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When it comes to online casino withdrawals, international bank wire transfers are your “ace in the hole”. When all else fails – when there’s no other option – you can always trust a bank wire transfer to get the job done. They’re not the fastest by any means, and they can be a little pricey, depending on your bank, but they are 100% reliable; not to mention secure. An international wire transfer is what you might call a last resort. It’s not a bad option, but it’s not the best, either. There are certainly faster and cheaper ways to get your winnings out of a casino. But if you happen to be in a country where alternative payment methods are hard to access, or maybe you’re playing at an online casino that just doesn’t offer a lot of payout options, that bank wire withdrawal could become your best friend. We’ll talk more about how bank wires work, why some Canadians have come to rely on them, and what you’ll need to process a bank wire transfer. If you know what you’re looking for, the table of contents below will help you find it faster. If not, just keep scrolling to learn all about it. As always, thanks for visiting, and remember to gamble responsibly.

Bank Wire Canada – Table of Contents

What are Int’l Bank Wires and How Do They Work?

Bank wire transfers are the old, tried and true technique of moving funds from one bank to another. International transfers take place across national borders; sometimes across oceans. This explains why they can take a week or more to process. The need for this service is why some bank’s charge so much for it. However, it’s a need that’s steadily decreasing, thanks to alternative payment methods and crypto currencies. These payments rely on digital communications between financial institutions. One bank requests the funds from another. That bank states whether those funds are available from the requested account and, if so, tells the receiving bank that the transfer is being initiated. Unlike EFTs, which start out with the same protocol, that notification doesn’t grant the recipient instant access to the money. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to arrive.

What Do I Need to Initiate a Bank Wire?

Bank wire transfers require only a minimal amount of information. You need your bank’s ABA routing number, and your bank account number. The ABA routing number signifies what bank the money will be sent to, while the bank account number tells the them which account to deposit the funds into when they arrive. Other basic information will also be required, such as the name and address associated with the bank account. Note that this information must match the name and address you signed up your online casino account with, or the payment will not be processed.

Are International Bank Wires Secure?

Yes! The great thing about bank wires is that there is absolutely no middle man. The transfer takes place directly between banks, which happen to have some of the strictest security protocols the world over. All details are securely encrypted along the way. The only security concern for most users is the act of divulging sensitive banking details with online casinos. However, this is also being done over a secure connection. The casino does not save your banking details unless you give them permission, in which case it remains encrypted on the server. And even then, it’s not enough information for anyone to commit fraud. The truth is, the banking details you provide for a wire transfer aren’t all that sensitive. It’s the exact same information found on a paper cheque. If you would pay for groceries by giving a cheque to the cashier, you might as well use bank transfers online. So long as the website is secure (look for the HTTPS:// at the start of the URL), and the casino requires KYC identity verification, you have nothing to worry about.
Can I Gamble Anonymously with Bank Wires?
No. Any payment method that requires you to give your name and address is obviously not going to be anonymous. Payments to/from your bank clearly fall into this category. If you’re looking for more privacy-oriented payment method, may we suggest crypto currency, or paying cash for a physical gift card.

Speed of Bank Wire Transfers – 3-7 Days

Bank wires aren’t as slow as they used to be. I remember when “1-2 weeks” was the norm. Now, you can expect anywhere from 3-7 business days. That doesn’t include weekends, so the time really can very. If you try to withdrawal on a Friday, it could realistically take up to 11 days to arrive. The actual time depends mostly on the banks sending and receiving the money, and how well associated they are. A good relationship between two major banks is more likely to get the fastest 3-day experience, where as a small foreign branch sending to a local credit union will most certainly take longer. The above timeframe applies specifically to casino withdrawals. If you’re depositing with bank wire, the speed of getting credit will have everything to do with your casino of choice. Traditionally, casinos would not credit a bank wire prior to its arrival; (unlike an EFT or debit card deposit, which cannot be cancelled once initiated). Some of today’s more progressive casinos will credit the money to the user’s account, but you may need to be ID verified, a VIP, and/or a long-standing member.

Cost of Bank Wires Canada – Fees & Limits

The cost of a bank wire depends largely on the bank you’re withdrawing to. My bank charges $20 for an incoming international wire transfer, which is about as cheap as it gets in Canada. Other banks may charge more. You’ll need to contact your bank, or look up your bank’s fee schedule online, for specific details. Because wire’s incur a flat fee, the value of this payment option has everything to do with the size of the withdrawal. If you’re cashing out $50, and paying $20 to receive it, that equates to a 40% fee. Not a very good value, is it? If you’re cashing out $1,000, it drops to a 2% fee; a lot more reasonable, if not downright cheap. Most casinos will set a minim limit on bank wire transfers. There may be a minimum of $50, $100, sometimes more, just to initiate the transfer. This is to minimize the fee their bank is surely charging. If that’s the case, you’ll be informed of the minimum amount, as well as any fees they might pass on to their customers, before you make a payment or cashout.

How to Deposit with a Bank Wire Transfer

A bank wire transfer isn’t really the ideal option for most players. If you’re in Canada, you have a lot of alternative payment methods to choose from; options that are surely faster, cheaper, and just as secure. If you’re set on using this method, however, you’re certainly welcome to do so. Make sure you have your account number and bank’s ABA routing number ready, then follow the instructions below.
Bank Wire Casino Deposits – Step-by-Step
Order of StepsIn Detail
1. Login to CasinoLogin to the online casino you want to make a deposit at.
2. Visit the CashierMake your way to the Cashier/Banking section of the website.
3. Choose DepositChoose to make a deposit.
4. Select Bank WireFrom the list of available deposit methods, choose International Bank Wire Transfer.
5. Enter DetailsFirst, enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Then, follow the prompts to enter your banking details. The form will help direct you through the process. Double-check everything to make sure its correct, then submit the payment.
6. Bank SMS ConfirmationAs an added layer of security, you bank may require you to confirm the payment. If so, you’ll receive an SMS text message from your bank asking you to confirm it. You’ll have to reply with an affirmative response. Just follow the instructions to do so.
Success!Assuming you’ve followed the instructions correctly, the payment will be successful. It could be anywhere from a few minutes, to a few days, for the credit to appear in your casino balance.

How to Cash Out with a Bank Transfer

Just about every casino on the web today offers bank wire withdrawals. In fact, some of them require it. If you have no other option, it’s either bank wire or cheque by mail. For international players, you can guess which one is faster. If this is your first time initiating a bank wire transfer with the casino, you’ll need to enter your banking details. These will include your bank’s ABA routing number, your bank account number, and of course your personal info (name, address, date of birth). Make sure you enter them correctly in the input areas provided. Basic instruction will help walk you through the process. If you’ve previously used this method to deposit, your bank details may already be saved. If that’s the case, you’ll be asked to review the information for accuracy. If you need to update the bank details, this is the time to do so. For more details, see the full step-by-step instructions below.
Bank Wire Withdrawals – Step-by-Step
Order of StepsIn Detail
1. Login to CasinoLogin to the online casino you want to cash out winnings from.
2. Visit the CashierMake your way to the Cashier/Banking section of the website.
3. Choose WithdrawalChoose to make a withdrawal.
4. Select Bank WireFrom the list of available cashout methods, choose International Bank Wire Transfer.
5. Enter DetailsFirst, enter the amount of money you wish to withdrawal. Then, enter your banking details. The form will help you along the way. Follow its direction, double-check everything for accuracy, then submit the payment.
Success!Assuming you’ve followed directions correctly, your withdrawal will enter the casino’s “pending processing” period. A few days later – most bank’s state 3-5 business days – the funds will appear in your bank.

Recommended Canadian Bank Wire Transfer Casinos

If you’re familiar with our website, you know the team is committed to iGaming safety and security. We thoroughly investigate every online casino before we sign up and deposit. And we never recommend any online casino we don’t personally play at. With that in mind, please have a look at the following list of trusted Canadian casinos that support international bank wire transfers. You can click on the name of any casino on the list to read an in-depth review of its features.
Bank Wire Canada CasinosFor DepositWithdrawal
Spin CasinoYesYes
JackPot CityYesYes
Party CasinoYesYes
Royal VegasYesYes

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