High Streak Blackjack Rules, Side Bet & Payouts

How to play Blackjack High Streak at Microgaming mobile casinos.

How to Play Blackjack High Streak Continuing our guide to the most unique blackjack variants, today we’ll take a look at High Streak Blackjack. This game’s rules are pretty traditional, but there’s an interesting side bet to be considered. As the name implies, it relates to increasing payouts for players on a hot streak of consecutive wins.

European Blackjack High Streak – Basics

The base game is similar to most blackjack games. The objective, as always, is to beat the dealer by achieving a higher hand than his. The trick is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over, or busting.

Players can bet anywhere from $1 up to $500, with 8 different chip sizes to choose from. Based on the following set of rules (excluding the High Streak side bet), the theoretical return to player (RTP), with proper strategy, is 99.47%.

Basic High Streak Blackjack Rules

– 2 Decks
– Dealer Stands on Soft 17
– Double on 9-11
– Split 1x
– No Double after Split
– Cannot Draw to Split Aces
– Split Aces that result in 21 are not blackjack
– Dealer does not Peek for Blackjack
– No Surrender
– Insurance available with Dealer Ace up

High Streak Side Bet

This is where the game gets interesting. The High Streak side bet is an optional wager that can be placed to the right of the original bet. The value of the side bet can range anywhere from $1 up to $200.

High Streak Blackjack Rules and Side BetYou’ll notice the table diagram has four more betting circles that veer northeast across the felt. You cannot place bets directly in these circles. After placing the initial side bet, if the hand is won, the High Streak wager will automatically move into the second betting position, labeled 2nd Streak. If the next hand is won, the chips slide up again to the 3rd Streak position, and so on.

You must win at least two hands in a row for this bet to pay off, awarding a 1:1 payout. The pay table progresses, up to 10:1 for a 5-win streak. (See the complete Pay Table below for more info.)

Following a hot streak of 5 consecutive wins, the bet is paid at 10:1 and the initial High Streak side bet is returned. If at any point a hand is lost, the value of the last win streak achieved is paid.

Another interesting fact about High Streak Blackjack rules is that players are actually able to place repetitive side bets after a win. Once the original side bet slides up to the next position, the first High Streak betting circle is open once more. You can place another wager here if you wish, greatly increasing the potential payout for a long streak of wins.

Blackjack High Streak Pay Table

– Blackjack pays 3:2
– Winning hand pays 1:1
– Insurance pays 2:1
– 2-Streak win pays 1:1
– 3-Streak win pays 2:1
– 4-Streak win pays 5:1
– 5-Streak win pays 10:1

How to Play Blackjack High Streak at Microgaming Mobile Casinos

If you want to give this game a try, it’s available at all Microgaming-powered casinos. Try playing in demo mode first until you get the hang of it, rather than risking your bankroll.

Blackjack High Streak is 1 of 12 (out of 29) blackjack games that have been optimized for mobile game play. Microgaming’s mobile platform is compatible with all Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.


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