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Gambling Strategies that Don’t Translate to Online Casinos

Best casino strategies that you can’t employ at online betting sites. Most of us enjoy a friendly wager now and again. Of those who do, most prefer to make smart bets that have a better chance of paying out. Gambling strategies can be an effective way to minimize risk and losses, while giving us a stronger sense of accomplishment when we win. For the most part, land-based and online casinos are the same. They offer the same great games, with the exact same rules of play. But the strategies involved don’t always translate from the physical to the digital realm. Best Casino Strategies that Don’t Work at Online Betting Sites The only discernible difference between live and online casino games is the use of RNG-based software. A lot of terrestrial casinos utilize electronic games these days, but over the internet, every game is governed by a random number generator (RNG) … Continue reading

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Best Ways to Double Your Money Gambling

Is it realistic to think you can double your money at a casino? Every knowledgeable gambler knows that casinos are not in business to make winners of their patrons. They are in the entertainment business. Thus, the ultimate goal of gambling at a casino should always be the have a good time. Going with the intent of doubling your bankroll is not the recommended course of action. But as we all know, some people do get lucky. Some people win large amounts of money. Some win double what they walked in with, while others win enough to buy a new car, a new house, even start a whole new dream life! Yes, it does happen. Those tales of fortuitous glory aren’t just melodramatic fiction. Despite their rarity, it does raise the question… Is it realistic to think you can double your money at a casino? Walking away with a wad … Continue reading

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Unusual Table Games at Online Casinos

Three unique online casino table games you should try once. There are a lot of major differences between land-based and online casinos. The most obvious, of course, is the convenience of playing online. There’s no need to travel. You can play anytime, from anywhere. Just log onto your desktop, hop on the couch with a tablet, or whip out your smartphone. But there are more subtle conveniences worth noting. The types of differences that don’t get mentioned nearly so often as quicker games, lower stakes, or higher return percentages. I’m talking about the fact that online casinos have no space limitations. Internet casinos can provide their players with as many games as they like. They will never run out of seats, no matter how many players are participating. Because of this, they don’t have to stick to the ‘most popular games’, which often means a much more interesting selection to … Continue reading

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Shorelines Casino Peterborough Grand Opening Today, Oct 15

New Shorelines Casino in Ontario, Canada opens today. Today is the big day for residents of Peterborough, Ontario. The newest Shorelines Casino will open its doors for the first time, and all are invited to come join in the festivities this evening. If you don’t have any plans for this evening, keep reading, and plan to arrive early. Ontario Gaming East Limited Partnership (OGELP), the subsidiary of Great Canadian Gaming (GCG) in charge of the operation, announced the big event on Thursday. According to the press release, the grand opening celebration will commence at 5:00pm, with special gifts for the first 2,500 attendees. Grand Opening of New Shorelines Casino in Ontario, Canada The new casino, located at Crawford Drive and The Parkway, will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5pm today. According to the press release, the first 2,500 guests to enter will receive “a special gift to commemorate the opening.” … Continue reading

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Betting System Strategy: The 50% Bump

The Smart Gambler’s Progressive Betting System: Riding the ‘50% Bump’. Every avid gambler has some experience with a betting system strategy, whether it’s employing one, or simply researching their value. Some of them are very famous—so famous that they’re named after the people who came up with them. There’s the D’Alembert betting system, the Fibonacci, the Labouchere, and the Martingale, just to name a few. If you’re not familiar with how they work, there are two very important things you need to know before we continue. 1. First and foremost, no betting system can guarantee a profit. These systems cannot and will not ever turn the advantage to the player. The casino will always have the edge. That’s why they don’t care if you use them (unlike card counting in blackjack, which can get you unceremoniously dumped on outside doors). 2. There are two main types of betting systems; Progressive … Continue reading

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Canada’s Favorite Live Casino launches in US Market

Best Canada Live Casino expands south into New Jersey, USA. The live dealer casino market isn’t nearly so competitive as its cousins in electronic gambling. There are hundreds of companies developing game software for online casinos, building interactive, RNG-based slot machines, tables games and more. Contrariwise, only around two dozen brands host live casino studios, streaming genuine table action to desktops, smartphones and tablets all over the world. There are a few logical explanations for why the live casino industry is so much smaller. For the last decade, it’s been more of a niche market, largely due to high-tech demands. It’s also not the type of software online casinos look to employ more than one of. Furthermore, it’s not a very inviting business for entrepreneurs when a single entity has already reached astronomical heights, soaring far beyond the capabilities and popularity of any existing competitor. If you’re familiar with today’s … Continue reading

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How Casino Gambling Systems and Strategies Differ

Betting Systems vs Gambling Strategies: The difference is bigger than you think! Gambling is one of the worlds most popular pastimes. It’s a supreme form of entertainment, and one that tends to cost players money (just like any other form of entertainment). But for some, it’s a profession, and one that can be very lucrative. There are two general tactics gamblers utilize to increase their odds of winning, and minimize their odds of losing. One is by implementing a betting system. The other is by using a gambling strategy for their game of choice. While these may sound like the same thing, and they do have the same purpose, they are actually quite different. Betting Systems vs. Gambling Strategies To better understand the difference between these two casino gambling tactics, we will first look at the precise definition of each word. According to the most appropriate definitions in the English … Continue reading

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EGR B2B: The 2018 Live Casino Supplier Award goes to….

For the 9th year straight, Evolution Gaming named EGR’s Best Live Casino Supplier of the Year. It’s a fiercely competitive world we live in. In most industries, leading brands come and go like dew on a flower pedal. But not all of them… The online gambling industry is one that sees major brands rising to new heights, and very few ‘little guys’ worming their way into a lucrative, top-tier position. Being a big-wig in this business comes with great responsibility. For Evolution Gaming, that responsibility is to carry a brilliant and admirable crown, lighting the path—leading the way—for all its rivals to follow. It’s a tough job, but one the company pulls off incredibly well! That fact was reaffirmed last night when Evolution once again collected the award for Live Casino Supplier of the Year at the 2018 EGR B2B Awards ceremony at the Hurlingham Club in London, England. This … Continue reading

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Canada Live Online Casinos by Playtech

Playtech’s Live Casino Online Canada – 15 Years of Authentic Real Time Gambling If you’re a risk taker in Canada live online casinos by Playtech are worth exploring. I’ve been a longtime advocate of Evolution Gaming‘s formidable live dealer platform. In the last year, Playtech’s live studios have evolved into something profound enough to rival the industry’s longtime leader. Most don’t realize this, but Playtech was the original pioneer of live dealer casinos. Founded in 1999, the Isle of Man company opened the very first live casino back in 2003. That soft launch, from a small studio in Manila, Philippines, delivered real-time baccarat tables to the Asian gaming market. Playtech’s Live Casino Online Canada 15 Year in the Making Although it wasn’t anything close to the quality of today’s live casinos, Playtech’s initial live dealer platform sparked a revolution in the iGaming industry. It was the defining moment for Evolution … Continue reading

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If you fear Online Casinos are Fixed, try Live Casino Games

Are online casinos fixed? No. Still skeptical? Play live dealer casinos instead. Children are very trusting by nature, but as we grow older, we tend to become more skeptical of things. Unfortunately, there’s often a root cause; a negative experience that’s jaded our perception of life, members the opposite sex, and especially the internet. For gambling enthusiasts, there’s one question that’s been circulating for the last two decades… “Are online casinos fixed?” It’s certainly a reasonable question, and one I’d have had a much harder time answering 15+ years ago. Every computer-based game runs on a random number generator (RNG) that determines the results of every slots spin, every shuffle and deal of cards, every roll of dice, etc. Trusting that an online casino is not fixed means trusting that the casino and software manufacturer are on the up-and-up. Fortunately, in today’s technological world, the online gambling industry is heavily … Continue reading

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