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Gambling Strategies that Don’t Translate to Online Casinos

Best casino strategies that you can’t employ at online betting sites. Most of us enjoy a friendly wager now and again. Of those who do, most prefer to make smart bets that have a better chance of paying out. Gambling strategies can be an effective way to minimize risk and losses, while giving us a stronger sense of accomplishment when we win. For the most part, land-based and online casinos are the same. They offer the same great games, with the exact same rules of play. But the strategies involved don’t always translate from the physical to the digital realm. Best Casino Strategies that Don’t Work at Online Betting Sites The only discernible difference between live and online casino games is the use of RNG-based software. A lot of terrestrial casinos utilize electronic games these days, but over the internet, every game is governed by a random number generator (RNG) … Continue reading

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One Roulette Strategy that Works

No strategy can give you an edge in Roulette, except this one. I’ve come across countless books and websites that swear they offer roulette strategies that work. Then they all spew forth the same garbage, failing to shift the game’s edge in any direction. If you don’t shift the edge into the player’s favor, you cannot change the odds so that you win more often than you lose. Most realists will tell you there is no way to alter the edge (without cheating, of course). For the most part, that’s right. Betting systems won’t do it. Seeking out history-based patterns won’t help you. Playing French Roulette with La Partage (instead of American or European roulette) will push the edge less in the casino’s favor, but it won’t turn it to the player’s advantage. These three commonly touted roulette strategies don’t work because they can’t raise a player’s win rate high … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Quick Bets that Pay Even Money

Casino Gambling in a Nutshell: The higher the payout, the worse the odds. If you were new to gambling – had no clue what you were doing, really – and someone said, “Hey, don’t bet on that, it only pays 1 to 1. Put your money on this one. It pays 20 to 1!” What would you do? If you were an educated gambler, you’d probably scoff at them and keep your money where it is. But since you’re not, you may just scratch your head and say, “Yeah, I like those odds! I want to win 20x my bet, not just 1x.” The payout might look pretty, but the odds say you’re making a tremendous mistake. That’s because the better the payout looks – the more dollar signs there are involved – the lower your odds of actually winning that bet will usually be. Casino Gambling 101: Payouts vs. … Continue reading

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Best Ways to Double Your Money Gambling

Is it realistic to think you can double your money at a casino? Every knowledgeable gambler knows that casinos are not in business to make winners of their patrons. They are in the entertainment business. Thus, the ultimate goal of gambling at a casino should always be the have a good time. Going with the intent of doubling your bankroll is not the recommended course of action. But as we all know, some people do get lucky. Some people win large amounts of money. Some win double what they walked in with, while others win enough to buy a new car, a new house, even start a whole new dream life! Yes, it does happen. Those tales of fortuitous glory aren’t just melodramatic fiction. Despite their rarity, it does raise the question… Is it realistic to think you can double your money at a casino? Walking away with a wad … Continue reading

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A Realistic Review of Roulette’s Cost

What’s better for your casino bankroll, electronic or live roulette games? I’m a strong advocate of playing casino games online. I know, some say they’re too quick, or that you don’t get the same social entertainment aspect. But those don’t have to be negatives. I find them both advantageous at times. I rarely have time to visit a land-based casino, but I can play a few games on my smartphone during lunch. Being among friends is always uplifting, but when the guy next to you smells like a brewery and yanks your sleeve every time he wins a bet, being alone doesn’t seem so bad. Then again, there are also times when playing live casino games is more beneficial than staring at a computer or mobile screen. As much as iGaming advocates like myself boast that online games are cheaper, and/or offer better payouts – I’ve said it myself countless … Continue reading

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Maybe These Roulette Bets Weren’t Crazy After All?

Who’s Crazy Now? Roulette strategy says fewer wagers are better. I’ve come across a lot of roulette strategies in my time as an online gambler and archiver. I can tell you right off the bat, none of them are going to give you a positive expectation. Roulette isn’t like blackjack or poker, where a player with enough skill can turn the tides in their favor. Blackjack requires intense concentration and card counting (eligible in a land casino only), and poker, because it’s not house-banked, simply requires you to be a better player than those around you. Strategies for roulette only come in a few very basic varieties. There are those based on betting systems, wherein a player makes a profit – albeit a minimal one – so long as they can avoid a lengthy streak of losses. Then there are those that simply require the bettor to stick to bets … Continue reading

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3 Craziest Roulette Winners of All Time

The craziest winning roulette bets you probably shouldn’t mimic. I’ve seen some pretty wild wagers in my days. I might have even made a few, But none of them compare to the stories I’m going to share with you now. These are the tales of three very different men who took similarly huge risks at the roulette table. I’m not talking about billionaire businessmen who toss millions at the casino every year. I won’t regurgitate the story of Sean Connery’s 3-in-a-row, let-it-ride wins on black 17. Although considerably crazy roulette winners, players like that have nothing to fear from a loss. The guys I’m going to tell you about put everything on the line! Craziest Winning Roulette Bets of All Time Before I get into the details of these stories, please consider just how crazy these actions were. I do not recommend following in their footsteps! Unfortunately, many people have … Continue reading

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South Huron Council Picks Grand Bend Casino Location

City selects Grand Bend as best location for Gateway’s new casino in South Huron, Ontario. Building a new casino in Ontario is no easy task. Forget the cost or the labor involved. In the time it takes to get from, ‘Hey, wanna build a casino?‘, to ‘Welcome to our grand opening!‘, you could have a child and send it to college! We’re still in the infantile stages of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp‘s (OLG) desire to build a gambling facility in South Huron, which is all the more impressive since it’s likely that a destination for the casino has already been chosen. But there still may be a very, very long road ahead. Discontent from neighboring communities could be the first hurdle in moving forward. With that said, it’s been confirmed that a majority vote by South Huron City Council has pin pointed a preferred location for the upcoming … Continue reading

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Mind your Pay Tables on Single-Zero Roulette Machines

Beware single-zero video roulette games at land-based casinos. A person’s knowledge of roulette variants will vary based on their location, means of access, and overall experience with the games. A novitiate residing in America might think double-zero roulette is the only thing available. Likewise, a British newbie may only be familiar with single-zero roulette. While these are the most basic of differentials, there’s a lot more that separates variations of the game. There are traditional roulette tables and wheels that you can play on at most land-based casinos. There are online roulette games, built into computer software programs that mimic the roulette table’s wheel and ball, delivering the same randomness you’d experience on a live wheel game. Then there are video-based, single-zero roulette machines that may seem like a perfect meld of the two, but they rarely are. Single-Zero Roulette, Live and Online Single-zero games are what many players refer … Continue reading

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Cascades Casino Delta Strikes Pay Dirt with BCLC Approval

New BC casino resort in Delta gets final approval from BCLC. Month after month, question after question, delay after delay… That’s the typical scenario whenever a private company seeks to build a new casino anywhere in British Columbia—anywhere in Canada, for that matter. There’s an endless strain of red tape attached. Municipal debate, zoning by-law amendments, city approval, disputes with neighboring cities. It can take many months, if not years, just to get the necessary signatures to put a shovel in the ground. That’s exactly what Gateway Casino & Entertainment and the people of Delta have experienced since 2016. This week, the waiting and wondering are finally over. Cascades Casino Delta will be coming to the intersection of Highways 99 and 17A, near the Massey Tunnel. Odds are, the total construction time will be less than the time it took to get from RFI to Approved. BCLC Approves New BC … Continue reading

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