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The Ultimate Live Dealer Casino Quick-Start Guide

How to play in an online casino with live dealer table games. If you’ve landed on this page, it’s safe to assume you’re new to the online casino community – or at least new to the concept of live dealer casinos. For years, computer generated, RNG-based games were the only way to play over the internet. As more and more players griped about the unrealistic nature of these games, internet casino operators and software companies got together and came up with a new way to play casino games online. They called them Live Casinos. The software company’s job was to take a warehouse and turn it into a real casino studio. They decorated the walls like a real casino, installed the same professionally felt tables, and hired trained dealers to work them. They equipped the studio with countless cameras, microphones and monitors, giving them the ability to live stream the … Continue reading

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Real Money Slot Machine Apps for iPhone

Best iPhone slot machine app real money can buy – er, play. When most of us are looking to make an important purchase, we don’t just buy the first thing on the shelf. We want to know that we’re getting a good product. One that will last, functioning as intended for a respectable amount of time. We want the best thing – whatever that thing may be – that money can buy. I see no reason to sacrifice the same level of quality in iGaming content. If you’re going to play slot machines for real money, shouldn’t you be getting the best gaming experience your hard-earned dollars can wager on? You want the finest casino app, with the most entertaining games, offering the highest degree of payout rates. Best iPhone Slot Machine App Real Money Can Play Fortunately, when it comes to mobile casinos, getting the highest quality gaming experience … Continue reading

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The Foreseeable Future of Canada’s iGaming Frontier

Are mobile live casinos the final frontier for gambling in Canada? There’s no denying that gambling is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Not for the gamblers, mind you, but for the owners and operators of gambling establishments; casinos, card rooms, bingo halls, race tracks, sports books, etc. Billions of dollars pass through Canada’s commercial casinos every year, and it’s been this way since the activity was legalized so many decades ago. Yes, gambling is one of the country’s most popular pastimes. With the national GDP on a steady incline, the amount of money we spend on this unique form of entertainment is sure to continue rising as well. How we partake in it, however, has been evolving since the dawn of the internet, so much so that the question of stability in the land-based gambling industry is questionable, at best. Are Mobile Live Casinos the Final … Continue reading

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Flash Casinos to Disappear by Late 2020

Gone in a Flash: HTML5 open web tech to power 100% iGaming in 2020. Anyone who’s browsed the web for ten years or more should be well aware of the impact Flash technology has had on the computer-verse. In the 1990s, it gave birth to a whole new realm of possibilities. Everything from animated graphics, to in-browser video games, to entire websites were built in Flash; all powered by the universal Adobe Flash plug-in. In 2017, Adobe announced an “end of life” for Flash to come in late 2020. At that point, updates to the multimedia software project were abandoned. In response, Google Chrome developers turned off Flash and disabled the ‘ask to run‘ option by default. Anyone wishing to run Flash, or even get a message asking to run it, would have to enable it manually in their browser – not just once, but every browsing session. Some called … Continue reading

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Unusual Table Games at Online Casinos

Three unique online casino table games you should try once. There are a lot of major differences between land-based and online casinos. The most obvious, of course, is the convenience of playing online. There’s no need to travel. You can play anytime, from anywhere. Just log onto your desktop, hop on the couch with a tablet, or whip out your smartphone. But there are more subtle conveniences worth noting. The types of differences that don’t get mentioned nearly so often as quicker games, lower stakes, or higher return percentages. I’m talking about the fact that online casinos have no space limitations. Internet casinos can provide their players with as many games as they like. They will never run out of seats, no matter how many players are participating. Because of this, they don’t have to stick to the ‘most popular games’, which often means a much more interesting selection to … Continue reading

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Real Online Casinos Pushing the Tech Envelope

Prospects of ambitious charge to implement unique online casino tech. Online gambling is far from a new concept. We’ve had access to internet-based casino games for the last two decades. We can now log onto a gambling website on our desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and play slot machines, spin the roulette wheel, shoot craps or hit the blackjack tables anytime, from anywhere. The option to play these games in a real-life setting has been available for much, much longer. So long, in fact, that one might think the land-based gambling industry is more attuned to pioneering new gaming technology. But that’s not the case at all. Real Online Casinos Pushing the Tech Envelope Real-money internet casino companies—the ones that develop the games we play online—are doing all the work towards the future of the global gaming space. They’ve been doing it since the late 1990’s, and what we’ve consistently … Continue reading

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Mobile Casino Jackpot Pays $288k for Working Gal

Work + Play = $288k mobile casino slots jackpot for NJ woman. Who says you can’t mix work with play? Your boss, probably. They tend to frown on things like playing mobile games, particularly when an employee is on the clock. But for one New Jersey woman, mingling the two activities paid off, delivering a mobile casino jackpot worth nearly $288,000. If you’ve ever endured a conference call at work, you might have some idea of just how boring they can be. Often times, a host of employees are required to listen in as bits and pieces of information will apply to each their departments. Once the corresponding information is acquired, you still have to sit through the rest of it. Thanks to mobile technology, and a knack for being inconspicuous, this lady managed to turn an otherwise dull moment into a life-changing experience. Working Gal Wins Mobile Casino Slots … Continue reading

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Australia’s Issues make Canada’s Limited Sports Betting look Good

Is Canada’s restrictive approach to live, online sports betting a good thing? There are countless Canadians who wish the locals laws on sports betting could be less restrictive. I’ve personally been an advocate of legalizing straight-up sports bets for years now. But alas, all we have access to within Canada are parlay-style wagers. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. After hearing of a report from Australia, perhaps it’s time we reconsider. Maybe our nation’s more restrictive approach, limiting up to a Pro-Line Sports Lottery, is a good thing. And besides, we do have access to highly reputable, international online sportsbooks, where single event wagers are welcome. Study Shows Australia’s Youth Correlate Sports with Gambling Deakin University, in Victoria, Australia, has done a series of studies on the correlation between sports, gambling, and the country’s youth. Their findings indicate that three out of four children who are … Continue reading

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BC Online Casino delivers Record Gaming Revenue

Live online casino games contribute to record-breaking annual gambling revenues for BCLC. The British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC) has released its latest annual earnings report for the fiscal year ending March 2018. Thanks in part to the growing popularity of the BC online casino, PlayNow, the provincial regulator is celebrating record-breaking revenue. All told, BCLC generated $3.72 billion in the 12-month period. That represents a 3.4% uptick—an additional $123 million—on top of the previous year’s results. Net income for the Crown Corporation rose $61.5 million to a record setting $1.4 billion year over year. Land-Based Gaming the Largest Contributor British Columbia’s land-based gaming facilities were the largest contributor to provincial gaming revenue; as is to be expected. BCLC operates a total of 15 commercial casinos, 18 community gaming centers, 5 bingo halls and 2 racinos. Between them, BCLC is reporting record revenue of $1.95 billion. The vast majority of that … Continue reading

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Gamble Online from any Computer or Mobile Device

Switch it Up: Play casino games on mobile and desktop with instant-play. Gambling was once an activity reserved for society’s elite. Legendary gaming hubs like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas changed all that, giving everyone access to casino games, so long as they were capable of traveling to those destinations. Then along came the internet, and with it ultimate access to online gambling, anytime, from virtually anywhere. Now, it’s not a matter of accessibility, but rather the optional means by which we can play the games online. Specifically, the option to download a casino software client on your desktop computer, download a mobile casino app on your smartphone or tablet, or to simply bypass downloads altogether, utilizing the instant-play version of the software. Play Casino Games on Mobile & Desktop with Instant-Play For many years, there’s been an ongoing debate as to which avenue is better for the player. To … Continue reading

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