Speed and Efficiency of Paysafecard Canada Casino Payments

Paysafecard is a pre-pay card/voucher payment system with a decades-old reputation for optimal eCommerce security. Users can buy a Paysafecard prepaid card or voucher at thousands of retail shops, or purchase a virtual voucher online.

Prepaid payments are a favorite choice among frequent online shoppers who don’t want to divulge financial information with every merchant and casino they visit. The advantages of buying in person are impeccable security and the option to pay with cash. Buying online presents ultimate convenience, with similarly impenetrable security measures to protect the user’s sensitive information.

We offer you the following list of our favorite iGaming sites where Canadian players and Paysafecard payments are accepted. 

Paysafecard Canada Casinos *Ontario  ROCUSA
Play Ojo Yes  YesNo
Casumo Yes Yes No
888 Casino Yes  Yes  No
* USA players are strictly not accepted, Canada only. All three brands have licenses to operate legally in Ontario, and are open to Rest of Canada. In Ontario gaming is 19+.

We’ll talk about all of these features and more in the following context. Our guide is strategically geared towards assisting Canada’s online gambling community in choosing the right payment method. If you believe Paysafecard might be the right choice for you, we’ll teach you how and where to use it to ensure a safe and reliable iGaming experience.

Please continue scrolling to learn all the fine details regarding Paysafecard. Thanks for visiting, and remember to always gamble responsibly.

What is Paysafecard – Prepaid Cards & Vouchers

Paysafecard is one of a handful of prepaid card and voucher options available to Canadian iGamers. Similar to Neosurf, Paysafecard was developed as a safe, secure and convenient way to pay for things over the internet. As an online payment solution, its major selling points are the option to buy things anonymously (i.e. buy Paysafecard in store with cash), and the ability to spend money online without divulging your personal financial accounts or credit/debit card numbers.

Paysafecard has been a trusted member of the payment solutions industry for more than two decades now. Originally founded in Austria in 2000, Paysafecard was acquired by Skrill in 2013. It changed hands again in 2015 when Optimal Payments bought out Skrill. Of all the payment products under the company’s wing, Paysafecard was the global leader in reputability, resulting in the company’s subsequent rebranding to Paysafe Group.

Today, Paysafe is a world leader in the payment systems category. Paysafecard prepaid cards and vouchers are available in over 40 countries. Thousands of websites around the globe accept Paysafecard payments. It’s also one of the most widely available deposit methods for Canadian online casino goers. Unlike most prepaid methods, some casinos actually provide Paysafecard withdrawals, as well. You’ll learn more about these in our Paysafecard Casinos section below.

Where to Buy Paysafecard in Canada

Paysafecard extended its service to the Canadian market in 2012. It is available for purchase at tens of thousands of retail locations across the country. You can also purchase virtual vouchers directly from the Paysafecard website.

Physical Paysafecards and online voucher can be bought in values of CA $10, $30, $50, $100, $150, and $250. There are limitations, however, as to how much you can buy and spend with Paysafecard in Canada. These restrictions are dependent on your method of purchase, in store or as a myPaysafecard online/mobile account holder. Current limitations are as follows:

Limits for Canadian UsersPaysafecardBasicmyPaysafecardAccount
Maximum combined PIN transaction400 CAD400 CAD
Maximum value of pins in myPaysafecard3,500 CAD
Annual total value of the used PINs in myPaysafecard6,000 CAD

Buying Paysafecard at Retail Stores

Just about every major retailer across Canada has these prepaid cards and/or vouchers for sale. You’ll find them at the following locations:

  • Canada Post / Postes Canada
  • CarTel
  • Commisso’s Fresh foods
  • Daisy Mart
  • Esso
  • Kitchen Food Fair
  • Gale’s
  • Gas+
  • Hasty Market
  • MacEwen
  • Mobil
  • Now Prepay
  • Rabba Fine Foods
  • Top Me Up
  • Super Sagamie
  • Wilsons Gas Stops
  • and everywhere you see the Paysafecard logo.

Use the Paysafecard Store Locator Tool to find a retailer near you.

Purchasing Paysafecard Virtual Vouchers Online

Anyone can buy a virtual voucher from the Paysafecard website, or one of their many online partner shops. You can also check the balance of any existing card or voucher on the website. If you expect to use Paysafecard regularly, you might as well look into the Paysafecard Mobile App for iOS or Android. Signing up a free myPaysafecard account allows you to buy vouchers, check balances, review your purchase history and more, all on your smartphone.

Paysafecard Security & Anonymity Features

What makes Paysafecard such a secure option for online shoppers is that you don’t have to enter personal data or perpetual financial information. There’s no need to input your bank account, credit card or debit card. It’s just like paying with cash, with no financial trail left behind.

Every prepaid card and voucher is good for as long as it holds value. Once you spend that value, you can throw it away. Your personal details are not attached to it in any way. The company’s commitment to protecting users is evident in these “5 most important safety rules”:

  • Only give 16-digit paysafecard PINs to authorised paysafecard online shops.
  • Never pass on 16-digit paysafecard PINs by email or telephone.
  • In the event of suspicious activities in your my paysafecard administration tool, have it blocked immediately.
  • Authorities, institutions, lawyers and courts are not contractually-bound online shops. Regardless of whether by computer or mobile phone: never pay an injunction to settle penalties or overdue fees using paysafecard!
  • In case of doubt, ask the paysafecard service team.

What’s Safer – Buy In-Store or Online?

While buying online is the most convenient option, buying your Paysafecard(s) in-store is the absolute safest method. It’s the only way to pay with cold hard cash. You can also use a credit/debit card in-store, and it won’t link your identity to the PIN. It will only record that a Paysafecard was purchased, and for what amount.

That’s not to say that buying Paysafecard online is not secure. Honestly, it’s as secure as you are. The Paysafecard website and mobile app use state-of-the-art encryption technologies to protect their users, and the payment methods they use to make online purchases.

The only real difference is that with an in-store purchase, you never have to divulge your financial data online. With an online purchase, you’re sharing your financial data with Paysafecard, and Paysafecard only. This is far more secure than sharing your bank account, credit card or debit card info with every online casino and merchant you do business with.

Speed of Paysafecard Payments – Instant!

Since Paysafecards are prepaid, your casino deposits will process immediately. So long as you deposit an amount equal or up to the value of the card, and do not exceed any of the limitations noted above, your casino account should receive instant credit.

Cost of Paysafecard Canada – Rates and Fees

The most surprising thing about Paysafecard – the thing that sets it apart from other prepaid options – is that there’s no fee attached to the purchase price. If you’re buying a $100 card, you pay $100. Paysafecard passes on the transaction fees to associate merchants, who pay a small percentage, plus a monthly fee, for accepting it.

Note: Some Paysafecard merchants will tack a fee onto the purchase price. This is not up to Paysafecard. Please see the merchant’s terms and conditions, or ask the cashier at retail shops, to see if there’s a transaction fee. To avoid any extra cost, we suggest using the Paysafecard mobile app for online purchases and top-ups.

Its free nature makes Paysafecard particularly appealing to customers. This is why so many online casinos and merchants support it, despite the relatively high cost on their end. Some merchants will pass on a transaction fee to customers to help cover their own costs. However, we haven’t found any Canadian online casinos that do this.

The only fee customers need to be aware of is a CA$2.50 charge after 18 months. If you’ve had your Paysafecard prepaid card or voucher for more than 18 months, without depleting its value, a monthly fee of $2.50 kicks in.

How to Make a Casino Deposit with Paysafecard

Every Paysafecard voucher comes with a 16-digit PIN. This is all you need to deposit at online casinos that accept Paysafecard. If it’s not clear enough already, see the table below for a complete step-by-step walk through.

Order of StepsIn Detail
1. Login to CasinoLogin to the online casino you want to make a deposit at.
2. Visit the CashierMake your way to the Cashier/Banking section of the website.
3. Choose DepositChoose to make a deposit.
4. Select PaysafecardFrom the list of available deposit methods, choose Paysafecard. You may need to select Prepaid Gift/Voucher first, then choose Paysafecard from a sub-list, but this is rare.
5. Input PINInput the 16-digit numerical PIN found on the card/voucher.
6. Enter AmountEnter the amount of money you want to deposit. This amount should not exceed the value of the card/voucher. If you’re depositing in another currency besides CAD, leave enough cash on the card to cover an exchange rate fee.
7. Confirm PaymentLook over the payment details and, if all is correct, press the Submit/Confirm button.
Success!Assuming you’ve followed the instructions correctly, your deposit will be approved instantly. The funds should be available for immediate use in the casino.

How to Cashout Casino Winnings with Paysafecard

It’s rare that an online casino will allow players to cash out winnings to a prepaid card. However, Paysafecard is a bit different. If you have a myPaysafecard account, you may be able to use Paysafecard to withdrawal online casino winnings. More than anything, it depends on which gambling site you’re playing at. If allowed, these are the steps you’ll need to follow.

Order of StepsIn Detail
1. Login to CasinoLogin to the online casino you want to withdraw from.
2. Visit the CashierMake your way to the Cashier/Banking section of the website.
3. Choose WithdrawalChoose to request a withdrawal.
4. Select myPaysafecardFrom the list of available payment methods, choose myPaysafecard.
5. Enter DetailsEnter the amount of money you want to withdraw from the casino. Follow any other instruction prompts, then press Submit.
Success!Assuming you’ve followed directions correctly, your withdrawal will enter the casino’s “pending processing” period. This generally lasts anywhere from 12-48 hours. See the casino’s cashout policy for exact times. Once processing occurs, your Paysafecard account should reflect the withdrawal immediately.

If you’ve deposited with Paysafecard and cannot withdrawal in the same manner, you’ll need a suitable alternative for cashing out.

Did You Know Fun FactDid You Know? Saving the Planet, One CarbonNeutral® Company at a Time 
More than ever, our world is gearing up for an environmentally friendly future. We’re in the early stages of a transition to hybrid and electric vehicles. More power companies are converting in part or whole to renewable energy sources. In this digital day and age, companies are striving to gain recognition for a low carbon footprint.

Paysafe received its first CarbonNeutral® Company certification in 2019, and continues to maintain reputable status every year. The payment solution proudly displays this certification upon its website, alongside the following message: “As part of our holistic approach to Corporate Responsibility we have identified sustainability and a focus on our environment as a flagship programme alongside D&I and focus on the community. A core philosophy we hold is that who we are extends beyond our office walls and our business activities and as such we are deeply committed to always doing business the right way.”  

This is one of multiple sustainability projects in Paysafe’s environmental commitment portfolio. Another is water filtration and cookstove improvements in Guatemala. The company is also involved in community reforestation efforts in East Africa, as well as wind powered renewable energy developments in West India.Appropriately enough, Paysafe chose to publish news of these endeavors on Earth Day 2020. 


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