Oldie but Goodie – Bring Football Dice back to Vegas!

3 Dice Football: The casino game that failed to touchdown in Vegas!

3 Dice Football – The Casino Game that Failed to Touchdown in Vegas!In the greater scheme of gambling-things, there are far more games that didn’t make it in Vegas than those that did. We’ve been talking about some of these and other classics that you won’t find in any casino these days. Hazard, for instance, was essentially the oldest ancestor of Craps, dating back to the 13th century.

Today’s by-gone game of interest is a bit different. This one isn’t all that old. It did make it to the gaming floors of Las Vegas, but somehow – despite the ever-present love for American football rules throughout the US and Canada – it just didn’t last. I’m talking about a game that quickly came to be known as Football Dice.

3 Dice Football Kicks Off, But Fails to Touchdown

Three Dice Football was an official game of multi-patented creator Jamie Abrahamson, whose life interest, in his own words, is to “create ways for people to lose their money”. He spent 5 years developing this game, obtaining a patent in 2008, securing a field trial at O’Sheas Casino on the Vegas Strip in 2011, and eventually packing it up on 2013.

As the name implies, the craps-hybrid saw shooters tossing three dice – two green and one red – in hopes of achieving a touchdown. The table layout was perfectly suited to the game, mimicking a football field, but with only 20 yards on each side of center field. Players could bet on Touchdown or Defense (akin to craps’ Pass or Don’t Pass), or a host of prop bet bets in between.

How to Play 3-Dice Casino Football

When a shooter first takes the dice, the ball starts on the 20 yard line. The three dice are tossed. The sum of the two green dice, minus the number on the red dice, determines the yards traveled in each play.

Oldie but Goodie – Bring Football Dice back to VegasEx: 4 + 6 3 = 7 yards (gain 7 yards)

Players have 3 downs to move ahead at least 10 yards. Doing so begets a 1st Down, thereby granting three more attempts to reach the goal line. Advancing 20+ yards before rolling a penalty results in a touchdown.

A Penalty occurs if the sum of the green dice is less than the number on the red dice. The player will always lose 1 yard in case of a penalty

Ex: 2 + 2 6 = -2 yards (Penalty, lose 1 yard)

The player scores an Automatic Touchdown if any triples are rolled at any point during a shooter’s turn.

Ex: 4 + 4 + 4 = Touchdown!

Bets & Pay Table

BetDescriptionPaysHouse Edge
TouchdownMulti-roll bet, play will result in touchdown before turnover1 to 13.62%
Defense (Turnover)Multi-roll bet, play will result in turnover before touchdown4 to 56.74%
Trips TouchdownSingle-roll bet, player will roll any triples33 to 15.56%
TurnoverSingle-roll bet, play will result in turnover66 to 16.94%
PenaltySingle-roll bet, play will result in penalty11 to 15.56%
Cover 3Single-roll bet, play will result in turnover, touchdown or penalty7 to 13.70%
No GainSingle-roll bet, play will result in 0 yards gained5 to 12.78%
Big PlaySingle-roll bet, play will result in 7+ yards or a trips touchdown4 to 15.09%
Over 4 YardsSingle-roll bet, play will result in 5+ yards (trips TD pays 7 to 1)1 to 1 (7 to 1)4.63%
Under 4 YardsSingle-roll bet, play will result in 3 or less yards, penalty or turnover1 to 12.78%

Gone from Vegas, but Playable at Home

This football-lovers gambling game may no longer be available in North American casinos, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still play at home with a few friends. It’s easy enough to set up a table. All you need is a yard-line diagram from the 20 to the goal line, and some type of token to denote placement of a football. Pen, paper and a coin, with a few color-coded betting chips, will do the trick. Or, get something sturdier and apply your own artistic skills to make it a bit cooler.

Despite the long odds, this is a super a fun game to play. Next time you invite your friends over for Sunday football, give this a try while waiting for kick-off. With or without bets on the table, it’s a great way to pass the time.



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