154-Roll Craps Winner: Craziest Gambling Win of All Time

How craps rolling granny broke record for “no 7s” dice rolls.

154-Roll Craps Winner: Craziest Gambling Win of All TimeCraps can be one of the most exciting games in any land-based casino. It’s fun in the online realm too, but not nearly so exhilarating as a live craps table, where bettors swarm the felt, hearts pounding, bankrolls on the line, praying the dreaded 7 won’t appear and celebrating wildly each consecutive time it doesn’t.

Scenes like these happen all the time in casino, from Las Vegas to Macau. But there’s no craps winner so famous as Patricia Demauro, who’s famous for generating the craziest gambling win of all time. She broke the world record for longest craps roll, and the most consecutive dice rolls without “sevening out”.

Craps Rolling Granny Rolls Winning Dice 154 Times

It’s been nearly ten years since Patricia Demauro defied the longest gambling odds in the history of the casino industry, earning her place in gambling history while taking one Atlantic City casino for an untold amount that’s sure to scale into the 6-, if not 7-figure range.

The amazing rolls took place on May 23, 2009 at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. The New Jersey grandmother walked up to the craps table, buying in with $100. The orange dice worked their way around the table until they were eventually offered to her to shoot. According to the casino, her first, “come out” roll took place at 8:13pm that evening.

As any craps fan knows, the come out roll is a shooter’s first roll in which the dice total 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. This roll establishes a “point”, after which the shooter continues to roll, hoping to roll the point again before rolling a 7.

Ms. Demauro’s come out roll was an 8. With the point established, everyone around the table began placing their bets. The rolls kept coming, but the sevens didn’t, and before long, the crowd grew so immense—the resounding cheers so frenzied—that everything just kind of blurred together for Patricia.

For the next 4 hours and 18 minutes, Ms. Demauro continued rolling the dice. She rolled every possible combination, from box cars to snake eyes, but never a seven. To make the experience all the more amazing, Demauro admitted she had only played craps once before in her life, and didn’t really understand the rules.

How Craps Rolling Granny Patricia Demauro broke Gambling Record for No 7s Dice RollsAt one point, she said she locked eyes with another woman at the table who smiled at her. Ms. Demauro smiled back and said, “I don’t know how to play the game.” She was unsure why onlookers were yelling out “Yo!” One of her lucky bettors had to explain that it meant “11”.

A total of 154 tosses of the dice went by, never once crapping out with a 7, before her lucky night at the craps table ended. How much did she win? No one knows for sure, except Patricia Demauro and the Borgata Casino. Neither of them is telling. What we do know is that the odds of rolling two dice 154 times, without rolling the most probable combination of 7, are about 1 in 1.56 trillion.

According to experts, the craps rolling granny surely won at least a few hundred thousand dollars, assuming she made good, beginner-style craps bets. If she placed advanced bets, she could have easily cashed in for over one million.

You won’t find her name in any official record books, though. Unfortunately, Guinness didn’t deal with gambling records in those days. Thankfully, the casinos do keep track of such things. And in almost 10 years, no other casino has reported a craps run that comes close to hers; easily the craziest gambling win of all time.


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