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First of all, I’d like to welcome you to eCheckCasinos.ca, which I hope will become the premier destination for Canadian players. My name is Trevor “The Hawk” Hallsey, and I’m a webmaster, gambling enthusiast, and proud son of the Great White North. While you may be more interested in reading about the game of 21 than the life of a humble webmaster, I wanted to include this section to add a personal touch. In my opinion, that’s something sorely lacking at most gaming sites.

I was born in Vaughan, Ontario on October 12th, 1980, the third of four children produced by Sarah and Mitchell Hallsey. I share a birthday with hockey players Mike Green and Miroslav Satan, as well as skier Bode Miller, so I feel like I’m in pretty good company.

My father made a living in construction for 40 years, working his way up from a carpenter’s apprentice to eventually own his own company. Back in the 1970s, he was even lucky enough to become part of Canadian history when he did some work on the CN Tower, which once had the distinction of being the tallest freestanding structure in the world. These days, he watches a lot of television and complains about his golf game.

My mother wanted to be an actress, and in her early 20s she did some modeling and even had bit parts in a few films shot in the Toronto area. But then she met my eventual father, and it wasn’t long before her dreams were set aside in order to raise a family. She remains passionate about movies to this day, however, and she’s a real terror to play in Trivial Pursuit.

As for my siblings, they are Wayne, Sarah, and Deandra. My brother is the eldest of the bunch, while Sarah is two years my senior. Deandra came last, something we still give her grief about. Wayne holds the rank of Commander in the Royal Canadian Navy, where he serves aboard one of our nation’s four patrol submarines. Sarah is a homemaker who now lives in Edmonton, while Deandra migrated south to the United States and became a big shot at a Chicago public relations firm. I think she moved to escape the taunts of her siblings, but our weekly Skype sessions prove she’s a glutton for punishment.

My childhood years were normal enough, with a lot of time spent playing video games, hockey, and any other competitive activity I could find. I always took great delight in trouncing my sisters, although Wayne usually proved my better in any inter-family showdown. However, I did manage to beat his high score on Super Mario Brothers when I was nine, an achievement that I still proudly hold over his head.

I played a lot of sports in high school, and that’s where I got my nickname of “The Hawk.” During a closely contested basketball game against my school’s chief rival, I stole a pass in the waning seconds of the game and dunked the ball for the win. My teammates said I soared through the air like a hawk, and the name stuck. Unfortunately, I had to have knee surgery my senior year, which brought my days of dunking basketballs to a close.

After graduation, I enrolled at the University of Toronto, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My first choice was something in the field of conservation, as I had grown up near the Kortright Centre for Conservation and developed an interest in the subject. It was around this time that I discovered the Internet, which was just starting its rise to prominence; I immediately fell in love.

Actually, I fell in love on two fronts. First, there was the Internet and my pursuit of a Computer Science degree. Then there was Renee, a raven-haired beauty from Quebec. We married during our second year of studies and the marriage was over by our third. It was great while it lasted, but we were both too immature to make it work amidst the pressures of university life. We still chat occasionally, and she now works as an administrator at a hospital in the suburbs of Montreal.

In order to make ends meet after graduation, I went to work for my father’s construction company. This gave me a steady income that allowed me to pursue my ultimate goal of establishing an (online) empire to rival that of Alexander the Great. There was also a brief stab at becoming a professional MMA fighter, but a broken jaw convinced me that I would never be the next Georges St-Pierre.

The field of gambling seemed like a natural choice for my future empire, as I had long been an admirer of poker and blackjack. Starting in the early 1980s, my parents would make a couple of weekend trips each year to destinations such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas. While my siblings and I had to stay with my grandparents, my mother and father would always return home with tales of bright lights, star-studded performances, and lots of casino gaming.

My dad was a devotee of blackjack, and some of my fondest childhood memories involve the whole family sitting at the kitchen table playing the game. Dad would act as the dealer, and each member of the Hallsey household would start out with 50 toothpicks as their bankroll.

Those memories led me to start a number of gambling websites, and that’s how I’ve been making my living for almost a decade. A lot of my sites have focused on poker or the slots, but my latest endeavor allows me to get back to my roots. Playing online is much more accessible with new advent of new deposit options such as the eCheck. With this website, I wanted to focus on this exciting new funding method. eCheck is still the best deposit option as of 2017.

When I’m not chained to my computer, you can usually find me cheering on the Maple Leafs, hitting around the puck with a few buddies from high school, or working on my purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I only live 20 minutes from my parents, so I still have time for an occasional game of blackjack at the kitchen table.

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