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Overview of Online Gambling Licenses and Jurisdictions

Online gambling jurisdictions and what their licenses mean to you. Throughout the world, every law, every ordinance, every code, is managed by a jurisdiction. Whether it’s a city, municipality, county, province/state or country that is responsible depends on whether it deals with a local or federal law. There is no legal statute in the world that is jurisdictionally mandated on a global level. In the case of online gambling, jurisdiction is left to the country in which an operator is licensed. In larger nation’s, like Canada and the United States, the federal government decides what can/can’t be legal, while jurisdictional regulation is left to each province/state. Those are covered separately: US & Canadian Internet Gambling Jurisdictions The responsibility of an online gambling licensing body is to ensure that all licensees are in compliance with the regulatory guidelines of that jurisdiction. In many cases, that means abiding by fair gaming standards, … Continue reading

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The Stars Group seeks Sky Betting Funding via TSX, Nasdaq

Toronto online gambling juggernaut proposes common shares public offering. The Stars Group is already among the largest online gambling companies in the world. Based out of Toronto, it owns some of the largest iGaming operations in existence. Its portfolio includes online poker behemoths PokerStars and Full Tilt, along with the popular casino and sports betting sites, PokerStars Casino and BetStars. If their latest acquisition comes to fruition, The Stars Group will officially become the largest global operator in the online gambling industry. Earlier this year, the company set its sights on UK-based Sky Betting & Gaming, one of the largest iGaming brands in all of Europe. That company owns real money internet gambling operations Sky Bet, Sky Bingo, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, and Sky Vegas. It also operates several free-to-participate gaming sites as well as the odds comparison domain, Oddschecker. In April 2018, Sky Betting & Gaming and its majority … Continue reading

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Stars Group buys SkyBet… What Happens Next?

Future gets brighter still for Canada online gambling firm The Stars Group. Should SkyBet’s rivals be nervous? As we learned over the weekend, The Stars Group, an online gambling behemoth based in Toronto, Canada, boosted its portfolio with a major acquisition. The company spent a whopping $4.7 billion to acquire UK iGaming giant Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG). So… what happens next? In February, the company snatched up Australian sports betting operator CrownBet. Immediately after that, it was announced that CrownBet was scooping up the Australian branch of William Hill – another digital sports betting rival in The Land Down Under. And now, Stars Group has one of the UK’s largest iGaming groups, SBG, under its wing. Clearly, The Stars Group is working to spread its wings all across the globe, in more verticals than ever before. As the owner of PokerStars and Full Tilt, there’s no question that the … Continue reading

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Is Bluffing an Effective Poker Strategy? The ASA says No

ASA pulls PokerStars ad for promoting bluffing strategies in poker. This year, the UK has been cracking down on its internet gambling licencees like never before. Following an investigation that unveiled massive incidents of irresponsible behavior, major operators are facing penalties left and right. The worlds largest online poker room, PokerStars, has had no issues with the UK Gambling Commission as a result of the investigation. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is another matter. Earlier this month, the ASA upheld a decision that PokerStars had launched an inappropriate ad campaign. They say a television ad, which aired in October 2017, promoted bluffing as an effective poker strategy, “exploited inexperienced” players and encouraged “recklessness”. PokerStars Ad Promotes Bluffing Strategies for Poker The commercial shows a hand of poker being played in which the active player is holding one of the worst possible poker hands, 8-3 off-suit. In the background, a … Continue reading

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Are Online Casinos Safe? UK wants more Player Protections

UK taking safe online casinos to new level with pre-play age verification and affordability checks. In terms of security, the regulated iGaming industry is as safe as any online space can be. But what about player protections? Are online casinos doing everything they can to protect minors and problem gamblers from harm? The UK Gambling Commission doesn’t think so. If you’re a responsible gambler of legal age, and you only deposit with reputable casino websites, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you’re a minor committing identity fraud, or using a false date of birth to register an account, your underage venture may soon come to an end. The same goes for problem gamblers who wager with money they clearly can’t afford, or worse, gamble with stolen funds. The UKGC has spent months asking, “Are online casinos safe for players?” A long-awaited review of gambling was just released, and … Continue reading

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UK Online Casino gets Wrist-Slap for Derogatory Tweet

ASA reprimands online casino slots site for insulting women on Twitter. Throughout the centuries, women have fought for equality. One of the hardest things to attain was not constitutional rights, but to be free of judgment. An overweight man reading the news on television draws no comment, but on overweight woman is rarely hired for such a position. In recent years, such views have finally begun to overturn. Women are evolving. They’re becoming more proud of themselves, and their bodies, regardless of length, depth or width. In the UK, a long-time ITV series called Loose Women is celebrating the freedom of women. But it seems not everyone is willing to accept positive change. Online Casino Slots Site’s Derogatory Twitter Comment The image on the left was published by ITV to promote the talk show television series. It featuring the complete broadcast team of ladies in classic, one-piece bathing suits. But … Continue reading

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GVC Quietly scoops Online Casino Software firm Cozy Games

GVC quietly snags real money casino software engineer Cozy Games. UK-based GVC Holdings has become quite the online gambling behemoth. The investment firm has been on an acquisitional warpath in recent years. After breathing new life into Bwin.party Digital Entertainment, then abandoning on a bid for Canada’s Amaya Gaming (now The Stars Group), GVC seems to have quietly picked up online casino software giant Cozy Games. Neither GVC nor Cozy Games have elected to comment on the acquisition yet. However, a group of keenly observant online bingo affiliates were sharp enough to notice the transition. Earlier this month, they took note of some revisions at UK-facing Cozy Bingo sites. Their licensing info now reflects the change in ownership. These websites are now displaying their UK license holder as ElectraWorks Limited, a subsidiary of GVC Holdings. ElectraWorks Limited also happens to be the operator and license holder of GVC’s flagship brands … Continue reading

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Online Gambling Affiliate Programs at risk in the UK

Countless online gambling affiliates jobs at risk thanks to group of unethical tipsters. For the last two decades, the online gambling industry has been a lucrative, multi-tier business. It’s not just a market that consists of internet gaming operators and the customers they serve. Like every other business in the world, there are middle men who make a living from the industry. The farmer who grows crops isn’t the only man profiting when you buy produce from your local grocer. There are shipping companies who move the products, paying truck drivers to haul them from the farm to the market. The store makes money selling them, and in turns pays its employees. It is an entire ecosystem that supports innumerable lives. If you look at the online gambling industry as just another mega-corporate industry, helping the rich get richer, you’re missing the bigger picture. It employs hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading

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888’s £7.8M Failure to provide Safe Online Gambling

888 finds out how serious UK regulators are about safe online gambling practices. After two decades, the online gambling industry has evolved tremendously. It started as a slap-shod industry with little or no regulation. Now, it’s a strictly regulated form of interactive entertainment in many jurisdictions. The United Kingdom has the most comprehensive set of rules for iGaming operators. One of the most important revolves around consumer protections. The UK Gambling Commission requires all licensed operators to adhere to rigorous standards. Among them, they must monitor each and every player’s activity to identify at-risk behavior. They must also provide self-exclusion capabilities, along with clear and readily accessible support services for vulnerable gamblers. 888, operator of one of the region’s largest and most recognized online gambling businesses, failed to comply with those stringent measures. The UKGC began investigating the company back in May, following complaints from members. Last week, regulators ruled … Continue reading

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UK to Investigate Online Casinos Fair Practices

Anyone who’s spent any time gambling over the internet has surely asked themselves this question at one point: Are online casinos fair? Apparently, players aren’t the only ones wondering these days. Late last month, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced it was launching an investigation in the fair trade practices of online gambling sites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The CMA’s investigation stems from concerns voices by the UKGC relating to whether or not some internet gambling operators were violating the consumer protection laws. The investigation is expected to take quite some time, due to the intensity of the probe, and will encompass various aspects of an online casino’s fairness. These include things like an operator’s terms and conditions, marketing tactics, promotions and a player’s genuine ability to win. The CMA will be looking closely at each operator’s terms to decide whether or not they are fair … Continue reading

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