Presenting the eCheck Ease Score © to Enhance iGaming Reviews

As part of our commitment to deliver accurate eCheck information, today is introducing a new proprietary metric referred to as eCheck Ease ©. This metric will be added to our brand summaries, as part of our ongoing brand review efforts. The eCheck ease score will let users see at a glance if any given brand is compatible with eCheck or not, and assess the relative ease of deposit.

eCheck ease © Score : What to Look For

Picture showing the eCheck ease metric as applied to an iGaming brand review table
eCheck Ease is represented by the Green E with the arrow moving up. It is a metric measured in percentages. Note that eCheck Ease is different from the General Rating of a brand. An operator could offer excellent experiences for example, but poor eCheck support.

Criteria for Scoring

  1. Availability (30%)
    • Whether eCheck is available as a deposit method.
    • Whether eCheck is immediately available or needs to be unlocked (examples of “earning” eCheck use: the first deposit option needs to be non-eCheck for brands CashCabin and LuckyLiner; or new user accounts need to wait 2 weeks for Cadtree brands).
  2. Ease of Use (25%)
    • Simplicity of the eCheck deposit process.
    • User interface through cashier and overall experience during deposit.
  3. Transaction Speed (20%)
    • Time taken for deposits to be processed and reflected in the account.
    • Time taken for withdrawals to be approved and implemented.
  4. Fees and Costs (15%)
    • Any fees associated with using eCheck for deposits.
    • Comparison of these fees with other payment methods.
  5. Customer Support (10%)
    • Availability and quality of support for eCheck-related issues. Phone support gets a higher score.
    • Responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team.


  • Each criterion is scored out of 100 and then weighted according to its importance.
  • The final score is the sum of these weighted scores, resulting in a percentage.


  • Availability: 90% (weighted 30%) = 27%
  • Ease of Use: 80% (weighted 25%) = 20%
  • Transaction Speed: 85% (weighted 20%) = 17%
  • Fees and Costs: 70% (weighted 15%) = 10.5%
  • Customer Support: 75% (weighted 10%) = 7.5%
  • Total Score: 27% + 20% + 17% + 10.5% + 7.5% = 82%

eCheck ease © Presentation

  • Score Display: The score will be displayed prominently on each casino review page, e.g., “eCheck Ease Score: 82%”.
  • Breakdown:  The score will be given with a detailed breakdown, explaining how each criterion was evaluated.
  • Comparison: Users can quickly see the eCheck Ease Scores of the different casinos side by side.

What’s to Come

Although our enhanced iGaming brand reviews are still under development, expect to see the eCheck Ease logo gracing our homepage very soon. We are currently revamping the tables there and hope to feature the metric in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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