits include:

  • None at this time




The concept behind MuchBetter is that its eWallet features are ‘much better’ than the old-school web wallets that came before it. Is that true? In some countries, maybe, but not here in Canada. Software, security and fees are similar, but MuchBetter utilizes ACH over EFT, which slows down the process. [Learn more about ACH vs. EFT and Why it Matters]

MuchBetter casino deposits are initialized like any other web wallet payment. Choose MuchBetter from the list of available APMs, enter the amount to be deposited, and submit the payment. Then log in to your MuchBetter account to confirm the purchase.

Casinos that accept MuchBetter deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Spin Casino




For all intents and purposes, Sticpay is a mirror image of Paypal, except that Canadians are actually able to make casino deposits with it. The only negative is that very few Canadian-facing online casinos accept it. None of our reputable recommendations brands do; at least not yet. We will definitely keep an eye out for changes on that horizon.

Depositing with Sticpay is a painless process. Choose this method, enter your purchase amount, and press submit. Log into your Sticpay account to confirm the payment. The funds should appear right away in your casino account. Once you make a Sticpay deposit, you should be bale to withdrawal with Sticpay as well.

Casinos that accept Sticpay deposits include:

  • None at this time



Other APMs

Sometimes, there are worthy payment options that just don’t fit into any of the usual categories. We’ve come across two such APMs. They include Pay by Mobile and cryptocurrency. You can learn more about these below.

Pay by Mobile Phone Bill

Pay by Mobile is a unique deposit option that involves billing your mobile carrier. There are several brand names that provide the service. The only one we know of that process payments for Canadians is Boku. when you deposit with Boku Pay by Mobile, the purchase is simply tacked onto your mobile phone bill.

This service works with both pay as you go and monthly subscription phone plans. For pay as you go services, you’ll need to have enough funds already in your prepaid account to cover the purchase. For monthly phone plan subscribers, you’ll see the charge on your next phone bill. Note that some monthly plan carriers require auto-pay to access Pay by Mobile Phone Bill services. There is one downside – the maximum deposit is usually very low, limiting you to about $30 to $50.

To make a casino payment, choose the corresponding logo (Boku, Mobile Billing, Pay by Mobile) from the casino’s banking page. Enter the amount of the deposit. Follow the instructions to input your mobile phone number, carrier, and any other pertinent information.

Casinos that accept Pay by Mobile deposits include:

  • None at this time



Cryptocurrency Casinos & Deposits

The world of crypto gambling is vast these days. There are two major types of crypto casinos. The first are a traditional online casino that accepts both fiat and crypto payments. The second are crypto-only casinos. This second group can be quite different, as they tend to offer a selection of games that are built on blockchain technology; the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrency transactions. What makes these casinos unique is that their games are provably fair; again, just like the transactions their blockchains facilitate.

Years ago, people chose to gamble with crypto because it was anonymous. Today, privacy isn’t so easy to come by. Unless you’re depositing and betting in genuine privacy tokens (Monero, Verge, Zcash, etc.), your transactions are only pseudoanonymous. If anyone with the right technology and know-how (such as a government tax agency) wants to trace a transaction back to its sender/receiver, they can. Point being, don’t expect Bitcoin wagers to be anonymous.

Crypto casino deposits are a bit more involved than traditional payments, at least at first. You need a crypto wallet to store your coins in. Once you have it, you need to buy and/or transfer crypto into the wallet. Then, you can use the Wallet ID to deposit crypto into your casino account. Note that each casino has a different list of acceptable cryptocurrency, so be sure to check what’s supported before you get started.

Casinos that accept Cryptocurrency deposits include:

  • Royal Vegas
    • Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Tether [USDT]

Best Overall Canadian Casino with Easy Deposits : Royal Vegas


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