Playground Poker Club Announces Online Launch

Playground Poker Online: Canada’s best poker room teams with PartyPoker to launch online cash games.

Playground Poker Online: Canada’s Best Poker Room goes VirtualFor the last decade, poker fans all across the country, and beyond, have looked to the Playground Poker Club as the top poker destination in all of Canada. Located in Kahnawake, Quebec, just outside of Montreal, Playground features a massive, 128,000 sq.ft. gaming floor featuring 75 poker tables, and of course some slot machines to offset the entertainment variety.

In the last ten years, the property has played host to some of the largest poker events this side of the 49th parallel. Daily cash games and regular tournaments, WPT and WSOP events – it all happens right here. But that all came to a crashing halt on March 13, 2020, at 11:59 p.m., when the property closed its doors indefinitely to promote healthy social distancing.

At first, it was a waiting game. How long before the threat of the novel coronavirus would dissipate into something manageable? Soon enough, however, managers of the Playground Poker Club realized that the time for waiting was over, and the time for action was now. With that, Playground decided to take its long-time partnership with UK-based partypoker up a notch.

Playground Poker Online Cash Games at PartyPoker

On Friday, March 20, just a week after the property locked its doors, Playground Poker Club announced that its cash games – the exact same cash games – would now be accessible as online cash games. To participate, players must be a Playground Poker Club member, and have a PartyPoker account. These accounts must be linked together.

Instructions for setting up and linking accounts can be found here.

An excerpt from the press release announcing the temporary shift to virtual poker states:

"Playground has made arrangements with partypoker to create, as of March 21, Playground specific Online Cash Games. What does this mean? It means that you’ll be able to play at tables restricted to the same group of players you’re used to sitting with at Playground. As well, on these tables, a player’s real name will appear, so you know exactly who it is you’re up against!"

All Playground games can be found in the partypoker cash games lobby, and are easily identifiable as they feature the Playground logo and tag-line.

Ex: Playground [$40-$200 buy-in]

Organizers are proud to be able to deliver the exact same tables, blinds and buy-ins as have been offered in the physical Playground Poker Club for years. In this way, players of the Playground Online Cash Games really are playing the same games, with the same people, as they once did in a terrestrial setting.

20% Rakeback Boost for 1+ Month

Former visitors to Playground Poker Club are highly encouraged to make the adjustment to online play, not just because Covid-19 has cut them off from the land-based tables, but because they are promoting a special 20% rakeback increase for all who participate in Playground Poker online cash games.

That increase will be paid on top of the current weekly rakeback of 20-40% already earned by members of PartyPoker. According to Playground, “This additional 20% will be dropped into your account on Mondays, while the standard partypoker one will continue to be deposited on a weekly basis.”

It’s not known just how long the boosted rakeback rate will be in place. Playground promises, “The additional 20% will be in place for at least 1 month.”

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