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Ontario Gaming Blasted by Auditor General’s Report

Auditor General’s report on live and online gambling practices in Ontario raises multiple concerns. Last month, the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario released a scathing, 74-page report detailing numerous deficiencies found in the procedures of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The report covers activities and procedures from 2015 to 2020. It uncovered a strain of problems that will need to be addressed immediately; preferably before Canada’s gambling market expands with the all-but-guaranteed passage of single-event sports betting laws. The AGCO has a great deal of responsibilities in the province, including regulatory oversight of “the alcohol, gaming, horseracing and private cannabis retail sectors in Ontario”. Across all four industry sectors, the full list of licensees includes 78,500 businesses. These services are so strictly regulated because they generate a substantial amount of annual revenue for the province, but are the most susceptible to criminal infiltration.   Report Raises … Continue reading

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How Live & Online Casinos Keep You Playing

The clever casino gimmicks you didn’t even know you were falling for. Every industrious business uses marketing tactics to attract clients, sell products, and/or promote their services to a target clientele. We see and hear commercials every day – on television, on the radio, on our phones, billboards, etc. But for some industries, the majority of marketing occurs not over myriad media channels, but within the business itself. The most notable of these are casinos. You may not realize it but, if you’ve ever been to a casino gambling hall, you’ve already experienced some of these marketing tactics. Every casino uses them. From the small-town locals casinos, to the mega-gambling resorts of Las Vegas and Macau – they all use the same methods. And it’s not just about getting players in the doors. That’s the easy part. It’s about keeping them there. #1 Casino Chips: The Biggest Gimmick of All … Continue reading

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Ultimate Guide to Situational Bankroll Management

How to adapt your bankroll budget for different casino games. Everyone with an ounce of responsibility in their bones sets a budget before going to the casino. We know that we should only bring with us an amount of money that we can afford to spend, and would be willing to lose. This is common sense. Once you get in the door, things get a bit more complicated. It’s not just about how much you spend, but how quickly you might spend it. You wouldn’t bet $100 a hand at the blackjack tables with a $500 bankroll, nor would blow $10 a spin on the slots after inserting $100. Different games do call for situational bankroll management. How to Adapt Your Bankroll for Different Casino Games Each game you play has different qualities; things like speed of play, bet limits, and probabilities versus profit potential. All of these qualities can … Continue reading

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The True Value of RTP in Casino Games

The real pros and cons of playing the highest RTP casino games. Ask the average casino goer if you’re better off playing a game with a high return to player (RTP), and they’ll say, “Yes, of course! If you know what RTP is, you should obviously be aiming for the highest RTP games.” But the average player isn’t likely to tell you about the disadvantages of doing so, because the average player never puts that much thought into it. The truth is, there are pros and cons to seeking out a high RTP in casino games. On the surface, they will give you the best odds of winning money. There’s no denying that. But there’s a bigger picture to be seen, especially in an online casino environment. Pros & Cons of Playing the Highest RTP Casino Games The most obvious pro/con here relates to the way a game’s RTP works. … Continue reading

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Mega Moolah Pays Record €14.2M Jackpot in Sweden

Swedish Lucky Online Casino goer wins €14.2 million record Mega Moolah jackpot. For individual players, winning an online slot machine jackpot is the ultimate goal. But when it comes to iGaming news headlines, they happen all the time. Small jackpots are incredibly common, happening countless times a day at online casino all over the world. Big jackpots – I don’t just mean big, but life changing multi-million dollar jackpots – aren’t as common, but they do occur at least once every month or two. What we don’t hear very often is that a progressive slot has paid out such a high reward, that it’s set a new all-time record. That’s what happened this week for one very “lucky” member of Lucky Casino, when the Mega Moolah paid out the highest online progressive to any Swedish player. Swedish Lucky Online Casino Goer Wins €14.2M Record Mega Moolah Jackpot The fateful strike … Continue reading

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2 Favorite Wazdan Slots Come to Regulated Markets

Wazdan expands market for 2 favorite online casino games, 9 Tigers Slot and Reel Hero Slot. Wazdan is one of those online casino games developers that falls into the classification of ‘quality over quantity’. They have a strong portfolio. New games are released on a slow but steady basis. The slow presentation of new titles is forgiven because every one that hits the market is so well made, so well received, so feature-rich and graphically stunning. That same description can be used to delineate the appreciative response by players a few months ago when Wazdan launched its all-new 9 Tigers and Reel Hero online slot machines. When 9 tigers launched in April 2020, it was released only to iGaming operators licensed in Curacao. The same was true of Wazdan’s late-May release of Reel Hero. As of this week, both are now available in Wazdan casinos. 2 Favorite Wazdan Slots Come … Continue reading

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Microgaming’s New Slots Titles for August 2020

50+ new online slots coming to Microgaming casinos in August 2020. As always, the crew at Microgaming is working diligently to bring more variety to its iGaming portfolio. In recent years, the company added a throng of independent digital gaming labs to its list of partners in an effort to expedite this goal. This week, the world leader in interactive gambling production announced an astonishing 50+ titles coming to the Quickfire platform in August. Microgaming has upheld a commitment to introduce multiple fresh games every month for well over a decade, but pushing fifty new titles onto the platform in a single month – that has to be a record! Among the new games destined for inclusion in this month’s publications are a variety of interesting themes, including everything from sports themes, to mythical creatures, to miniature Gods of mighty power. New Online Slots Coming to Microgaming Casinos in August … Continue reading

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$3M & $4M Online Progressive Jackpots Struck in 24hrs

Pair of multi-million progressive jackpot slots spew their wealth this week. When we hear a member of the global online casino community was showered with the riches of an online slot machine’s progressive jackpot, we tend to immediately assume it was a Microgaming or NetEnt product that did the showering. That was not the case this week when a pair of multi-million dollar jackpots rained down on two very lucky players in a twenty-four hour period. The first to spew its wealth was Blueprint Gaming’s Jackpot King Progressive. That lucky player collected $4.6 million on Wednesday, August 5. The following day, it was Random Logic’s Millionaire Genie that regurgitated just a smidge above $3 million in cash winnings. No doubt both players are today celebrating a life unimagined. Jackpot King Multi-Million Progressive Jackpot Blueprint Gaming isn’t exactly famous for its progressive slots network. They only host a few progressive games, … Continue reading

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Aristocrat to Pay $31M in Crazy/Stupid Case of Illegal Gambling

Wild case of so-called illegal gambling costs Australian slots maker Aristocrat $31 million. Every sound-minded adult from here to Timbuktu understands the concept of gambling. Whether you actually partake in the pastime or not, we all know that the basic definition of gambling. It is risking something of value for a chance of winning something of equal or greater value. That didn’t stop some money hungry social gamers from taking advantage of Australia’s largest manufacturer of physical and digital slot machines. After two years of arguing a perfectly conceivable point, Aristocrat has thrown in the towel. The company has agreed to pay a class action settlement of US$31 million (AU$47 million). Their co-defendant in the case, Churchill Downs, was equally fed up with the nonsensical lawsuit, willing to pay US$155 million (AU$237 million) to call it done. Wild Case of So-Called Illegal Gambling Ends in Settlement The issue dates back … Continue reading

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This Week in Online Gambling: April Ends with a Bang

iGaming News: Match-fixing locks, IP blocks and mega slot jackpots. Every week, some extraordinary story comes out of the online gambling industry. Some athlete gets in trouble for fixing a match violations. A regulator alters the state of iGaming laws. The world’s luckiest gambler strikes it rich to the tune of a 7-figure jackpot prize. Yes, these stories aren’t all that uncommon. But when they all happen within the course of a few days – that’s headline worthy! Cricketer Slapped with 3-Yr Lock-Out for PCB Violation To start the week, 29-year old batsman Umar Akmel of Pakistan was issued a three-year ban from all cricket games. The retroactive lock-out dates back to February 20 of this year, when Akmal was found guilty of violating the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Anti-Corruption Code; specifically Article 2.4.4, relating to failure to report being approached about the match fixing. To be clear, Akmal is not … Continue reading

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