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IGT’s Jeopardy Slot Machine a Huge Hit in Vegas

IGT launches more new game show slot machines at G2E 2019. International Game Technology (IGT) is one of the oldest and by-far most famous slot machine manufacturing companies in the world. Dating back to 1975, the Vegas-based company has produced some of the most recognizable slot gaming cabinets in the world; most notably, their extensive series of Wheel of Fortune Slots. There’s a lot more coming to the table this year from IGT’s software studio. Much of it revolves around the same premise as their most famous titles – game shows. The company just debuted a brand new Jeopardy Slot, The Price is Right Slot, Plinko Slot, and others. New Game Show Slot Machines from IGT There are already many game show themed slots on the market, but that’s not holding IGT back from delivering more. The way they see it, it’s a matter of giving players what they want. … Continue reading

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Is the Largest Casino the Best Casino?

Big casinos have more to offer, but are little casinos better for gaming? There are more than 5,000 casinos in the world today. The largest number – over 1,900 – are in the United States. Guess who comes in second? According to my sources, it’s Canada, with 219 of them. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The truth is, Canadians do love a good go at the local gaming hall. Not as much as Americans, mind you, but none the less. This article has little to do with the number of casinos in North America or anywhere else, though. No, today’s subject is more about quality over quantity – specifically, estimating the the quality of a casino based entirely on its size. I know, I know – you should’t judge a book by it’s cover. But like so many things in life, size does matter in the gaming industry. Unlike so many … Continue reading

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Is Will Hill Seeking Renewed M&A Courtship with Caesars?

Caesars Entertainment fails in €3bn bid to takeover UK sportsbook William Hill. The gambling industry, both online and on land, has been a volatile one of late. It’s incredibly lucrative, don’t get me wrong, but competition is so fierce, no one is safe. Caesars Entertainment and William Hill are among the most recognized casino and sportsbook brands in the world, yet both have experienced more than their fair share of hardship in recent years. Caesars just emerged from bankruptcy in late 2017. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn upped his stake in the company to 17.75% earlier this year, giving him majority influence. His first and foremost recommendation has for Caesars to seek out serious M&A offers. And wouldn’t you know, William Hill’s been down on its luck – why not start there? Caesars Attempts €3bn Takeover of UK Sportsbook William Hill According to a recent report in The Sunday Times, negotiations … Continue reading

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Pick Your Poison – How Do You Blackjack?

Extreme 21: Live Blackjack, Video Blackjack or Online Blackjack Games? If there’s one thing every gambler knows how to play, it’s blackjack. In its own unique way, blackjack is both the simplest and most complex game on the casino floor. Anyone capable of counting to 21 can play it, but only those with a natural nuance for numbers and mental fortitude for memorization can honestly say they’ve mastered it. For as many different types of blackjack players as you’ll find in the world, there are just as many different ways to play this immensely popular card game. Today, we’ll be comparing three popular casino accommodations, and the subtle inequalities that set them apart. You can decide for yourself which suits you best. Live Blackjack Games at Land-Based Casinos The classically original, land-based casino blackjack games are often dubbed the most exciting. The fellowship between players grows as all compete against … Continue reading

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Bob Dancer: The World’s Best Video Poker Pro

A glimpse into the mind of the world’s best video poker player. It’s hard to say these days who is truly the best at one casino game or another. History and literary works define the best blackjack, craps and roulette players of old. But today, so many games are either played in private lounges or over the internet. If wins aren’t recorded, documented and/or published, there’s no proof they ever occurred, or who is responsible for them. For this reason, it’s incredibly difficult to say with indisputable accuracy who the world’s best video poker pro is. Tournaments and even championship events happen all the time, but the prizes are rarely beyond 4-figures. A genuine casino pro is one that pulls in 5, 6, even 7 figures – enough to make a career out of it. So, in order delve into the mind of the world’s top video poker player, we … Continue reading

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Canadian Poker Pro Jonathan Duhamel Tough as Nails

Nothing can stop Canadian pro and WSOP crusher Jonathan Duhamel. We’ve all heard stories of strong people who’ve overcome ridiculous odds. It happens in the poker world all the time. Every WSOP Championship bracelet ever awarded took guts, skill, and a survivalist instinct. But I don’t think any Main Event winner overcame so much as Canadian poker pro Jonathan Duhamel. Anyone who’s followed live poker for any length of time should recognize the name. Even if you weren’t up to date when Duhamel achieved his most memorable accomplishment, winning $8.9 million in the WSOP ME in 2010—the first Canadian poker player ever to do so—his imminent skill continues to make headlines each and every year. At just 30 years of age, he’s the second highest career earner on the Canadian all-time money list (#22 in the world) with $17.98 million banked. He’s now up to three WSOP bracelets, having won … Continue reading

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Secrets of Gambling: What Casinos don’t want you to know

Gambling Secrets: What operators don’t want you to know about casino odds. The secrets of gambling run deep. Many professionals have uncovered the truth about casino odds, and are able to win on a fairly regular basis because of it. Others make up the majority of casino goers, and are generally the ones padding the pockets of gambling operators worldwide. 5 Gambling Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know Every gambler, from the casual, once-a-year player, to veterans and pros, knows this… “you win some, you lose some”. How often you win, and how much, is dictated by a mixture of luck and true casino odds. How much the casinos wins, however, is dictated solely by the odds, and they are always in the casino’s favor. Which brings us to or first item of interest… #1 True Odds vs Paid Odds Have you ever noticed some wagers pay out a … Continue reading

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Why you don’t need Beatable Casino Games to Win

Gambling Logistics: 5 easy ways to beat the casino without actually beating the casino. Having a good day at the casino is all about perspective. It’s about getting the most bang for your buck. No, I’m not reiterating the old cliché of ‘so long as you had fun, it’s worth it‘. This concept is based on winning at the casino, without having to use fancy, mentally challenging strategies to find beatable casino games. 5 Ways to Beat the Casino (w/o Beating the Casino) The basic strategy here is to get full value for what you’re spending. In many cases, you can get additional value, which turns into a relative profit. There are 5 easy, collective ways to do it, without actually beating the casino. #1 Take Advantage of Comps This is supremely important, and the number one way to gain value, even when you’re losing. Comp programs deliver cash back … Continue reading

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Video Games for Real Money Online – They’re Coming!

Extrapolating the future of video game gambling at online casinos. The casino industry is home to one of the strongest, most diversified marketing fronts. Both online and offline, gambling companies take strategic innovation and promotional campaigns to a whole new level. They are always looking for the next big thing, and are often willing to spend whatever it takes to capitalize on it. In the last two years, we’ve seen slot machines transform into video game style arcades. Inserting cash doesn’t just grant a credit to play, but also a chance to win money. They are known by several names, ranging from skill-based slots, to gambling video games, to casino arcades. These games aren’t exactly prominent in the gambling world, though. For now, they are available in some major casino towns. Las Vegas and Atlantic City employ them, and they’re scattered throughout properties in California. Traditional slot machines still outnumber … Continue reading

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Did 20-somethings ever really Gamble in land-based casinos?

Are too many stats and analytic data ruining Las Vega casinos? For the last few years, we’ve heard all about the movement to attract the millennial generation, aged 21-34, onto the casino gaming floor. Data and research has shown that millennials don’t gamble much, and Vegas casinos are worried it will destroy their bottom line in years to come. They say if the world’s youngest legal-age gamblers don’t play slot machines, their largest source of revenue will soon suffer. Right now, it’s their parents and grandparents who do the vast majority of the gambling. When they grow old and no longer occupy the seats of slot machines, who will? It’s a valid argument, in theory. But you also have to realize that they didn’t have nearly so many statistics in previous decades. Back then, every aspect of the gaming industry was not analyzed and picked apart like a Thanksgiving turkey. … Continue reading

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