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The Discerning Players Guide to Real Online Baccarat

Play Baccarat Online Real Money Games for Responsible Adults In recent years, we’ve heard arguments from all angles, foretelling the rights and wrongs of online gambling. “It’s more convenient”, laud the players. “It’s bad for business”, criticize the land-based operators. “It gives players more variety”, defends the software brands. “It proliferates problem gambling!” argue the clinicians. I tend to believe that the responsible adults – adults like you and me – we are the ones whose voice is lacking the most. We don’t blast our opinions out there, because it doesn’t benefit us to do so. We play online, and we do so with discerning taste, playing what we want, in the time, and with only the funds, we know we can spare. Players like us are risk takers, but not so methodical as to count cards in blackjack, nor so whimsical as to play slot machines. For most of … Continue reading

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The Foreseeable Future of Canada’s iGaming Frontier

Are mobile live casinos the final frontier for gambling in Canada? There’s no denying that gambling is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Not for the gamblers, mind you, but for the owners and operators of gambling establishments; casinos, card rooms, bingo halls, race tracks, sports books, etc. Billions of dollars pass through Canada’s commercial casinos every year, and it’s been this way since the activity was legalized so many decades ago. Yes, gambling is one of the country’s most popular pastimes. With the national GDP on a steady incline, the amount of money we spend on this unique form of entertainment is sure to continue rising as well. How we partake in it, however, has been evolving since the dawn of the internet, so much so that the question of stability in the land-based gambling industry is questionable, at best. Are Mobile Live Casinos the Final … Continue reading

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Hand-Dealt Blackjack VS. Dealing From a Shoe

Hand-Dealt vs Shoe-Dealt Blackjack: Customs, subtleties and other considerations. Blackjack is blackjack, right? Sure, there are subtle differences in the rules, pay tables or side betting opportunities, but otherwise, the games are played the same way. Aren’t they? Not at all! These days, a lot of people do their blackjack gaming online, either at desktop or mobile casinos, or at live online casinos. Either way, there’s no real etiquette involved. All you have to do is press a button to indicate your desired move. Because of this, more and more people are coming to land-based casinos with no knowledge of proper blackjack customs, or the role shoe size plays in the game. Blackjack – Hand-Dealt vs. Shoe-Dealt Almost every casino on earth deals its blackjack games from a shoe. The shoe is the clear plastic box containing numerous pre-shuffled decks of cards. Most casinos will fill each shoe with 6 … Continue reading

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Is the Largest Casino the Best Casino?

Big casinos have more to offer, but are little casinos better for gaming? There are more than 5,000 casinos in the world today. The largest number – over 1,900 – are in the United States. Guess who comes in second? According to my sources, it’s Canada, with 219 of them. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The truth is, Canadians do love a good go at the local gaming hall. Not as much as Americans, mind you, but none the less. This article has little to do with the number of casinos in North America or anywhere else, though. No, today’s subject is more about quality over quantity – specifically, estimating the the quality of a casino based entirely on its size. I know, I know – you should’t judge a book by it’s cover. But like so many things in life, size does matter in the gaming industry. Unlike so many … Continue reading

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Evolution Launches Live Side Bet City

Side Bet City live casino poker game new from Evolution. Evolution Gaming is at it again, expanding its world-leading live casino platform with yet another innovative new way to place a wager. They call it Live Side Bet City, and it’s based on your typical poker hand rankings, while making space for an unlimited number of players to join in. Instead of playing your own poker hand against other players or the casino, the dealer will set one hand of 7 cards face up on the table. Your job is to place a bet on the strength of those cards – the first three, the first five, and/or all seven. Or, the more pessimistic among you can bet against them all! Oh, and did I mention it’s set in the fabulously neon 1980s? Side Bet City Live Casino Poker Game Evolution Gaming built an all new studio segment where the … Continue reading

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One Roulette Strategy that Works

No strategy can give you an edge in Roulette, except this one. I’ve come across countless books and websites that swear they offer roulette strategies that work. Then they all spew forth the same garbage, failing to shift the game’s edge in any direction. If you don’t shift the edge into the player’s favor, you cannot change the odds so that you win more often than you lose. Most realists will tell you there is no way to alter the edge (without cheating, of course). For the most part, that’s right. Betting systems won’t do it. Seeking out history-based patterns won’t help you. Playing French Roulette with La Partage (instead of American or European roulette) will push the edge less in the casino’s favor, but it won’t turn it to the player’s advantage. These three commonly touted roulette strategies don’t work because they can’t raise a player’s win rate high … Continue reading

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The Blackjack Player’s Ace in the Hole

Blackjack Ace Tracking: Play 21 like a pro without counting cards. There are many misconceptions in the gambling world surrounding the game of blackjack. Some believe that without card counting, blackjack isn’t worth playing. Some say that counting cards will give you an edge over the house, guaranteeing a long-term winning streak. These are both myths, of course. Not only is card counting relatively easy, it may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, it can sheer a few fractional scraps off the house edge. But most game rules counter its effects enough to keep the favor with the house. And volatility will always play a strong enough roll that anyone, with or without counting cards, can have a good or bad day. So why waste your time doing it? The truth is, there’s a much easier way to increase your ROI. Instead of keeping your focus on … Continue reading

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Pick Your Poison – How Do You Blackjack?

Extreme 21: Live Blackjack, Video Blackjack or Online Blackjack Games? If there’s one thing every gambler knows how to play, it’s blackjack. In its own unique way, blackjack is both the simplest and most complex game on the casino floor. Anyone capable of counting to 21 can play it, but only those with a natural nuance for numbers and mental fortitude for memorization can honestly say they’ve mastered it. For as many different types of blackjack players as you’ll find in the world, there are just as many different ways to play this immensely popular card game. Today, we’ll be comparing three popular casino accommodations, and the subtle inequalities that set them apart. You can decide for yourself which suits you best. Live Blackjack Games at Land-Based Casinos The classically original, land-based casino blackjack games are often dubbed the most exciting. The fellowship between players grows as all compete against … Continue reading

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The Fast Track to Blackjack Self-Destruction

How to blow up your blackjack game in five ruinous steps. Almost every blackjack guide ever written, whether it be a 5-paragraph write-up or a 5-part book series, has dealt with the how-to’s of gambling. They teach us everything from how to employ a strategy chart, to how to count cards, to how to budget a bankroll. But guides don’t have to be a one-way street. Today we’re pulling a u-turn and driving the opposite direction. We’ll be talking specifically about what not to do at the blackjack tables. I’ve compiled a short list of the 5 most self-destructive behaviors seen in the live and online gambling realm, both by amateurs and experienced players. How to Blow Up Your Blackjack Game in 5 Ruinous Steps The following are the most common and/or most implosive errors made by blackjack players. In short, don’t do any of these things, or you can … Continue reading

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A Realistic Review of Roulette’s Cost

What’s better for your casino bankroll, electronic or live roulette games? I’m a strong advocate of playing casino games online. I know, some say they’re too quick, or that you don’t get the same social entertainment aspect. But those don’t have to be negatives. I find them both advantageous at times. I rarely have time to visit a land-based casino, but I can play a few games on my smartphone during lunch. Being among friends is always uplifting, but when the guy next to you smells like a brewery and yanks your sleeve every time he wins a bet, being alone doesn’t seem so bad. Then again, there are also times when playing live casino games is more beneficial than staring at a computer or mobile screen. As much as iGaming advocates like myself boast that online games are cheaper, and/or offer better payouts – I’ve said it myself countless … Continue reading

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