Vegas Golden Knights Slot Machine Debuts at South Point

Larger-Than-Life Debut of New NHL Themed Slot Machine at Las Vegas Casino.

New NHL Themed Slot Machine Vegas Golden Knights SlotThey say everything is bigger in Texas, but I think it’s safe to say Nevada has the Lone Star State beat on slot machines. There’s a new game at South Point Casino, and its got ‘Wow Factor’ written all over it. This is one even Canadians would give a double-take, as it carries one of the most popular sporting themes of the Great White North – ice hockey.

The new Vegas Golden Knights Slot Machine debuted recently at South Point Casino, located along the southern stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard at the junction of Silverado Ranch. The colossal VGK-themed slot machine is the result of a license agreement between the National Hockey League (NHL) and the game’s creator, AGS. It is the first of a series of NHL slots and table games slated for production and installment in the US and Canada.

New NHL Themed Slot Machine Larger-Than-Life

Slot machines get fancier and more feature-rich every year. With demand never yielding, their creators are constantly under pressure to develop the ‘next big thing’. AGS took that concept to heart in the creation of their largest ever cabinetry model. The new Vegas Golden Knights Slot stands 8 feet tall, and spans 8 feet wide; nearly 2.5×2.5 meters. That’s about the same amount of space three average-size slot machines take up on a gaming floor.

All that space isn’t meant to be wasted, though. AGS installed bench seating for the massive new slot, capable of accommodating multiple players at once. Only one player can spin its reels at a time, but the colossal game is sure to attract a lot of group attention, and will no doubt become a central photo-op for social media selfies and group pics. South Point Casino’s director of slot operations, Cliff Paige, is counting on it.

“This thing is a monster!” said Paige. “People flock to it.”

He is confident the game will perform “very well” at the casino. He says players are drawn both by the community-style game play, and the larger-than-life reels, making it a perfect backdrop for social media photos.

A Local Attraction Game for a Locals Casino

Being located so far south of the Las Vegas Strip, South Point doesn’t get as much foot traffic from tourists as other casinos. While they do entertain a lot of visitors who prefer a more subdued Vegas experience, a significant portion of their guests are locals. And competing for locals means offering them something they can relate to. What better attraction than the brand familiarity of the city’s recently expanded NHL team?

“We’re primarily a locals casino, and the Golden Knights have just been such a staple among our local players and the entire community as a whole,” said Paige. “It’s something that everybody gets behind in Las Vegas, and we’re just happy to be a part of it.”

Julia Boguslawski, AGS Chief Marketing Officer, was thrilled to be a part of the collaboration. The games developer – another local brand – first teamed up with the Golden Knights hockey team in 2018.

“As a corporate partner of the Golden Knights and being headquartered in Las Vegas, it was the perfect opportunity for AGS to deliver an engaging and highly social gaming experience on an attention-grabbing slot cabinet to capitalize on the team’s enormous popularity and success,” said Boguslawski in a statement.

Vegas Golden Knights Slot Machine

With such a massive cabinetry, you might expect this new hocky-themed slot machine to feature an abundance of reels with countless bet ways. On the contrary, it’s a classic 3-reel game with a separate 42” monitor for each reel.

Situated just outside the Big Sur Oyster Bar, Vegas Golden Knights takes the concept of “power play” to the next level. It features multiplier wilds that can boost any winning payout by 10x the bet, plus scatter pays that award big prizes when one or more Vegas Stars or Golden Knights logo lands on the reels.

The VGK slot is the first of its kind to appear in North America, but its definitely not the last. The league’s partnership with AGS promises to deliver more NHL themed slot machine cabinets coming to casinos across the US and Canada.

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