Diversity Policy

At eCheckCasinos, we believe credible online casino recommendations require assessing both our internal capability and standards for inclusive content covering minority demographic needs. 

As digital influencers tied to a potentially addictive form of entertainment, diversity and accessibility considerations represent an ethical imperative around disseminating responsible public awareness.

Operating in a profit-incentivized industry interconnected to addiction vulnerabilities disproportionately affecting certain marginalized communities, our diversity and inclusion efforts champion progress through several key pillars across internal recruiting and external content guidelines upholding higher standards of self-regulation. 

Please read on for details on key strategic pillars guiding our internal/external efforts championing progress:

Structuring an Intentionally Diverse Editorial Team

We firmly recognize the insight limitations stemming from concentrated identity homogeneity among influencers. As such, our talent recruitment practices actively aim to mitigate unconscious bias through structured interview design that intentionally filters for representing multiple perspectives across several diversity dimensions:

  • Gender Identities spanning fluid spectra
  • Multigenerational Age Groups – spanning both content tenure and reader appeal
  • Ethnic/Cultural Backgrounds reflective of national density
  • Minority Sexual Orientations with sensitivity around disclosure
  • Varied Socioeconomic Statuses tied to entertainment access
  • Cognitive/Physical Ability Requirements affecting site interactions
  • Direct Problem Gambling Recovery Experiences providing personal authority

We believe this collective range of contributors strengthens assessment capability holistically evaluating specific online casinos for compatibility suiting Canadians across backgrounds.

Guidelines Mandating Inclusive Editorial Content

Furthermore, our entire writing team upholds key content policies intentionally detailing how well casino platforms accommodate accessibility needs and problem gambling protections for groups demonstrating higher risk factors. Assessments must cover adequacy across:

  • Functional Layouts for Motor Disability Navigational Tools
  • Graphics/Iconography Enabling Intuitive Play for Vision Impaired
  • Site Control Configurations Streamlining Cognitive Processing
  • Expanded Alias Change Options Supporting Gender Transition
  • Deconstruction of Promotional Offers Catching Exclusionary Assumptions
  • Specificity Around Anonymous Registration for Privacy Seeking Players

Penalty System Incentivizing Industry Improvements

If platforms demonstrate need for refinement providing equitable access or protections aligned to responsible entertainment principles, our rating frameworks impose score penalties accordingly to encourage businesses prioritizing necessary upgrades.

Rather than blanket banning sites with shortcomings through censorship, our assessments take a nuanced approach. We spotlight specific strengths supporting inclusion while also calling out weaknesses and accessibility gaps still needing improvement.

The goal is incentivizing ethical operators to prioritize enhancements allowing all player types, especially vulnerable groups, to feel more respected, valued and confident in our credibility guiding them. But progress requires unflinching transparency on limitations by transformational corporations.

Avenues for Public Accountability Around Our Commitments

Finally, as an organization ourselves requiring extended trust given the complex space we participate within, please reach out with feedback on our efforts internally championing diversity or externally coverage seeking to elevate inclusion industrywide!

We need accountability partners highlighting areas our current standards or future plans may lack around capturing unique needs across rapidly evolving demographic segments. Public insights make us stronger each year through continual enhancements to bench marks measuring our capability championing accessibility advancement responsibly both inside and outside this publication across platforms we endorse.

Together we gain ground elevating standards benefitting Canadians industry wide. Please reach out to our confidential reader hotline referenced in our transparency policy if you have concerns or advice around strengthening our capability upholding these multifaceted pillars.


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