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Online Casino Games vs. Sports Betting

How does gambling for real money at an online casino compare to betting on sports? Ask any given group of 100 avid, educated gamblers what type of gambling is best, and you’ll get a wide range of responses. That’s because every gambler, no matter how experienced they are in wagering, is built differently. A lot of people like casino games like slot machines or blackjack best. Others prefer betting on sporting events, playing poker, or just buying a plain old lottery ticket. Today we’re going to compare the two most popular varieties of gaming found online – sports betting and casino gambling. They both have their similarities, but far more differences between them. Which is better? Well, that’s for you to decide. We’re just here to help you make the right decision for you. Online Casino Games & Sports Betting Similarities The most obvious aspect casinos and sportsbooks have in … Continue reading

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Alberta Lottery Owes $2.4M in Unclaimed Tickets

Alberta unclaimed lottery tickets amount to over $2.4 million in prizes. Did you ever imagine the feeling that would come with the news that you’d won the lottery? Not just a few hundred dollars, or even a few thousand, but a massive prize worth 6- or 7-figures? Most of us never experience this feeling, but just day-dreaming about it can set off our endorphins. Now, imagine what it would feel like to know that you should have won the lottery, but never claimed your prize. Maybe you lost the ticket. Maybe you never watched the drawing, and accidentally threw it away, assuming it a loser. Oh, the pangs of regret that would be awful! The sad reality is that this situation befalls lottery players all the time. The only saving grace is that they rarely ever know it happened. In that regard, at least they’re spared the emotional calamity that … Continue reading

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Canada Lottery Aims for More Interactive Gambling

Lotteries looking to make digital gambling games fun for young players. The decade old question of how to get today’s millennial generation to gamble rages on. Casinos have had this discussion time and again, creating more nightclubs and lounge atmospheres with integrated digital touch-screen gambling tablets to play on. All this is in an effort to counter the fast-rising popularity of online and mobile casino gambling. It’s not just slot machines that fail to interest the younger generation. Canada’s lottery programs are suffering, too. Adults under 35 aren’t interested in filling out paper slips. They’re used to getting entertainment by way of much more sophisticated technology. So, the lotteries are hoping to pique their interest with new interactive gambling games. Online Lotteries Not Enough to Attract Millennials The idea to make lottery tickets available over the internet was an obvious one, but not a very effective one. Most provinces now … Continue reading

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BCLC’s Hobson among 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada

BC gambling corp’s CFO Amanda Hobson named Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. It’s not hard to be a powerful woman in today’s business world. In fact, it’s almost a static requirement for success these days. But to be among the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada? Now, that’s something special! That very honor was bestowed upon Amanda Hobson earlier this week. Mrs. Hobson is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Corporate Services for the British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC); the Crown Corporation in charge of regulating all gambling-related activities in the province. BC Gambling Corp’s CFO Hobson Named Top-100 The Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada awards are organized each year by the Women’s Executive Network (WXN). The group’s primary focal points are “the advancement, development and recognition of professional women in Canada”, with the passionate goal of “empowering women and creating … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Online Betting Legality in Canada

Why offshore online gambling is legal in Canada, despite provincial government claims to the contrary. Canada’s largest, most populated provinces promote an internet gambling product. British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec present a wide variety of gambling opportunities (lottery, casino, poker and/or bingo), while the provinces of Atlantic Canada offer access to online lotteries. There’s no question as to the legality of these ring-fenced website. What about internationally regulated gaming sites? The ones licensed and headquartered overseas. Not just any old operators, but the big ones, like 888, LeoVegas, PartyPoker and Royal Vegas Casinos. What’s the real legal status on these websites? Canadian provinces say they’re illegal. Australia also says they’re illegal. Most of the United States agree, they’re illegal. So why is it that so many of these respected, internationally regulated gambling websites have withdrawn from the US and Australia, but continue to accept Canadian players? Is Offshore Online … Continue reading

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Thunder Bay Dad wins $350k on The Big Spin

The Big Spin lottery ticket awards $350k to Thunder Bay family. Like most Canadian provinces, Ontario supports a vast and lucrative lottery program. It includes several number-drawing games and dozens of instant win, scratch off lottery tickets. One of the most popular of all is a scratch ticket known as The Big Spin. What makes this particular ticket so exceptional is the range of possible rewards for players. It’s a $5 ticket wherein the player scratches off a series of numbers, and one Lucky Number. If any of the player’s numbers match the lucky number, the corresponding cash prize is awarded, ranging from $5 up to $100,000. That part is fairly standard. However, if the listed prize is the word SPIN, the player can take the ticket to any retail location. The retailer will scan the ticket on a machine, which then displays an animated spinning prize wheel. The player … Continue reading

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Australia’s Issues make Canada’s Limited Sports Betting look Good

Is Canada’s restrictive approach to live, online sports betting a good thing? There are countless Canadians who wish the locals laws on sports betting could be less restrictive. I’ve personally been an advocate of legalizing straight-up sports bets for years now. But alas, all we have access to within Canada are parlay-style wagers. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. After hearing of a report from Australia, perhaps it’s time we reconsider. Maybe our nation’s more restrictive approach, limiting up to a Pro-Line Sports Lottery, is a good thing. And besides, we do have access to highly reputable, international online sportsbooks, where single event wagers are welcome. Study Shows Australia’s Youth Correlate Sports with Gambling Deakin University, in Victoria, Australia, has done a series of studies on the correlation between sports, gambling, and the country’s youth. Their findings indicate that three out of four children who are … Continue reading

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14yr old Lottery Scam lands Family Behind Bars

Family sentenced to prison in for fraud after cheating the lottery. We all dream of winning the lottery one day. We dream of what we might do with all that money. Buy a big house, a new car, put family members through college, maybe donate some to a worthy charity. For only the luckiest of players will that dream become reality. For one family, the dream came true 14 years ago. But not in the way you might expect. This family worked a dubious lottery scam that bought $12.5 million in life’s most opulent luxuries—and a one-way ticket to prison. Family Accused of Fraud for Cheating the Lottery It all started in 2003 at the Variety Plus, a convenient mart and lottery retail outlet on Dundas Street in Burlington, Ontario. Kenneth Chung was a full-time employee, and his father, Jun-Chul Chung, worked there part-time. According to court documents, both were … Continue reading

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Securing the Growth of Gambling in Canada

Data analysts predicting a lucrative future for Canada casinos online and on land. Statistical data collectors and industry experts agree that there’s plenty of room for growth when it comes to gambling in Canada. The nation is home to both local and luxury casino resorts, federal and provincial lotteries, countless charitable gaming facilities, a modest sports lottery, and even caters to online gambling enthusiasts. In 2009, the Canadian gambling market generated approximately $13.5 billion in revenue. The latest report from Fantini Gaming Research, detailing collective gambling revenue across the country in 2017, reveals a significant rise in yield, up to $17.3 billion; a 28.1% increase from nearly a decade ago, and 4.9% increase year-over-year. Viability of Canada Casinos Online Only four provinces regulate online casinos, each experiencing a strong performance in 2017. They include British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. However, disseminating the value of each provincial iGaming sector can … Continue reading

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How Important is Variety in Online Gambling?

Online Gambling Guidance: When is Extensive Game Variety Important? What comes to mind when you hear the term “online gambling”? Do you think of casino games, like slot machines, blackjack and video poker? Maybe your mind goes to betting on sports or horse racing, or playing poker games like Texas Holdem, buying lottery tickets, or bingo cards. In the earliest years of the internet, online gambling wasn’t an extensive subject, but now, it’s used as an umbrella term to cover so many different ways to place to bet. There are literally thousands of ‘online gambling guides‘ on the internet, and one of the topics that seems to be covered most is the importance of game variety. The fact is, for most online gamblers, game variety is rarely an issue. When is Extensive Game Variety Important? There are some instances where having more options is good. If you’re an avid slots … Continue reading

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