Corrections Policy

Here at eCheckCasinos, we understand our success depends entirely on maintaining your trust over the long-term. You rely on our reviews and recommendations when deciding where to risk your money. If the information we provide ever proves inaccurate or contradictory, that quickly erodes the confidence you place in us as an authoritative voice.

We have thorough fact checking procedures before publishing each new casino recommendation. However, with terms and policies constantly evolving, newly introduced games, unpredictable technical compatibility issues – the potential for factual errors still exists at times even in our most rigorously researched assessments.

When these unavoidable situations occur, we take accountability very seriously by adhering to clearly defined corrective actions focused on complete transparency with you, our reader.

How We Identify When Corrections are Needed

We proactively identify the need for a correction from several common sources:

  • You Spot an Inconsistency: Many updates stem from readers like yourself bringing potential inconsistencies or outdated details to our attention through the feedback policy or direct contact form. Your external perspective allows us to strengthen the long-term reliability of what we publish across the site. Please notify us immediately if you ever feel we are guiding you towards a casino no longer aligned with described policies or features.
  • Internal Review: Our editing team continually re-verifies key details in existing casino reviews as part of our twice yearly formal update assessment cycle. If we discover new information contradicting past guidance, we take corrective steps for full accuracy even if you have not alerted us first.
  • Terms & Policy Changes: Online casinos often unexpectedly change bonuses, responsible gambling measures, promotions, withdrawals or even game availability based on internal business drivers without concern for our past coverage. If what we referenced becomes outdated, amendments to the analysis ensure you don’t end up relying on guidance no longer relevant.

Thorough Investigations Before Acting

Potential corrections get escalated immediately to our editor-in-chief for rigorous independent validation through direct outreach to the operator or alternative reputable sources unaffiliated with the casino. Until conclusively resolved, we remove recommendation status from any casino assessment called into question to prevent further risk of misguiding you.

Handling & Communicating Corrections

For minor spelling, grammar or syntax fixes not affecting meaning, we make changes immediately without external notice upon internal verification. We focus public announcements solely on meaningful corrections substantially impacting analysis and recommendations.

Substantive Factual Changes

When identified inconsistencies risk providing you outdated analysis, recommendations or information that could deceive or cause you harm if relied upon as a player, we adhere to this clearly defined 6 step corrections process:

  1. Temporary suspension of recommendation status
  2. Good faith investigation by our editor-in-chief and staff
  3. Drafting a transparent public retraction statement for you
  4. Prominent in-article announcements and social media updates to inform all impacted past and prospective readers
  5. Direct email notification to recent newsletter subscribers referencing the outdated guidance
  6. Permanent documentation for public accountability in our corrections log, linked in every article footer

You Deserve Ongoing Accountability

Through this level of rigid quality control, we reinforce our long-term commitment to upholding 100% factual integrity with every new casino recommendation made targeting your needs as a player focused on banking method compatibility.

Please continue keeping us accountable by notifying us immediately via our contact form if you ever spot anything misleading, outdated, or inconsistent with your own research or experience. We highly value the extra layer of accountability your external perspective brings! It makes us better.


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