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Our editors would like to welcome you to eCheckCasinos.ca, which we hope will become the premier destination for Canadian iGamers. About us, we are an eCheck Quality Assurance site focused on the Canadian online gambling market. What does this mean exactly ? Well, it means that our team of expert reviewers (which you can find featured on this page) carefully tests every iGaming brand for eCheck compatibility.

Our mission statement is to provide comprehensive, unbiased reviews of eCheck compatible brands in the Canadian iGaming industry. This involves performing Quality Assurance for eCheck transaction speed, casino security, reliability, and user experience. 

What makes us different ?

  • Our Long-standing Team. As mentioned on our homepage, our website was first indexed by Archive.org in November of 2011. This long-standing presence ensures that our team is well-versed in evolving regulations, new technologies, and the opening of different provinces to iGaming.
  • Our Guarantee. eCheckCasinos.ca offers the following guarantees for the brands you will find on our site: True eCheck compatibility ; Licensing and safety within Canada ; And clear indication of any restrictions or terms and conditions.
  • Accuracy & QA Methodology.  Our experts conduct thorough internal research, testing from a pool over 150 Canadian-facing brands to find truly compatible eCheck operators. According to our own market survey, only 10 to 15% of brands accept eCheck. You can read about our methodology and market survey here. This is where our brand shines compared to others who list sites as accepting eCheck indiscriminately.
  • The eCheckCasinos.ca Advantage. eCheckCasinos.ca works hard to leverage its relationships with operators to waive certain depositing requirements for our users , such as the typical wait times to unlock eCheck for new accounts. These deals are exclusive to our brand and require extensive negotiation and collaboration.
  • Our eCheck Ease © Proprietary Metric. This metric evaluates how easy it is to use eChecks for deposits at online casinos. By providing a clear percentage score, we help you quickly see which brands offer the best eCheck experience. The eCheck Ease Score © is calculated using a weighted scoring system based on five key criteria. Each criterion is scored out of 100 and then weighted according to its importance. See full details here.

🟢 Meet the Team

About Donna Dorsa : eCheckCasinos.ca Content Writer Extraordinaire

Donna Dorsa, a “veteran practitioner of the linguistic arts”, has dedicated over 15 years of her life to professional independent writing and editing. She has immersed herself in iGaming research and contributed to its ongoing evolution. Born to a novelist and electrical engineer, Donna’s interests span creative literature, mathematics, game theory, and the simple joys of gathering around the table with her family for a classic card or board game.

Donna previously contributed to several poker news publications, including 4Flush and PokerForFree, before transitioning to the casino games niche following the fallout of the poker market post-BlackFriday.

Here are some of her relevant links:

In her spare time she runs a 3D printing business from home, here is the Patreon page. For socials, she is mostly active on the business associated twitter account.

In her Own Words

“Hello there! My name is Donna and I’m a busy woman with a lot to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband, two incredible (goofball) teenagers, and a job I simply adore. Since 2006, I’ve wiled away the hours as a professional content author and copy editor with a primary focus on the world’s ever-evolving iGaming industry.

My work focuses largely on game-related entertainment. It could be anything within that realm – the historical significance of blackjack – evaluating pot odds in Texas Holdem – the inner mechanics of vintage slot machines – dice rolling techniques and intrinsic probabilities. For me, each of these topics holds great interest for a variety of reasons.

I have a life-long passion for mathematics and creative literature, and my lineage to thank for it. My mother was a novelist, my father an electrical engineer. Put it together, and you get me – a practitioner of the linguistic arts with a flare for all things numeric.

Growing up, we played lots of card games, board games, dice games, and more. It was how our family got together. As a teenager, I was incredibly close to becoming an engineer, but my life took a different path, for which I have no regrets. For me, digging deep into game theory and assessing strategic probabilities is not a chore. It’s intriguing – dare I say fun. Learning how old slot machine drums work is equally entertaining for me.

Call me a gaming geek, but figuring out how and why games work the way they do – then passing on that knowledge through informative text – brings me as much joy as playing the games themselves. It’s why I put so much effort into every scrap of content I work with. I take a genuine interest in every topic. (Except ForEx – I truly despise that topic!)”

Donna’s Publishing Principles (How She Sources Her Information)

“I grew up in a gaming family. We went to my grandparents’ house every Saturday where the adults sat in the dining room and played gambling games (31, poker, jacks or better, loosely goosey, etc) while the kids sat on the living room floor and played go fish, old maid, yahtzee, crazy 8s, and more. By the time I was a teenager, I was playing everything from rummy to Texas hold’em. I draw much of my content from personal experience. Games I am not familiar with I research to the point that I can sit down and play them, and thereby write about them with a full understanding of the game.”

– Donna Dorsa

About Dana Nikolic : Our New Guest Contributor

Dana wrote her first article for eCheckCasinos.ca on January 11th 2024, and draws extensive experience as a professional iGaming writer over the last 10 years. With a keen interest in both the entertainment and legal aspects of the industry, Dana brings a fresh perspective to her writing. She shares her insights and opinions on Medium and Twitter where she has a loyal following of readers and fans. If you are interested in learning more about the world of online gambling, or wellness, we highly recommend her work. She is eclectic in her subject matters and has written on such subjects as yoga and nutrition.

Dana Nikolic Sunflowers

As a contributor, she has been featured on all these sites:

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Here are some of her relevant links:

In Her Words

“I love writing for eCheckCasinos.ca and having the creative freedom to recommend the best online casinos for Canadian players that accept eChecks. The site really values my expertise and it’s very fulfilling being able to help players discover the amazing casinos that this site is partnered up with.”

– Dana Nikolic

About Sparky : Our eCheck Mascot

Rumor has it that our content writers and editors find inspiration from Sparky, our Mascot. You will find him in different pages across this site, partaking in various activities.

Designed by GiGis – See her profile below

As seen on: 

  • High-wire magazine
  • Electronic Times
  • Zappier

The eCheckCasinos.ca Roster of Talented Artists


On Working with eCheckCasinos.ca Through 99Designs

I met Trevor through a project on 99designs. I am convinced he has an artistic soul due to his enthusiasm for art creation- a genuine interest in the process. I believe the gesture of wanting to credit the makers of the art on his site and to let others know we exist is very admirable – a great client to work for. I enjoyed giving Sparky a body and a little sanctuary for him to zap around in.

About The Artist Codenamed GiGis

It has to be at least 20 years ago a pilot friend of mine lent me, let’s just say a “student copy” of 3d studio max. I was hooked. That program and my little digital camera set me on the path of 3d modelling and texturing, though not a lot of animation due to my puny processor and feeble graphic card. It reminded me of a portable art studio, no need for paper or canvas, paints or brushes, clay or even a sewing machine- it all seemed possible with two tiny items and an imagination. Albeit not tangible, it was satisfying and convenient with my constant moving around.

I bought books, many of which were anatomy based, took online courses, upgraded my computer and camera, won a Canon photo 5 competition with a trip and workshop that set me on a photography binge for many years resulting in a catalog of over 80,000 usable images.

I now use Blender 3D, (a huge fan of the open source programme and the clever people that add to its success) Zbrush for sculpting and as far back as I can remember I’ve had a copy of Photoshop. I still start the majority of my models with a single vert/ vertex- a dot in 3D space and that keeps it real for me.

You can find her portfolio here .

Thilina “Thily” Chathuranga

We contracted Thily to design some of the core graphical assets of this site (including the opening image of this About-us page, which is stunning. Don’t the chips look like flying saucers ? ). Thily over-delivered and became important for the overall artistic direction of the site. He created the illustration for our core ontario page , where Sparky is looking back from the phone. And we plan to work with him to create new assets for eCheckCasinos.ca.

In his words (with some help from Google Translate)

Greetings! I’m Thilina Chathuranga from Sri Lanka. I’ve always been passionate about graphic design and I have a penchant for transforming ideas into captivating illustrations. With [16] years of experience in the industry, I’ve honed my skills to blend creativity and branding, delivering designs that truly drive results for clients.

My design philosophy revolves around a deep understanding of clients’ visions and brand identities, coupled with a keen eye for aesthetics and trends. I thrive on the challenge of bringing concepts to life in the most compelling way possible.

Crafting designs isn’t just about visuals; it’s about enhancing user experience and brand value. Collaborating with eCheckCasinos.ca was a privilege, a chance to visually explore Canada’s iGaming landscape.

Esra Yadigar

Esra Yadigar, one of the artists commissioned by eCheck Casinos Canada


Esra is an up and coming artist from Turkey. She created the graphic assets for our page about the newest eCheck Casinos in Canada (written by Dana Nikolic). Working with her has been a wonderful experience. She hand-draws all her pieces and doesn’t use AI at any stage of the process. You can find her portfolios and contact her here:

In Her Words (with some help from Google translate):

Working on the eCheckCasinos.ca project was a unique and engaging experience for me.I was thrilled to enhance the user experience of the site, and contribute to its overall storytelling through portraying their mascot Sparky. I eagerly anticipate further collaborations with eCheckCasinos.ca.

My professional background,

I am a digital artist with a bachelor’s degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. With over ten years of professional experience, I have taught painting, drawing, and art history for more than three years. My creative journey includes designing various illustrations for children’s books, posters, educational materials, websites, and applications. My expertise also extends to mural art, installations, artwork conservation, painting, and sculpture.

About Trevor Hallsey : Engineer, Acting Webmaster, and Editor

“Trevor ‘The Hawk’ Hallsey, a skilled webmaster and gambling aficionado, brings over a decade of experience in the online gaming industry. With a background in computer science and a successful track record in managing gambling websites, Trevor possesses a keen eye for detail and accuracy. His commitment to authenticity and extensive knowledge of gaming make him a qualified editor and fact checker. Trevor, known for his contagious enthusiasm, is not shy to voice his insights. His expertise has led to interviews with various publications, including MirrorReview and others.

Here are some of his relevant links

In His Own Words

My name is Trevor “The Hawk” Hallsey, and I’m a webmaster, gambling enthusiast, and proud son of the Great White North. Born in Vaughan, Ontario, I’m the third of four children in the Hallsey family. I share a birthday with hockey players Mike Green and Miroslav Satan, as well as skier Bode Miller, so I feel like I’m in pretty good company

My father made a living in construction for 40 years, working his way up from a carpenter’s apprentice to eventually own his own company. Back in the 1970s, he was even lucky enough to become part of Canadian history when he did some work on the CN Tower, which once had the distinction of being the tallest freestanding structure in the world. These days, he watches a lot of television and complains about his golf game.

My mother wanted to be an actress, and in her early 20s she did some modeling and even had bit parts in a few films shot in the Toronto area. But then she met my eventual father, and it wasn’t long before her dreams were set aside in order to raise a family. She remains passionate about movies to this day, however, and she’s a real terror to play in Trivial Pursuit.

My childhood years were normal enough, with a lot of time spent playing video games, hockey, and any other competitive activity I could find. I always took great delight in trouncing my sisters, although Wayne usually proved my better in any inter-family showdown. However, I did manage to beat his high score on Super Mario Brothers when I was nine, an achievement that I still proudly hold over his head.

I played a lot of sports in high school, and that’s where I got my nickname of “The Hawk.” During a closely contested basketball game against my school’s chief rival, I stole a pass in the waning seconds of the game and dunked the ball for the win. My teammates said I soared through the air like a hawk, and the name stuck. Unfortunately, I had to have knee surgery my senior year, which brought my days of dunking basketballs to a close.

After graduation, I enrolled at the University of Toronto, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My first choice was something in the field of conservation, as I had grown up near the Kortright Centre for Conservation and developed an interest in the subject. It was around this time that I discovered the Internet, which was just starting its rise to prominence; I immediately fell in love.

In order to make ends meet after graduation, I went to work for my father’s construction company. This provided a stable income, enabling me to pursue my ultimate goal of becoming an online entrepreneur.

The field of gambling seemed like a natural choice for my “future empire”, as I had long been an admirer of poker and blackjack. Starting in the early 1990s, my parents would make a couple of weekend trips each year to destinations such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas. While my siblings and I had to stay with my grandparents, my mother and father would always return home with tales of bright lights, star-studded performances, and lots of casino gaming.

Those memories led me to start several informational gambling websites, and that’s how I’ve been making a living for almost a decade—a journey from an engineer to a webmaster and content editor. Playing online is much more accessible these days with new advent of new deposit options such as the eCheck . With this website, I wanted to contribute by writing about at the intersection of finance and iGaming.

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  • Dana Nikolic

    Dana Nikolic is a veteran iGaming expert with over 10 years of experience testing and reviewing online casinos. She has written for publications such as Huffpost, Thrive Global , Newsbreak and Medium. She takes a meticulous approach to evaluating gaming sites, assessing critical factors like game variety, bonuses, customer support and withdrawal speeds. Leveraging her insider knowledge, Dana provides discerning casino reviews that highlight the top performers in the industry. She knows how to identify casinos that offer an exceptional overall experience. Dana also uncovers the best deals and bonuses to maximize player value. With a decade reviewing sites, she has stringent criteria for picking casinos that provide the most rewarding entertainment. More information about Dana on our about us page.

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  • Donna Dorsa

    Donna Dorsa is a veteran practitioner of the linguistic arts. As an independent writing and editing professional, she's spent more than 15 years researching and playing an active role in the world's ever-evolving iGaming industry. The daughter of a novelist and electrical engineer, her passions include creative literature, mathematics, game theory, and sitting around the table with her family for a good old-fashioned card or board game. In her spare time she runs a 3D printer business from home. Here is her Patreon. You can read her bio on Muckrack and find her socials on our meet the team page.

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