Looking Back: Royal Vegas to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

History and progression of Royal Vegas Casino Canada after two glorious decades.

History and Progression of Royal Vegas Casino Canada after Two DecadesAs the ball drops to call an end to yet another remarkable year, 2020 will bring with it many wondrous things. We’ll be entering the third decade of this millennium, which – for anyone old enough to enjoy casino games online in the first place – just made you realize how quickly those twenty years of gone by! One such wonder will be the celebration of Royal Vegas Casino’s 20th Anniversary.

That’s quite an accomplishment. Since its inception in the late 1990s, the iGaming industry has been a volatile one. Operators come and go like hot dog vendors on a busy street corner. There are only a handful of names around today that existed at the turn of the millennium, and Royal Vegas is one of them.

Royal Vegas Casino Canada – The Early Years

This operation first opened its virtual doors in October of 2000. The exact date is not known. I don’t think anyone tracked these things back then, perhaps because they didn’t realize just how incredible the industry would become in the years ahead.

Back in those days, there was no regulation of internet gambling. You either operated a safe online casino, or you didn’t. As we know now, Royal Vegas turned out to be one of the good guys. It’s been under the ownership of the same company, Digimedia Ltd, all these years. Digimedia actually celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, having launched its first gambling website, 7 Sultans Casino, in 1999.

The first half of RV’s existence was a bit rocky. Again, regulations barely existed in those days. Royal Vegas Casino was accepting players from everywhere in the world, just like all the other operators. But when the US stood up and said, ‘No more!‘, this casino was among the first to heed the warning. That alone exhibited the owner’s integrity and desire to do right by the growing community, and it’s something the brand has been known for ever since.

Treading Its Own Path with Microgaming

With the first decade behind them, the market was getting heavily saturated. Every company was looking for a niche to promote their services – something that made them sound better than everyone else. That lead to a developing trend in which operators began signing as many software companies as they could to their label. Instead of hundreds of games, casinos were offering thousands! But not Royal Vegas.

For the length of its existence, this casino has maintained loyalty to one digital casino software company – Microgaming. Just as Royal Vegas is one of the oldest iGaming operators in existence, Microgaming is the oldest supplier of online casino games.

Microgaming had spent years building an unrivaled reputation for security and fairness. To veer in any other direction would would be to throw question marks at their own integrity. So no – Royal Vegas would not compromise its reputation to promote a larger game variety. And why should they? Microgaming has the fastest output of any comparable software company in the world, producing no less than 2 new games per month. And it’s the only software brand certified safe and fair by eCOGRA!

Only once has RV employed a software outside of Microgaming, and they did so to provide their members with a Live Dealer Casino experience. After trying out the Microgaming Live tables, they opted for a different provider in Evolution Gaming. That was yet another wise decision, as Evolution is the industry’s number one live studio operator in the world, hands down, no contest, proof is in the pudding. In this case, that’s 10 back-to-back years worth of “EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year Award” pudding.

Recent Developments at RV Casinos

In 2017, the Fortune Lounge Group, Digimedia’s affiliate wing, dissolved. Royal Vegas and all of its sister-sites were passed into the capable affiliate-geared arms of Buffalo Partners. Now, I’ve seen a lot of bad press about this group. I’ve seen websites attempting to blacklist Royal Vegas due to its association with them. Even I, a 15-year member of Royal Vegas Casino Canada, questioned the stability of their long-standing reputation.

What I soon discovered was that some former Fortune Lounge affiliates didn’t like the new Buffalo Partners group, so they bad-mouthed them. Digimedia’s switch was actually a way of further increasing their responsibility to players, taking on a new affiliate program that wouldn’t let lax affiliates get away with immoral promotional tactics. The message was – Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

That’s exactly Royal Vegas has been doing all these years. Even when they didn’t have to, they were doing things right. It’s what I’ve come to respect most about this online casino brand, and just one of the qualities I’ll be toasting when their 20th anniversary celebration comes along next year.


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