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E-Bingo Saves the Day at Jackpot City Sarnia

Electronic Bingo Games a hit at Jackpot City Bingo in Sarnia, Ontario. Throughout the ages, so many once-beloved entertainment venues have found themselves on the endangered species list. Theatrical stages have given way to movie theaters. Board games were overrun by PC and video games. More recently, the world’s love for bingo has been surpassed by the digital realm of slot machines and casino table games. The problem was amplified by a situation a bit too close to home for residents of Sarnia, Ontario. The Canadian province has witnessed the closure of dozens of bingo halls over the last few years. In Sarnia alone, gaming fans remember a time when 11 charitable bingo halls stood tall. Now, just one remains – Jackpot City Bingo on Upper Canada Drive. It wasn’t long ago the Jackpot City in Sarnia nearly saw its doors closed for good, just like all of its former … Continue reading

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Gateway seeks Temporary Home for Sudbury Casino

With lease expiring, Gateway Casino at Sudbury Downs seeks temporary asylum. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, operator of the slots parlor at Ontario’s Sudbury Downs racetrack in Chelmsford, has found itself in quite a pickle. The company has spent so much time and energy working towards the upcoming Gateway casino project in the Kingsway Entertainment District, they’re now facing the fast-approaching expiration of their lease at the Sudbury casino. The way things stand now, the Sudbury slot machines will have no home as of April 1, 2020, the day after the current lease expires. Due to a number of stacked delays between the project proposal and construction phase of the KED casino, that property isn’t projected to open until 2022. That’s two years of downtime that Gateway looking for a way to avoid. Sudbury Casino Debacle 2016-2022 When Gateway won the bid for Ontario’s Northern Bundle in December of 2016, the … Continue reading

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Grand Re-Opening of Playtime Casino Hanover April 11

City preps for grand opening of all new Hanover, Ontario casino on April 11. The city of Hanover is abuzz with excitement as the grand re-opening of its casino draws nigh. Last night, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment held a sneak-peak soft launch in which more than 350 individuals were invited to visit the renovated and expanded gambling property. Three weeks from now, an official ceremony will welcome all to partake in the new experience. Gateway spared no expense in renovating the Southern Ontario casino, shelling out approximately $18 million on the project. On Thursday, April 11, 2019, locals, residents of nearby communities and tourists from far and wide are sure to turn out for the big grand re-opening ceremony to see where all those millions went. What’s New at Gateway’s Hanover, Ontario Casino? The most obvious change at the refurbished casino property is the signage. Gateway has opted for a … Continue reading

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The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Best Casino Comps

How to crush casino comp programs for the most rewards. These days, every major business offers a rewards program for their customers. Whether it’s the local grocery store’s club card, or the pizza place that grants customers a free pizza for using their mobile app X-number of times, there’s always some type of prize at the end of the rope for being a loyal patron. That’s exactly what casinos are offering their players when they promote a comp system. So long as players present their rewards card each time they play a game, they earn comp points for every wager. Those comp points are transferable, becoming free games, free drinks, free meals, free hotel rooms, etc. But if you don’t know how to work the system, you will not receive the best casino comps and extra benefits you deserve. How to Take Full Advantage of Casino Comp Programs There are … Continue reading

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3 Craziest Roulette Winners of All Time

The craziest winning roulette bets you probably shouldn’t mimic. I’ve seen some pretty wild wagers in my days. I might have even made a few, But none of them compare to the stories I’m going to share with you now. These are the tales of three very different men who took similarly huge risks at the roulette table. I’m not talking about billionaire businessmen who toss millions at the casino every year. I won’t regurgitate the story of Sean Connery’s 3-in-a-row, let-it-ride wins on black 17. Although considerably crazy roulette winners, players like that have nothing to fear from a loss. The guys I’m going to tell you about put everything on the line! Craziest Winning Roulette Bets of All Time Before I get into the details of these stories, please consider just how crazy these actions were. I do not recommend following in their footsteps! Unfortunately, many people have … Continue reading

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RGC goes All-In for Problem Gambling Prevention

Promoting diversification in educating Canadians to be responsible gamblers. Founded in 1983 on the principle of promoting a healthy gaming environment, the Responsible Gambling Council of Canada (RGC) has spent the last three decades working towards the vision of a nation free of problem gambling. As telescopic as the goal may seem, it’s one the RGC takes very seriously. Yet, in those three decades, statistics don’t seem to be changing much. It could be that their approach is all wrong. The All-In Diversity Project believes doing away with outdated modes and variegating their methods to match the variegation of those in need, could be the key to achieving ultimate success—at the least, for those who chose to seek it out. Diversification in Education of Responsibility With a new perspective and tandem mindsets, All-In and the RGC are teaming up to develop the next evolution in problem gambling prevention. As All-In’s … Continue reading

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Integrity of Ontario Slot Machines a Three-Man Job

OLG, AGCO and Ontario casino operators ensure fairness of slot machines. In Ontario, slot machines are the greatest source of gambling revenue. A virtual font of wealth, they generate millions of dollars every month, filling the provincial exchequer before spilling over into the coffers of their respective host municipalities. In part, their popularity is attributable to a positive degree of trust between players and those responsible for ensuring the fairness of each game. It’s not a single entity that takes on this formidable task. There are three such parties in charge of Ontario’s gaming oversight. They do not work in tandem, exactly, but rather like a gradual chain of command. If one link in the chain becomes weak, he must answer to the next higher link in the chain, who can either support the weak link, or banish it from the chain. Esoteric metaphors aside, let’s take a closer look … Continue reading

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South Huron Council Picks Grand Bend Casino Location

City selects Grand Bend as best location for Gateway’s new casino in South Huron, Ontario. Building a new casino in Ontario is no easy task. Forget the cost or the labor involved. In the time it takes to get from, ‘Hey, wanna build a casino?‘, to ‘Welcome to our grand opening!‘, you could have a child and send it to college! We’re still in the infantile stages of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp‘s (OLG) desire to build a gambling facility in South Huron, which is all the more impressive since it’s likely that a destination for the casino has already been chosen. But there still may be a very, very long road ahead. Discontent from neighboring communities could be the first hurdle in moving forward. With that said, it’s been confirmed that a majority vote by South Huron City Council has pin pointed a preferred location for the upcoming … Continue reading

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Chatham Ontario Casino Construction Ahead of Schedule

Cascades Chatham Casino aims for grand opening on Canada Day. It’s not often that a major, multi-million-dollar construction job is able to finish ahead of schedule – least of all a full month and a half ahead of schedule. But that’s exactly what the pit crew is hoping for at the new Chatham, Ontario casino site. According to the construction job’s crew manager and the CEO of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, the company in charge of building the new gambling facility, the people of Chatham-Kent may have twice the celebration in store come July 1. It’s not just Canada Day, it’s the date Gateway is hoping to be able to host its grand opening. Cascades Chatham Casino Aims for Canada Day Gateway Casinos Chief Executive Tony Santo and Robert Principe, Project Manager for BTL Construction, the firm contracted to build the $36 million, 45,000 square foot entertainment facility, welcomed members … Continue reading

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Microgaming & Mega Moolah made 9 Millionaires in 2018

Nine new Microgaming millionaires won Mega Moolah progressive and others in 2018, sharing €155 million in prizes. Every slot machine player dreams of one day winning the ultimate jackpot prize. What would it be like to see those flashing lights; to hear the chiming of bells and clanging of coins; to be surrounded by a crowd of congratulating onlookers as the dollar signs spin in your head? The latest report from Microgaming confirms that their trademark progressive slot machine, the Mega Moolah, and other networked progressives, created nine new millionaires in 2018. And yet, their prizes accounted for less than a third of the network’s total progressive payouts on the year. Microgaming Dishes Up €155 Million in Network Progressives A press release last week from the Isle of Man-based software group verifies that nine players of its esteemed online progressives became instant millionaires last year while spinning the reels of … Continue reading

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