Low Edge Casino Games for High IQs

Guru’s guide to smart casino games for superior strategists.

Guru’s Guide to Smart Casino Games for Superior StrategistsDo you consider yourself to be a entertainment-minded gambler? Are you looking for a good time on a budget, without too much strain on the brain? If you said yes, you’re on the wrong page. This content was specifically comprised for gamblers with a high IQ and an affinity for mathematical computation; people with a keen power of observation and memorization. These are the players that are most likely to enjoy the lowest-edge, strategy-based casino games.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the average Joe isn’t capable of invoking in-depth strategies. The problem is that if you’re not truly up to the challenge, making smart decisions at every turn can take a toll on your mental fortitude. Anyone with the basic math skills to multiply double digits is also capable of multiplying 7-digit numbers or more. But how long will they actually enjoy doing it?

My point is, some people find the challenge of applying a perfect strategy to be just as entertaining, if not more so, than playing the game. If you don’t enjoy the process, this page isn’t for you. With that being said…

Smart Casino Games for Superior Strategists

The games on this list can deliver a supremely low house edge with perfect strategy applied. Some can be more mentally exhausting than others. So long as you have grand powers of computation, or at least good memorization skills, you should have no trouble picking up on the proper strategies to harvest the highest theoretical returns.

All Aces Video Poker – 0.08%

Everyone hails Jacks or Better Full Pay as the best video poker machine on the market, but it’s not – not by a long shot. There are hundreds of Microgaming powered online casinos, and almost every one of them offers this video poker variant. All Aces VP features a pay table with a minuscule 0.08% house edge. Play your cards right, and all you need is the slightest smidgen of luck to win at this game.

Blackjack – 0.18% to 0.35%

Blackjack comes in number two on this list, but only if you know what rules to look for. In Vegas, the El Cortez has a house edge of 0.18% on its single deck games, but they’re only available during certain hours. You can get the same 0.18% rate at online casinos featuring 1x2Gaming’s Bonus Blackjack and Red Queen Blackjack. The next best edge of 0.31% is available on Double Exposure Blackjack, scaling up to 0.35% on Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. Anything higher than that isn’t worth the trouble.

Craps Odds – Variable

The edge when laying odds in Craps can be as low as 0%, but I won’t list it as such. You can’t just walk up to the table and place an odds bet with a 0% edge. You have to start by placing a standard bet, then depending on the result, place an odds bet after. That means you’re risking losing your original bet at its original edge before you can place an odds bet. That means the more odds you place, the lower it gets, but you will never hit a perfect 0%.

With that being said, I suggest taking a look at this page on How to Take Craps Odds. If you aren’t familiar with craps, it’s a bit complicated, but for you brainiacs who love smart casino games, it should be a breeze.


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