Online Shopping Sites That Accept eCheck as a Payment Method

eChecks have become an indispensable online payment method, blending banking convenience and transaction security for shopping sites and buyers alike. This exhaustive guide explores the breadth of eCheck adoption across countless Canadian stores.

A Primer on eCheck Payments

Known formally as electronic checks or ACH bank transfers, eChecks connect directly to bank accounts instead of credit cards. To pay, consumers enter their account and routing numbers, allowing money to securely transfer.

eChecks offer multiple key advantages:

  • Secure: Payment info goes to the processor rather than the retailer, reducing fraud.
  • Convenient: Pay instantly online without manual checks, unlike a paper check.
  • Inexpensive: No processing fees like credit cards, saving 2-4%.
  • Fast: Most eChecks clear within days, many process instantly.

While some online retailers accept eChecks through PayPal by linking bank accounts to digital wallets, others enable direct bank account payments during checkout flows. Some support both types.

Below we comprehensively assess leading online stores that accept eCheck payments for Canadian shoppers.

eCheck For Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Apparel 

Clothing retailers enable shoppers to fund fashion-forward looks using their checking accounts in PayPal and direct options.

List of Online Department Stores

🟢 Direct eChecks 🔵 Paypal account eChecks 

  • Nordstrom: High-end apparel, shoes, accessories. 🟢
  • Holt Renfrew: Designer clothing, cosmetics, gifts. 🔵
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: Luxury fashion brand online store. 🔵
  • Sears: Everyday family clothing, shoes, baby gear. 🔵
  • The Bay: Affordable clothing, accessories, beauty. 🔵

By supporting eChecks, these department store giants meet varying income levels and price point preferences when making purchases online.

Fast Fashion Chains Where You Can Use E-Check

🟢 Direct eChecks 🔵 Paypal account eChecks 

  • Zara: Women’s, men’s, kids’ trendy affordable apparel. 🔵
  • H&M: Value-focused latest mainstream fashion looks. 🔵
  • Forever21: Low-cost styles for teens, Gen Z shoppers. 🔵
  • Old Navy: Casual essentials for the whole family. 🟢
  • Gap: Timeless wardrobe necessities, jeans, khakis. 🟢

Mass market chains cater to price-conscious shoppers wanting new looks instantly by adding eCheck flexibility.

Pay with eCheck For Specialty and Boutique Fashion

Beyond mega retailers, small indie brands also enable eCheck payments in various forms.

Women’s Boutiques

🟢 Direct eChecks 🔵 Paypal account eChecks 

  • Reformation: Sustainable dresses, denim, shoes, accessories. 🟢
  • Anthropologie: Boho chic apparel, home décor, gifts. 🟢
  • Free People: Flowy feminine boho-styled clothing brand. 🔵

Leveraging eChecks helps these boutiques compete with fast fashion flexibility while differentiating designs.

Vintage Inspired

  • ModCloth: Indie retro vintage clothing and accessories. 🔵
  • Collectif London: 1950s-60s inspired dresses, swimwear, lingerie. 🟢

Vintage and retro-loving shoppers fund their niche looks using eCheck payment convenience.

Streetwear and Skate Brands

  • Zumiez: Youth-oriented action sports apparel and gear. 🔵
  • Tilly’s: Surf, skate, street clothes, shoes and accessories. 🟢
  • Vans: Iconic skate shoes plus apparel ranges. 🟢

By accepting eChecks directly or through PayPal, these brands cater to young alternative subcultures focused on payments over poses.

Tech, Electronics and Office Retailers

For productivity mavens, gamers, hobbyists and business owners, eChecks present flexible purchase financing online.

Computer and Tech Stores

🟢 Direct eChecks 🔵 Paypal account eChecks 

  • Newegg: PC components, laptops, gaming PCs, electronics. 🟢🔵 
  • TigerDirect: Discount computers, hardware, consumer tech. 🔵
  • Canada Computers: Local chain for PC gear, gadgets, services. 🟢

Enabling eCheck payments allows these retailers to better provide for hobbyists, students, gamers, miners and business owners investing in tech.

Camera Gear That Allows You To Pay With An eCheck

Specialty camera outlets accepting eChecks include:

  • Henry’s: Cameras, lenses, pro video gear, drones, accessories. 🟢
  • Vistek: Professional photography, cinematography equipment. 🔵
  • Kerrisdale Cameras: Retailer in BC for Fujifilm & Leica. 🟢

For high-investment shots, cinematographers and studios can purchase equipment more affordably through eChecks.

Office Supply Retailers Taking Electronic Check

  • Staples: Office essentials, furniture, technology, services & support. 🟢🔵 
  • Grand & Toy: Office furniture & machines across Canada. 🟢
  • Vistaprint: Business cards, marketing templates, promotional items. 🔵

Startups to enterprise customers can pay to outfit remote workers, conference rooms, trade show displays using secure eChecking.

Home Goods, Furniture and Decor

Build dream spaces conveniently through eCheck systems integrated by numerous interior retailers.


Top furniture sites taking eChecks:

  • Wayfair: Stylish furniture, décor, kitchen, appliances. 🟢
  • West Elm: Modern mid-century furniture, lighting, rugs. 🔵
  • Structube: Affordable, urban contemporary furniture. 🔵
  • EQ3: Designer modern furnishings, lighting, gifts. 🔵
  • The Brick: Mattresses, appliances, furniture, electronics. 🟢

By supporting eCheck payments, these furniture giants make enhancing living environments more accessible for all budgets and styles.

Home Decor and Goods

Canadians also eCheck out with housewares easily:

  • Bed Bath and Beyond: Kitchen gear, small appliances, storage and cleaning tools. 🔵
  • HomeSense: Deeply discounted chic designer brand housewares. 🔵
  • Bouclair: Bedding, bath textiles, decoratives and tabletop items. 🟢
  • Home Depot: Hardware, tools, lighting, paint, garden centre. 🔵
  • Canadian Tire: Affordable furniture, small appliances, storage, organization. 🔵

From cooking to cleaning and design flair, households access products improving their quality of life through flexible eCheck payment options.

Sports, Outdoors and Automotive Brands

Get equipped for adventure securely through bank account-linked payment methods adopted by leading retailers.

Sporting Goods Retailers That Accept e-Check

🟢 Direct eChecks 🔵 Paypal account eChecks 

  • Sport Chek: Exercise gear, athletic apparel, footwear, sports equipment. 🔵
  • Altitude Authentics: Licensed Colorado Avalanche NHL fan gear. 🔵
  • NBA Store: Official National Basketball Association team merchandise. 🔵
  • MLS Store: Major League Soccer fan jerseys, apparel, collectibles. 🔵
  • Rally House: Localized sports team gear and college apparel boutique chain. 🟢

Die-hard fans rep teams while enjoying payment convenience — a win-win for building brand loyalty.

Outdoor Gear

Top outdoor brands where you can select eCheck for cashout:

  • MEC: Camping, hiking, paddling, climbing gear and apparel. 🟢
  • Sail: Watersports, running, urban cycling equipment and athleisure wear. 🔵
  • Bushtukah: Paddling, skiing gear and expert advice. 🔵
  • Vertical Life: Rock climbing harnesses, shoes, apparel and gym gear. 🟢

Canadians fund their extreme to everyday athletic adventures online through flexible eCheck options.

Automotive Parts & Accessories

Modders and everyday drivers choose eChecks at:

  • Best Buy Auto: Car audio, vehicle safety and security electronics.🟢
  • NAPA Auto: Replacement parts, tools, garages supplies, expert advice. 🟢
  • Canadian Tire: Tires, engine parts, interior accessories, performance upgrades. 🔵
  • Princess Auto: Discount tools, workshop equipment, auto accessories. 🔵

Whether enhancing ride performance or keeping vehicles road-ready, eChecks enable purchases conveniently across auto sites.

General Merchandise Giants

As category-spanning giants, these retailers match competitor payment flexibility with integrated eCheck options.

Department Stores With Pay By Check Allowed

🟢 Direct eChecks 🔵 Paypal account eChecks 

  • Walmart: Value groceries, home goods, clothing, auto, electronics, toys. 🔵
  • Costco: Bulk discounted groceries, goods, pharmaceuticals, gas stations. 🔵
  • Sam’s Club: Members-only warehouse store with bulk sales. 🔵
  • BJs: Membership discount groceries, household items, large sizes. 🔵

Category killers win on price and checkout options like PayPal-linked eChecks.

Specialty Shopping Networks

  • QVC: Top TV and online shopping channel. 🟢
  • HSN: Leading television and internet retailer. 🔵
  • The Shopping Channel: Canadian TV and web shopping network. 🟢
  • ShopHQ: Popular television and website shopping destination. 🟢

Entertainment shopping giants enable consumers to purchase wares from cooking to jewelry using convenient eChecks.

Niche Giant

  • Hobby Lobby: Fabric, arts & crafts materials and home décor supplies. 🟢

With PayPal unavailable in Canada, Hobby Lobby directly processes bank account funds for hobbyists’ projects.

Peer-to-Peer eCommerce Platforms

Innovative online marketplaces connect individual buyers and sellers using integrated eCheck abilities.

Auction Site

  • eBay: Largest person to person listing and auction platform. 🔵

eBay empowers P2P connections through PayPal’s flexible payment systems including eChecks.

Handmade Goods

  • Etsy: Marketplace for unique handmade, vintage and craft supplies. 🔵

Artisans and crafting enthusiasts exchange specialized wares funded by streamlined eChecks via PayPal.

Direct eCheck Acceptance Retailers 🟢

While many retailers facilitate eChecks through PayPal, these notable stores enable direct bank account payments:

  • Newegg 🟢
  • Gap 🟢
  • Dell 🟢
  • Nordstrom 🟢
  • Cabela’s 🟢
  • Bushtukah 🟢
  • Vertical Life 🟢
  • Best Buy Auto 🟢

Direct bank integration provides consumers an alternative to PayPal’s wallet while retaining security.

PayPal eCheck Friendly Retailers 🔵

Myriad household names across sectors empower PayPal eChecks, like:

  • ASOS 🔵
  • MLS Store 🔵
  • Overstock 🔵
  • Forever21 🔵
  • Structube 🔵
  • Sport Chek 🔵
  • Princess Auto 🔵
  • Bouclair 🔵

Leveraging PayPal’s APIs, retailers process eChecks without handling bank details, reducing PCI compliance.

The Role of eChecks in Canadian eCommerce

92% of Canadians prefer shopping online with local stores according to Statista data. Adoption of flexible and secure eCheck payments allows retailers from enterprise chains to niche startups to better compete in the digital marketplace against giants like Amazon and global fast fashion.

eChecks also provide consumers without credit cards – including teens, college students, low income households and cash preferring boomers – accessible payment methods to transact securely online, ultimately expanding addressable market size for retailers.

As the world shifts digital, eChecks help connect traditional banking & financial systems to modern mobile-first shopping behaviors. This blend underpins a transition towards omnichannel retail supporting anytime, anywhere transactions across devices.

In summary, this expansive guide spotlights the pervasive integration of eChecks across almost every category by Canadian retailers. Enabling bank account funding directly or through PayPal, merchants meet demand for flexible, mainstream purchasing power online to thrive in the age of smartphones and same-day delivery.

The Future of Online Shopping with eCheck

According to payments industry analytics firm Aite-Novarica, over 50% of North American internet users want to shop from merchants accepting eChecks. Adoption has risen sharply since 2020 as retailers shift priorities towards Contactless Commerce, buoyed by trends towards cashlessness accelerated by the pandemic.

As more consumers get comfortable with money moving electronically rather than physically, eCommerce will increasingly mirror brick-and-mortar impulse checkout conversion rates. Transaction abandonment remains 20% higher online. Integrated payment methods like eChecks that offer both security and familiarity will prove key to narrowing this gap.

Going forward, eChecks look to expand market share by providing mobile-centric Gen Z and Millennials instant, app-based access to bank accounts for low fee payments anywhere. Combined with persistence in buy now, pay later models that rely on bank transfers, eChecks are poised for significant growth.

Innovations around blockchain, stablecoins and embedded banking will eventually allow authenticated debit pulls directly from any bank, allowing instant eCheck-esque functionality globally 24/7.

It’s inevitable – eChecks are transforming into a universal, real-time payment rail for worldwide commerce in the 21st century.


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