Here’s What We Found Regarding eCheck Acceptance Rates in Canada

We know that eCheck is a popular online casino banking method for many players, especially in Canada. It allows convenient deposits and fast withdrawals directly from your bank account. But not all online casinos actually accept eCheck payments.

So we at took on the huge task of investigating which casinos support eCheck and which don’t. We tested a whopping 150 major casino brands to see if they accept eCheck deposits and withdrawals. Our testing process was extensive and revealed some surprising results.

In this article we’ll explain step-by-step how we checked each casino site for eCheck compatibility. We’ll also share our key findings and statistics. Let’s dive right in!

Our Rigorous Testing Methodology

First we researched and compiled a list of 150 prominent online casino brands. This included the top sites recommended at review sites, major casino chains, and other frequently mentioned brands.

Next we systematically went through each casino one-by-one to check their banking options. Here is the exact SOP we used:

  1. Visit the casino website and navigate to their cashier or banking page. This details their available deposit and withdrawal methods.
  2. Carefully check all listed payment options for any mention of eCheck or direct bank account transfers.
  3. If eCheck is clearly listed on their site, we record the casino as eCheck compatible. If we find direct bank transfers but no clear mention of eCheck, we dig deeper.
  4. For these uncertain cases, we open the casino’s live chat support feature. We directly ask their support reps if eCheck transfers are accepted at their casino. If they confirm yes, we add the casino to our eCheck compatible list.
  5. If no live chat is available, we create a real money player account at the casino. We attempt a small test deposit via eCheck to definitively confirm if they support it or not.

This exhaustive process allowed us to thoroughly vet banking support for eCheck at 150 major casinos. It took over 3 weeks of full time testing to go through them all! But it gave us definitive answers.

Our Shocking Results – Only 21 Casinos Support eCheck Payments

We were blown away to discover that of 150 popular Canadian online casinos tested, only 21 sites work with eCheck!

The vast majority of brands serving the Canadian market have not yet integrated eCheck capabilities into their payments system despite its advantages.

Here is a summary of key stats from our extensive eCheck compatibility checks:

  • Most of the casino affiliate sites have their info wrong. We don’t want to mention any names, but on average, only around 10% of the biggest affiliate sites eCheck casinos were accurate.
  • 15 of the 21 casinos confirmed eCheck support directly on their banking pages. 6 others required live chat confirmation.
  • Major casino chains with partial eCheck support include Caesars, Draftkings and the Casino Rewards suite. But brand support policies vary by state.
  • The most common withdrawal methods at other casinos tested are bank wire transfer and bank account/ACH without branded eCheck.
  • Live chat reps at 14 casinos claimed they’re “working on adding eCheck” but couldn’t confirm specific plans or timelines.

So in summary – yes, there are great casinos that accept eCheck deposits and fast withdrawals. But our testing conclusively shows that most sites have yet to integrate it as a payment method.

Ok we won’t keep you in suspense any longer! Below we’ll share more details on exactly which casino brands support eCheck.

Our List of 21 eCheck Friendly Online Casinos

Here is the definitive list of 21 online casinos that we verified accept eCheck payments in Canada:

  1. Draftkings (ON)
  2. Spin Casino
  3. Gaming Club Casino
  4. Royal Vegas Casino
  5. Ruby Fortune Casino
  6. Lucky Nugget Casino
  7. Mummys Gold Casino
  8. Casino Classic
  9. Luxury Casino
  10. River Belle Casino
  11. Spin Galaxy
  12. Euro Palace Casino
  13. Pokerstars (ON)
  14. High Flyer (ON)
  15. Caesars (ON)
  16. BallyBet (ON)
  17. Casino Share
  18. Jet Bingo
  19. Bingo Liner
  20. Cash Cabin
  21. Lucky Liner

(ON) = eCheck for Ontario Only.

For the source file of all eCheck casinos, please access the PDF below:

Of note that Cash Cabin and Lucky Liner were later added to the list, so the original PDF above has 19 brands in total.

To come up with this list, we put each brand through our rigorous step-by-step eCheck verification process outlined earlier. Some key things we factored when recommending casinos include:

  • Direct confirmation of eCheck support from the casino cashier page or live chat
  • Our own test eCheck deposits/withdrawals to ensure compatibility
  • Responsiveness and friendliness of customer support reps
  • Reports of reliable payout speeds specifically via eCheck
  • Selection of eCheck-compatible casino games
  • Available eCheck deposit limits/fees

So at the 21 casinos above, we confirmed Canadian players can reliably fund their accounts and receive winnings using convenient eCheck transfers.

How Can You Be Sure Our List Is Up to Date?

With any online casino guides, it’s natural to wonder whether the information is current or if anything has changed since it was written. Sites update their payment systems all the time after all.

We fully understand that concern, and assure you our eCheck online casino list will remain up-to-date over the long run.

Here is the multi-layered system we will use to ensure our recommended eCheck-compatible brands stay accurate for Canadian players:

  • Every 3 months, we will re-run our entire 4-step verification process outlined earlier on all 21 casinos. This includes double and triple checking cashier options, grilling customer service reps with questions, and attempting fresh eCheck test payments ourselves. If anything fails these follow-up checks, we immediately remove casinos from our endorsed list.
  • Between those quarterly comprehensive reviews, we have team members informally spot checking eCheck functionality at our listed sites weekly. As iGamers, they initiate various small payments to monitor for any silent policy changes or new glitches. If withdrawals suddenly start failing or getting rejected, we spring into action!
  • Additionally, we have Google Alerts set up to notify us anytime any of our 21 casinos make public announcements regarding changes to their payments system or banking options. If alerts come in about eCheck winding down at a site, we get clarification quickly.

Why Do Canadian Players Want eCheck Casino Payments?

Why is eCheck support so desirable at online gambling sites anyway?

For Canadian players, eCheck offers many advantages over other funding options like credit cards and e-wallets:

  • Fast deposits – eCheck funds from your Canadian bank account appear instantly at the casino when you submit the request. No waiting for payments to clear. You get your deposit credited quickly and you can get right into the action.
  • Quick withdrawals – Casinos can process eCheck cash outs in as little as 1-3 days for Canadians. Much faster than slow paper checks.
  • Low fees – eCheck transactions typically have no processing fees, or very low fees just to transfer funds in and out. Way cheaper than credit card deposits/cash advances.
  • Canadian bank integration – It’s quick and easy to connect our existing bank accounts to gamble online rather than relying on third party e-wallets.
  • Secure and private – eCheck utilizes secure direct bank protocols to keep your banking details and transactions protected. No worrying about shady payment platforms with your money.

Why Isn’t eCheck More Widely Supported for Canadians?

As we scratched our heads about the lack of eCheck adoption, we asked countless casino live chat reps why they don’t yet support this convenient payment method.

Their answers boiled down to two key explanations:

1. Delays integrating Canadian bank APIs – Many sites told us they only recently started supporting Interac bank transfers in Canada. Integrating all the required APIs and protocols is a lengthy process, hence the delayed support for full eCheck capabilities.

2. Focusing on other global markets first – It’s no secret that Canada is an underdeveloped online casino market lacking proper regulation. Brands focused first on launching eCheck support for larger legal markets like New Jersey before tackling Canadian expansion.

So in essence – Canada has been an eCheck afterthought for most gambling sites due to our market’s complexity and comparatively tiny size.

Conclusion – Most Sites Don’t Offer eCheck Yet

Our extensive testing sought to answer a simple but important question – which online casinos actually allow deposits and withdrawals via eCheck payments?

We systematically checked 150 major casino operators by combing through their cashier options, grilling live support reps, and attempting our own eCheck tests.

The results show that only a modest 14% of casinos currently facilitate eCheck transactions – though numerous brands say they’re working towards it. So Canadian casino enthusiasts currently have ~21 reliable eCheck-friendly gambling sites to enjoy.

We’ll be sure to update our findings regularly as more casinos inevitably add eCheck capabilities. But for now this list represents the most reputable casinos where players can deposit to their accounts instantly and receive winnings in just 1-3 days via convenient eCheck transfers.


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