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Playtech’s New Live Blackjack a Risk Taker’s Dream

Playtech’s Live All Bets Blackjack : Exploiting uneducated casino players everywhere. Earlier this year, Playtech lauded the release of an all new live blackjack game. They call it ‘All Bets Blackjack’, heralding it as “exclusive”, “innovative” and “engaging”. To kick off the release, the game was designed as bespoke title for GVC-owned bwin, and has since been launched across all Playtech-licensed .com casinos. The key to designing a truly innovative blackjack game is to give players something they’ve never had before. It could be a new feature, a new side bet, new rules or payout structures. In this case, it’s a combination thereof. The game features all Playtech’s blackjack side bets, with a special feature that gives players the options to place each and every side bet – hence the name ‘all bets’ – with the single tap of a button. Live All Bets Blackjack a Side Bettors Dream No … Continue reading

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When Not to Make a Banker Bet in Baccarat

The Baccarat Banker Bet: The best and worst times to bet on the banker. Every gambling guide includes a list of the lowest house edge games found in every casino. Blackjack and video poker get the best ratings, but they also require deep study, forethought and memorization. Players looking for an easy strategy – one that requires no patience, discipline, or mental strain – will often choose baccarat. Its simplicity comes from two things. First of all, you don’t really play baccarat. You pick the hand you think will win, and the dealer does all the grunt work. Every decision made is based on the rules of the game, not any one individual’s preference. Therefore the odds do not waver from one hand to the next. Why the Baccarat Banker Bet is the Right Choice (Most of the Time) There are only three ways to bet in a standard game … Continue reading

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Ultimate Guide to Situational Bankroll Management

How to adapt your bankroll budget for different casino games. Everyone with an ounce of responsibility in their bones sets a budget before going to the casino. We know that we should only bring with us an amount of money that we can afford to spend, and would be willing to lose. This is common sense. Once you get in the door, things get a bit more complicated. It’s not just about how much you spend, but how quickly you might spend it. You wouldn’t bet $100 a hand at the blackjack tables with a $500 bankroll, nor would blow $10 a spin on the slots after inserting $100. Different games do call for situational bankroll management. How to Adapt Your Bankroll for Different Casino Games Each game you play has different qualities; things like speed of play, bet limits, and probabilities versus profit potential. All of these qualities can … Continue reading

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The True Value of RTP in Casino Games

The real pros and cons of playing the highest RTP casino games. Ask the average casino goer if you’re better off playing a game with a high return to player (RTP), and they’ll say, “Yes, of course! If you know what RTP is, you should obviously be aiming for the highest RTP games.” But the average player isn’t likely to tell you about the disadvantages of doing so, because the average player never puts that much thought into it. The truth is, there are pros and cons to seeking out a high RTP in casino games. On the surface, they will give you the best odds of winning money. There’s no denying that. But there’s a bigger picture to be seen, especially in an online casino environment. Pros & Cons of Playing the Highest RTP Casino Games The most obvious pro/con here relates to the way a game’s RTP works. … Continue reading

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Best Casino Games to Play & Watch on Twitch

Most popular twitch casino games for playing and viewing in 2020. With every notable passage of time, the world changes, as does the people in it, and they way they operate. Progressions in technology have a lot to do with it. It changes the way we work, the way we communicate, and even the way we enjoy pastimes. For casino gamers, the last twenty years have seen a dramatic shift. First came online casinos. Then we were introduced to live casino games – real dealers hosting games from studios, streamed live over the internet. The mobile gambling revolution came next. All of these events were intertwined with an intriguing new entertainment wave, wherein online gambling became worthy of viewership. The video broadcasting website, Twitch.tv, was built on the concept of streaming games. First it was PC and console-based video games that were all the rage. Everything from Call of Duty … Continue reading

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Low Edge Casino Games for High IQs

Guru’s guide to smart casino games for superior strategists. Do you consider yourself to be a entertainment-minded gambler? Are you looking for a good time on a budget, without too much strain on the brain? If you said yes, you’re on the wrong page. This content was specifically comprised for gamblers with a high IQ and an affinity for mathematical computation; people with a keen power of observation and memorization. These are the players that are most likely to enjoy the lowest-edge, strategy-based casino games. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the average Joe isn’t capable of invoking in-depth strategies. The problem is that if you’re not truly up to the challenge, making smart decisions at every turn can take a toll on your mental fortitude. Anyone with the basic math skills to multiply double digits is also capable of multiplying 7-digit numbers or more. But how long will … Continue reading

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Make the Most of your Online Gambling Experience

Online betting tips and tricks for a safe, fun and rewarding experience. In just over two decades, online betting has grown from a small eCommerce of questionable integrity, to a global, multi-billion dollar industry. Technology – in particular, the technology that secures internet transactions – has evolved into something the majority of the earth’s population trusts. As it turns out, cultivating trust was the key to cultivating a new generation of online and mobile gambling enthusiasts. Those new to the experience may have some questions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would be more worried about those who dive in head first, no questions asked. If you’re asking those questions, you’re obviously concerned about personal privacy, security and the integrity of the sites with which you intend to do business. It is for you that I offer today’s beginner’s guide to iGaming. Don’t worry, it’s not some long-winded instruction … Continue reading

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Benefits of Bonus Hunting at Online Casinos

How casino bonus hunting gets you more bang for your depositing buck. Sometimes, the old saying that ‘less is more’ rings true. It’s better to have a few quality friends that have your back, than a large group of acquaintances who couldn’t care less. It may be possible to fit 500 decorations on a Christmas tree, but it would look less gaudy, and much more elegant with less. In such cases, it is a lesson well learned. In most circumstances, though, we all believe that ‘bigger is better’. A bigger screen TV is more fun to watch. A bigger couch sits more people to watch that TV. A bigger family means more love to go around. And, the most obvious of all, a bigger bank account means its far easier to pay for all those bigger things we like. As an extension of that theory, bonus hunting at online casinos … Continue reading

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Are Jackpot Slots Ever Overdue to Hit?

When a progressive jackpot slot machine or other game reaches repletion, is it really “overdue” for a strike? Progressive gambling games are unique in the sense that they are capable of paying out incredible prizes far greater than any other. A standard slot machine might cap its payoff at $10,000, while a progressive jackpot slot may start at $10k, and grow continuously higher until someone wins it. The same comparison can be made of instant scratch-off lottery tickets with a predefined number of predetermined prize amounts, versus exponentially profitable number-draw lottery games. It is that fantasy-size prize that draws so many players to enjoy these types of games. The larger the prize becomes, the more people there are willing to risk a few dollars on the long-shot odds of winning a life-altering prize. We all know the saying “someone has to win it” rings true, but what about this one? … Continue reading

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Watching Live Streams of Blackjack on Twitch

Blackjack Stream – Viewer’s guide to watching live 21 games on Twitch. If you haven’t heard, gamers watching other people play games is all the rage! It all started about 6 or 7 years ago, when technology proffered the option to live stream PC and console video games over the world wide web. Suddenly, more people were watching games than actually playing them. It seems like such a strange concept, I know, but it does have its benefits. For video gaming, a potential player can check out actual game play and see if they want to invest in a particular game or add-on. They can learn all the secret locations and tricks to a game, or watch a pro gamer blast through the hardest levels with ease. When you look at it this way, it kind of makes sense. It also makes sense that live streaming would become similarly popular … Continue reading

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