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The Path of a Pro Gambler is Paved with Pots & Pitfalls

Living the Pro Gambling Dream: Knowing when to quit your day job. The life of a professional gambler sounds so glamorous. We’ve all heard the stories, and they’re all very similar. A math whiz drops out of college, heads to Vegas, and wins millions at the poker tables. Most of today’s top poker pros can say the same. They got their start playing online and/or against college buddies, and now they’re headlining multi-million dollar events from Montreal to Melbourne. And what about the tales of MIT super-brains, taking the blackjack tables for thousands a night? Yes, these stories are true, but so many pages are skipped in the telling of those tales. Upswings make a great story, but no one wants to hear about the depressing downswings. If you want to emulate these beasts of betting, you need to examine this career path from all angles. Most of all, you … Continue reading

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How Live & Online Casinos Keep You Playing

The clever casino gimmicks you didn’t even know you were falling for. Every industrious business uses marketing tactics to attract clients, sell products, and/or promote their services to a target clientele. We see and hear commercials every day – on television, on the radio, on our phones, billboards, etc. But for some industries, the majority of marketing occurs not over myriad media channels, but within the business itself. The most notable of these are casinos. You may not realize it but, if you’ve ever been to a casino gambling hall, you’ve already experienced some of these marketing tactics. Every casino uses them. From the small-town locals casinos, to the mega-gambling resorts of Las Vegas and Macau – they all use the same methods. And it’s not just about getting players in the doors. That’s the easy part. It’s about keeping them there. #1 Casino Chips: The Biggest Gimmick of All … Continue reading

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Taking Sports Betting Mobile the Right Move for NJ

Mobile sports betting proves immensely profitable in New Jersey. If there’s anything that can convince a government to follow in the legislative footsteps of another, it’s a boundless influx of wealth. New Jersey’s latest figures following the legalization of mobile sports wagering are beyond impressive, and just might compel other states, if not entire countries (cough~Canada~cough) to do the same. New Jersey’s most recent financial statement, issued monthly, details the amount of money wagered on its regulated mobile sportsbook offerings in the month of July. It amounted to nearly twice the betting volume Nevada brought in during the same time frame, proving the imminent value of online and mobile betting options. Mobile Sports Betting Proves Immensely Profitable in New Jersey The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, in conjunction with the NJ Office of the Attorney General, has released its latest land-based and internet gambling financial reports. In a press … Continue reading

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Argentina Weighs Legal Online Betting on Sports

Online Sports Betting Regulation: Will Argentina beat Canada to the punch? What do Canada and the South American country of Argentina have in common? Not weather, that’s for sure! But they do both have federal regulations in place to permit some sort of legal sports betting. The difference is that Argentinians can bet on sporting event sin many ways, including single-event bets, whereas Canadians are limited to sports lottery parlays, a.k.a. accumulators. On the upside for Canada, online sports betting with international operators is not illegal, while Argentina strictly prohibits online betting. The tides could soon be shifting. Due to the reasonably remarkable drop-off in land-based casino clientele right now, some of Argentina’s politicians are pushing for legal online betting on sports. If such a law passes, Argentina will be yet another country to beat out Canada’s regulated iGaming choices. Argentina Weighs Online Sports Betting Regulation Buenos Aires is the … Continue reading

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Why does Canada’s Interest in iGaming Keep Growing?

Explicating the historical growth of the Canadian online casino market. Internet gambling is a multi-billion dollar business – one of the most lucrative eCommerce industries in the world. The most successful campaigns exist in regulated markets, where laws protect players and competition between operators is encouraged, but there aren’t too many of those. Next are the ‘grey market’ regions, like Canada, where iGaming is only legal by default. And by that I mean it’s not illegal, therefore it’s legal. A statement like that might raise eyebrows. How safe can it be for Canadians to partake in a market their own government has such a minimal grasp of? What’s kept the industry so safe are the operators who are licensed in those heavily regulated jurisdictions, and who openly welcome Canada’s players to their secure websites. That’s the short version of why we’ve seen such… Immense Growth in the Canada Online Casino … Continue reading

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Microgaming’s New Slots Titles for August 2020

50+ new online slots coming to Microgaming casinos in August 2020. As always, the crew at Microgaming is working diligently to bring more variety to its iGaming portfolio. In recent years, the company added a throng of independent digital gaming labs to its list of partners in an effort to expedite this goal. This week, the world leader in interactive gambling production announced an astonishing 50+ titles coming to the Quickfire platform in August. Microgaming has upheld a commitment to introduce multiple fresh games every month for well over a decade, but pushing fifty new titles onto the platform in a single month – that has to be a record! Among the new games destined for inclusion in this month’s publications are a variety of interesting themes, including everything from sports themes, to mythical creatures, to miniature Gods of mighty power. New Online Slots Coming to Microgaming Casinos in August … Continue reading

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Evolution Live finds Key Partner in INTRALOT

Live casino experts at Evolution Gaming ink contract with iGaming giant INTRALOT. Complementary companies and brands sign partnership deals all the time. And why not? Weren’t we taught from a young age that team work is the best way to get things done? Most partnerships don’t attract a lot of attention, but this latest one is turning more than a few heads in the remote gambling industry. Two iGaming giants, Evolution Gaming and INTRALOT, have signed an agreement that will see the latter infusing the world’s uncontested leader in live casino gaming into its multi-national products. INTRALOT operates in all facets of iGaming, from lotteries to sports betting, to almost everything in between. Now, they can add best-in-class live dealer casino gaming to that list. Evolution Partners with Greek iGaming Giant INTRALOT As most of you probably know, Evolution Gaming is the world leader in live casino gaming. Just last … Continue reading

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Canada Lawmakers Fail to Address iGaming Laws

Canada online gambling laws remain stagnant approaching fall 2020. Here we are, midway through summer – fall fast approaching – and there’s been change in the current status of Canada’s iGaming laws. Online casino style games remain legal by default, legitimate sports betting is restricted to multi-picks within Canada, and everything under the sun is available via international gambling websites. That’s the way it’s been for years, and the way you can expect it to remain by the time 2020 is over. Last January, as the sun rose upon the modern technological age of a new decade, so many were certain the time for regulatory action regarding online gambling laws, on a federal level, was nigh. As the months went by, it became more and more obvious that iGaming was the last thing on the minds of government officials. The way they were at the start of 2020 is, no … Continue reading

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CA Lotteries get Creative to Entertain Bettors

Canada’s lotteries keeping players interested with alternative sports bets and greater incentives. All over the world, businesses are suffering. Many have shut down, while others are forced to accept the minimal revenue they’re still pulling in. Canadian lottery corporations are operating at a mere fraction of their previous capacity. All retail sales are suspended until further notice, but online sales remain active. That’s good news for the provincial governments who rely heavily on gambling revenue to supplement their budgets, but bad news when you consider at least 75% all gambling revenue came from land-based sales, video lotteries and casinos. The news gets worse when you calculate in sports lotteries that drew the vast majority of their revenue from North American and European sporting events. Every major athletic sports league on the planet has suspended activities until further notice. There are no NBA basketball games, no MLB baseball games, no MLS … Continue reading

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Playground Poker Club Announces Online Launch

Playground Poker Online: Canada’s best poker room teams with PartyPoker to launch online cash games. For the last decade, poker fans all across the country, and beyond, have looked to the Playground Poker Club as the top poker destination in all of Canada. Located in Kahnawake, Quebec, just outside of Montreal, Playground features a massive, 128,000 sq.ft. gaming floor featuring 75 poker tables, and of course some slot machines to offset the entertainment variety. In the last ten years, the property has played host to some of the largest poker events this side of the 49th parallel. Daily cash games and regular tournaments, WPT and WSOP events – it all happens right here. But that all came to a crashing halt on March 13, 2020, at 11:59 p.m., when the property closed its doors indefinitely to promote healthy social distancing. At first, it was a waiting game. How long before … Continue reading

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