The Bet Behind Feature in Live Casino Blackjack

Last Updated on January 2, 2018 by Trevor Hallsey

Utilizing the innovative Live Dealer Blackjack Bet Behind function.

Live Dealer Blackjack Bet Behind Feature

In this, the final edition of our segment on unique blackjack variants, we’ll talk about the ‘Bet Behind‘ function available at some live casino blackjack tables. The games themselves aren’t all that unique, but this innovative betting feature ensures that all players have a chance to get in on the action, regardless of seating availability.

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The Live Dealer Advantage

Live dealer blackjack games are an innovative way to play casino games online. They effectively meld the interactive experience of a land-based casino with the modern conveniences of desktop and mobile gambling.

Live casinos are large, bricks-and-mortar studios built and ornately decorated to mimic the look and feel of a genuine casino gaming floor. They are equipped with real blackjack tables, employing professional dealers to conduct the games. The only remarkable difference is that players aren’t physically present. They access the tables remotely from a computer or mobile device, participating in the games via state-of-the-art live streaming video and audio technology.

The benefits of live dealer blackjack are obvious. However, there’s one potential draw back. Just like a land-based casinos, there are only so many seats available for players. That’s where the Bet Behind feature comes into play.

Bet Behind on Live Casino Blackjack

Bet behind Feature at Live Casino BlackjackDuring peak hours, it’s not uncommon for a popular live dealer casino to fill the 7 available seats at its blackjack tables. If a game is full, players have the option to join the waiting list, claiming the next seat that opens up. But unlike a land-based casino, these players still have the ability to participate in the games via Bet Behind.

All waiting payers can choose one or more of the seated players to bet behind. This means they are betting that the player(s) in that seat will win their hand. If that player wins, the Bet Behind bettor also wins. Conversely, if that player loses, the Bet Behind bettor loses.

Bet Behind isn’t just restricted to waiting players, though. Even those players who have a seat are able to Bet Behind another seated player, if they wish. In fact, everyone at the table can bet behind as many players as they want.

The benefit of this unique feature is that the most observant players can keep an eye on everyone, determining who is using perfect strategy, and who is not. Betting behind a player who is strategically winning, and/or on a hot streak, is a good way to increase your own bankroll without actually having to memorize or apply a strategy of your own.

Where to Use Live Dealer Blackjack Bet Behind

Several of today’s premier live casino operators institute the Bet Behind feature. The live casino offerings of Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Extreme Live Gaming, Amaya, and Portomaso Gaming are the only reputable and reliably functional operators who provide this unique blackjack betting option.

For the most fluid live dealer blackjack bet behind experience, I highly recommend Evolution Gaming powered tables. As the world’s #1 award winning live casino platform, it’s available on hundreds of casinos, Royal Vegas.

Trevor Hallsey