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MPN Out, Progressive SnG Hold’Em Poker In

Microgaming scraps MPN for progressive Hold’Em Poker SNG games. Over the summer, Microgaming announced the regretful dissolution of its MPN online poker network. MPN (formerly Microgaming Poker Network) was a popular network that had been performing well, attracting countless poker players for much of its 16 years. Now, the revelation of Microgaming’s real plan comes full circle. Now for the good news… The iGaming juggernaut has just launched a worthy replacement with the release of Hold’Em Poker; the first in an upcoming collection of poker-style games coming to Microgaming online casinos. Microgaming Introduces Progressive Hold’Em Poker SNG In a recent press release, Microgaming announced the launch of its all new Hold’Em Poker game. According to the verbiage of the report, Hold’Em Poker is just one of a series of poker-oriented games that will be coming to the online casino platform. “Hold’Em Poker is the first in a full suite of … Continue reading

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The Path of a Pro Gambler is Paved with Pots & Pitfalls

Living the Pro Gambling Dream: Knowing when to quit your day job. The life of a professional gambler sounds so glamorous. We’ve all heard the stories, and they’re all very similar. A math whiz drops out of college, heads to Vegas, and wins millions at the poker tables. Most of today’s top poker pros can say the same. They got their start playing online and/or against college buddies, and now they’re headlining multi-million dollar events from Montreal to Melbourne. And what about the tales of MIT super-brains, taking the blackjack tables for thousands a night? Yes, these stories are true, but so many pages are skipped in the telling of those tales. Upswings make a great story, but no one wants to hear about the depressing downswings. If you want to emulate these beasts of betting, you need to examine this career path from all angles. Most of all, you … Continue reading

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Online Poker Renaissance or Temporary Resurgence?

A second online poker boom is in swing, but how long can it last? Online poker has been one of the most versatile iGaming verticals since the turn of the millennium. What started in 1998 as a unique pastime for the courageous few, turned into an overnight phenomenon in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker earned his historic ‘online rags to land-based riches’ victory at the World Series of Poker. Now, it’s booming again, but how long can such a resurgence last in today’s evolving market? It’s beyond clear as to why every poker player returned to the virtual felt. What’s not clear is whether it can hold their attention when so many new offerings are coming to market. Second Online Poker Boom a Renaissance or Temporary Resurgence? Is this the return of online poker to mainstream iGaming? Or is it just a fleeting fad, brought on by the temporary closure of … Continue reading

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Canada Lawmakers Fail to Address iGaming Laws

Canada online gambling laws remain stagnant approaching fall 2020. Here we are, midway through summer – fall fast approaching – and there’s been change in the current status of Canada’s iGaming laws. Online casino style games remain legal by default, legitimate sports betting is restricted to multi-picks within Canada, and everything under the sun is available via international gambling websites. That’s the way it’s been for years, and the way you can expect it to remain by the time 2020 is over. Last January, as the sun rose upon the modern technological age of a new decade, so many were certain the time for regulatory action regarding online gambling laws, on a federal level, was nigh. As the months went by, it became more and more obvious that iGaming was the last thing on the minds of government officials. The way they were at the start of 2020 is, no … Continue reading

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Playground Poker Club Announces Online Launch

Playground Poker Online: Canada’s best poker room teams with PartyPoker to launch online cash games. For the last decade, poker fans all across the country, and beyond, have looked to the Playground Poker Club as the top poker destination in all of Canada. Located in Kahnawake, Quebec, just outside of Montreal, Playground features a massive, 128,000 sq.ft. gaming floor featuring 75 poker tables, and of course some slot machines to offset the entertainment variety. In the last ten years, the property has played host to some of the largest poker events this side of the 49th parallel. Daily cash games and regular tournaments, WPT and WSOP events – it all happens right here. But that all came to a crashing halt on March 13, 2020, at 11:59 p.m., when the property closed its doors indefinitely to promote healthy social distancing. At first, it was a waiting game. How long before … Continue reading

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Pandemic Not a Boon for Online Gambling

Online gambling web traffic down 3% in March, 2020. In a world gone indoors, the internet has become the outdoor playground of a global population. People are accessing certain types of websites more than ever before. On the opposing end of that spectrum, some formerly popular digital industries are performing much more poorly. With entertainment being among the most highly sought resources during this pandemic, it was initially believed that online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites, etc., would see a remarkable boost in traffic. As it turns out, iGaming is on the decline, but not by much. Online Gambling Web Traffic Down 3% in March According to information coming from researchers at Imperva, online gambling isn’t suffering the way its terrestrial cousin is. As land-based casinos see stock value falling an average of 50% per mega-corporation, internet casinos are still attracting a good number of customers. However, the state of … Continue reading

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2020 Guide to Legal Gambling in Nova Scotia

Legal Betting FAQ: Terrestrial and online gambling laws Nova Scotia (2020). Nova Scotia is what you might call the pinky toe of Canada; a relatively tiny island off the eastern coast, but one that plays a very important role in balancing the nation’s economy. It is the world’s largest supplier of everything from lobster and wild berries, to gypsum and Christmas trees. Having an inordinately drastic ebbing of the tide, and also being situated so close to the mainland’s busiest ports, results in a rather disturbing situation wherein Nova Scotia is home to an incredible number of annual ship wrecks; a fact that explains why there are a brow-raising 41 lighthouses situated along its coastline. Aside from agriculture and fishing, the ‘Bluenose’ of Canada also harvests a good deal of its economic gain from tourism. Cruise ships docking in the ports of Halifax and Sydney contribute $1.3 billion to the … Continue reading

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iGaming in Canada: BC Gambling Laws in 2020

Legal Betting FAQ: British Columbia gambling online & on land in 2020. British Columbia is known for a lot of things, but none so much as the beauty of its diverse landscape. An abundance of national parks and other natural tourist attractions include the famous ski resorts of Whistler, featuring the iconic Inukshuk Statue atop Whistler Mountain (right). It is one of many such statues, derived from Inuit culture, built atop the world’s highest mountain peaks, often sought out by adventurers for their unique photo opportunities. Beyond tourism, much of B.C.’s economic structure is built upon construction, manufacturing and a copiousness amount of natural resources. These features have contributed to a strong economy in the province, which translates to a substantial degree of pastime expenditures among the locals; many of which are keen on the entertainment value of the multitude of gambling activities regulated within the province. Residents of British … Continue reading

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Gambling Laws Manitoba Online and On Land

Legal Betting FAQ: Manitoba online casino and land-based gambling laws in 2020. Manitoba is one of Canada’s most unique provinces. The central most among them, its landscape is the most diverse in the country, stretching from its southern border with the US, where the bustling capital city plays host to NHL’s Winnipeg Jets and Valour FC, to its northern oceanic coastline, where the town of Churchill has rightfully earned the nickname, ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’. Due to its diversity in both climate and landscape, natural resources are among Manitoba’s most important domestic products. From forestry to mining, to drilling for oil, the land of the Glorious and Free is brimming with hard workers who take the enjoyment of their pastime activities seriously. One such pastime popular in the Keystone Province is gambling, but it’s not so readily available as it is in some other parts of Canada. Manitoba … Continue reading

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Facts & Figures: Ontario Gambling Laws 2020

Legal Betting FAQ: Terrestrial and online gambling laws of Ontario in 2020. Ontario is perhaps the most famous of all provinces in Canada. It is certainly the most populated of them all, home to 38% of the nation’s total population, and the second largest by area. Its capital of Toronto hosts an impressive collection of professional sports teams, including the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, NBA’s Toronto Raptors, and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays. Ontario has a bustling economy, driven largely by manufacturing and natural resources. Tourism is another major economic driver, greatly spurred by the presence of the majestic Niagara Falls. Residents of the province tend to visit the area more than one might think necessary; not to see the famous Horseshoe so much as to visit the multitude of local attractions. These include a pair of world-class, integrated commercial casino resorts. Tourists are drawn to these, as are the locals … Continue reading

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