Playtech’s Live Quantum Blackjack Reviewed

Quantum Blackjack Live featuring up to 1000x multiplier cards.

Quantum Blackjack Live featuring up to 1000x Multiplier CardsFans of live dealer gambling know that innovation is the key to success in this business. Yes, your standard live blackjack game will attract internet gamers looking for a more realistic experience, but the games that feature something more unique, exceptional, and genuinely entertaining are going to harvest the most attention from the collective iGaming community.

Evolution Gaming capitalized on this very concept with the introduction of game-show style titles in its live casino studios. Dream Catcher was the first, followed by games like Lightning Roulette, and Lightning Dice. With charismatic hosts delivering a community atmosphere, these titles were destined for greatness, but what really made them so successful were the multipliers.

Each one features some type of multiplier that can award much higher prizes than the standard pay table. Now, Playtech is building off that exact same concept with the introduction of its newest, sure-to-please live casino game called Live Quantum Blackjack.

Playtech Introduces Quantum Blackjack Live

Playtech’s Live Quantum Blackjack ReviewedLast week, Playtech Live announced the launch of its new Quantum Blackjack tables. The first thing you’ll notice are the neon aesthetics. Most of the background and table are black, with hard-edge neon stripes of light blue and deep purple as highlights. Behind the dealer are two digital screens that should catch your eye.

To the left is the name of the game, Quantum Blackjack. Before each hand starts, this screen will animate with a sliding mixture of multipliers. This indicates the game is randomly choosing the size of the multiplier for the multiplier card, which will be displayed on the right screen just as the game begins. You’ll see 1, 2 or 3 specific cards appear on this screen, such as 8 of Clubs, of King of Hearts, each immediately followed by a multiplier of 3x, 5x, or 10x.

If your hand happens to contain one of these multiplier cards, and you beat the dealer, you will win your bet with the corresponding multiplier applied. If your hand contains two multiplier cards, those multipliers will combine to deliver an even higher payout (should you beat the dealer, of course). Last but far from least, if three multiplier cards are visible, and your hand contains all three of them, and you beat the dealer, you will receive the highest possible 1000x bet multiplier.

Quantum Blackjack Rules & RTP

Winning up to 1000x your bet is a pretty fancy perk in any blackjack game. However, the casinos have to make their money, and that means there will be a hefty trade-off penalty to make up for it. In this case, any hand in which the dealer busts with three cards will push. That’s a very nasty penalty!

I haven’t spent enough time playing this game to match one of the multiplier cards, but I have had enough hands that should have won, instead push against the dealer’s 3-card bust. I can only imagine how much it would sting to win a multiplier, only to lose it to that nasty bust-push rule.

On the bright side, according to my calculations, the combined multiplier cards and dealer push rules only drop the RTP to 99.47%. That’s not bad considering the average online blackjack game RTP is 99.65%. Yes, higher is always better, but when the entertainment value is boosted by game-show quality thrills and excitement, it can be worth it. Look at it this way – 99.47% sure beats your average online slot machine!

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