Guide to eCheck Casino Deposits for Canadians 2017

eCheck Casino DepositsHaving spent more than a decade playing for real money at Canadian online casinos, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to (and how not to) deposit and withdrawal my funds. Some methods are faster than others, some are more secure, some additionally available for withdrawal, and some are just plain easier to use. But through it all, I’ve found that only eCheck casino deposits seem to fit within all of those categories.

eCheck deposits are instant, just like credit cards, but without all the restrictions. With a credit card you can only withdrawal up to the amount deposited by that method. They are as easy as bank wire transfers, but incur no fees. They are as secure as cash transfers, like MoneyGram, but there’s no hassle involved (and again, no fees).

Simply put, any Canadian who has a bank account would do well to restrict all of their funding to eCheck casino deposits and withdrawals.

What Are eChecks?

An eCheck, (aka Instant Check or ACH), is an Electronic Check. They are utilized in the exact same way as a paper check, minus the physical presence of paper. The user will simply input the information from a paper check, including the Check#, User’s Account# and the Bank’s Routing# (see image below).

How to Use eChecks

Essentially, users are writing out a check on their computer, rather than with a pen.

Why not just send a paper check? Good question, but with an obvious answer. Paper checks have to go through the mail… conventional mail… snail mail, as we call it, and with good reason. A paper check would eliminate the expedience of an eCheck. And because eCheck are immediately verifiable (it takes only a few seconds for the casino to confirm there’s enough money in your bank account), that means the funds can be delivered to a Canadian eCheck casino in under a minute, as opposed to a few days.

How Secure are eChecks?

For me – and I’m sure for all my readers, as well – security is the number one concern when moving money online. To answer this question, we must look at who is handling the facilitation of an eCheck deposit.

First, we have the user’s bank; a government regulated facility. If the bank isn’t secure enough to process an eCheck, who is?

Next, we have the online casino operator receiving the deposit. While it’s more difficult for a player to determine whether an operator is secure, we can again rely on our ultimately secure bank, who will automatically refuse to process a payment with any online merchant that does not meet or exceed standard SSL and encryption security protocol.

With that in mind, if ever your eCheck casino deposits are rejected by your bank, you might want to consider finding a more reputable operator to do business with. Food for thought…

How Long Are eCheck Withdrawals?

This will generally take 10 to 14 days, but there are a few things to consider here.

First, you’ll want to make sure the Canadian casino offers this withdrawal method. Some do, while others prefer to mail out a paper check. Either way, you’re looking at up to 2 weeks wait time, especially when you consider money only moves on ‘business days’.

That’s actually not as slow as it sounds. Most operators have a 3-5 day processing period for any withdrawal type, meaning even e-wallets can take more than a week to receive withdrawn funds. And from there, those funds are still stuck in your e-wallet account, and would take several more business days to arrive in your bank.

The only time a Canadian eCheck casino should take longer than 2 weeks to process is if it’s your first withdrawal request. Every reputable operators enforces a first time ‘Identity Verification‘ process. It’s a bit time consuming, and can delay a withdrawal by a few extra days, but it’s more important than you may realize.

The verification process involves scanning copies of your photo ID, a paper check (if you deposited via eCheck), and some official document with your address on it. This may sound like a grueling task, but honestly, it’s for your own good. This procedure ensures players really are who they say they are – not some Joe-Schmo who found an old check or lost credit card on the street and decided to steal their identity.

And This Is All Free?

eCheck casino deposits are always free. Were you ever charged a fee for writing out a paper check? Of course not. The same goes for eChecks. However, depending on the casino operator and the size of the cashout, withdrawals may incur a free.

A smaller payout request may be charged anywhere from $15 to $35. For larger withdrawals that exceed $500 or maybe even $1,000, the operator will generally waive the fee. Always check the terms, wait period and fee schedule for all payment methods before making a decision.

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