3 of the Best Dice Games for Gamblers

Best Dice GamesWhen we think of dice games found in a casino, Craps is generally the first that comes to mind. For many of you, it may be the only game that comes to mind. However, while craps may be #1 on the list of best dice games, it has plenty of rivals.

Dice games have been played for centuries. There’s documentation of Greek and Roman cultures using dice to gambling. Hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of dice games exist throughout the world. Among them, only a select few have gained enough popularity to exist in a live and/or online casino gambling capacity.

3 Best Dice Games for Gamblers

Best Dice Games CrapsCraps: As previously stated, craps is the most common dice game found in just about every land-based and online casino in the world. Even those who don’t play the game or understand its rules are aware of it. The crowds surrounding the craps table are the loudest, most raucous of all, with players constantly cheering and jeering the shooter’s (dice roller’s) outcome.

Craps is played on a large, high-sides table to keep the dice within its boundaries. A multitude of betting options are available to players, who set their chips in the respective areas of the table’s betting diagram.

As intimidating as craps can be, especially in a live setting, it’s actually a very easy game to learn. Playing online craps is perhaps the quickest way to get familiar with the rules and variable wagers, without the intimidating crowds. Only online can novices play in practice mode, without any real money on the line.

Best Dice Games BackgammonBackgammon: Among the most popular one-on-one, strategy-based board games, and certainly one of the best dice games you can place a wager on, is Backgammon. More than 5,000 years old, backgammon uses checkers and a pair of dice. Players roll the dice to move their checkers along triangles, located on four quadrants, with six triangles per quadrant.

The first player to move all of his or her checkers from the starting position, across all quadrants to the ending position (the opponent’s starting position), wins the game.

Backgammon is particularly popular among online gambling websites. Players pay an equal entry fee, and the winner collects the prize pool. It can be played in tournament style, or as a one-on-one competition.

Best Dice Games BuncoBunco / Bunko: This dice game is played among groups of 12 people. Players roll 3 dice in an attempt to roll the same number as the round of the game. There are six rounds in all. In the first round, players roll for 1s, second round for 2s, etc.

Players can keep rolling until they roll none of the desired number in a single roll. So, in round one, if a player rolls 4-2-1 on the first roll, they keep the 1 and roll the remaining two dice. If they roll 5-1 on the second roll, they keep that 1 and roll the 5.

Every desired number rolled is worth its face value. If a player gets a Bunco, it’s worth 21, no matter what round it’s rolled in. Rolling a 3 of a kind that is not the desired number (i.e. 4-4-4 in round 2) is worth 5 points.

Bunco is one of the best dice games you’ll find in casinos, due to the high number of players and entertainment value. However, it’s usually reserved for special tournaments, not every day play.


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