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Toronto iGaming: PlayOLG vs. Royal Vegas?

Comparing two of the top Toronto online casino sites, PlayOLG and Royal Vegas. As Canadians, we live in one of the world’s most beneficially liberal countries. The freedom of the people takes precedence above all else. We have freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of association, etc. In many things, we are given the freedom of choice, including – unlike so many other jurisdictions – the freedom to choose where we gamble online. In Ontario, players have access to a home-grown and locally regulated iGaming website known as PlayOLG.com. It is a ring-fenced gaming site, meaning it is only available to adult-age residents of Ontario, Canada. But we are not limited to playing here. We can safely and legally access any of the world’s reputable, internationally regulated iGaming sites. Comparison of Top Toronto Online Casino Sites Today’s goal is to compare PlayOLG with one of the international market’s most … Continue reading

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Canadian Online Casinos Accepting Payspark

Payspark Casino Payments: When discretion is more important than cost and convenience. For the average online casino enthusiast, the best deposit and withdrawal options fall into a few distinct categories. Some seek out the fastest means of payment. Others care less about speed, and more about security or cost efficiency. More still are looking for an option that never links their identity with their bank account(s). The average iGamer rarely finds all the qualities they desire in Payspark. Then again, Payspark isn’t your average payment method. Payspark is an option reserved for a niche market group of players who desire discretion above all else. Who Do Payspark Casino Deposits Appeal to Most? The need for discretionary payments isn’t a common one, although the more discreet the financial transaction is, the higher the security is going to be. As such, Payspark can appeal to those who appreciate a superior level of … Continue reading

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The Discerning Players Guide to Real Online Baccarat

Play Baccarat Online Real Money Games for Responsible Adults In recent years, we’ve heard arguments from all angles, foretelling the rights and wrongs of online gambling. “It’s more convenient”, laud the players. “It’s bad for business”, criticize the land-based operators. “It gives players more variety”, defends the software brands. “It proliferates problem gambling!” argue the clinicians. I tend to believe that the responsible adults – adults like you and me – we are the ones whose voice is lacking the most. We don’t blast our opinions out there, because it doesn’t benefit us to do so. We play online, and we do so with discerning taste, playing what we want, in the time, and with only the funds, we know we can spare. Players like us are risk takers, but not so methodical as to count cards in blackjack, nor so whimsical as to play slot machines. For most of … Continue reading

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No More Credit Card Gambling for New Zealanders

New Zealand bans credit card casino deposits ahead of SkyCity Auckland’s online launch from Malta. New Zealand‘s approach to online gambling regulation has been has been one of uncertainty. The island nation has been on the fence over the matter for years. They’re still hosting political debates in an attempt to determine how best to regulate the industry. One thing they know for certain is that they do not want unlicensed offshore companies – too many of which have defrauded NZ players in the past – infiltrating their market once the proper laws are in place Those who obtain an NZ license would be required to abide by the strict rules of the jurisdiction. Of course, coming up with those rules, scripting legislation that will benefit the government while protecting the people, is what’s been holding them back all this time. And as that lengthy legislation isn’t expected to be … Continue reading

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Deliberating the Proposed Ban on Credit Cards at Internet Casinos

iGaming credit card ban a fix for problem gambling, or just an inconvenience? In the last two weeks, the iGaming headlines have been alight with news that some remote gambling jurisdictions may institute a ban on credit cards at internet casinos. First, the UK announced it was organizing a study to look into the matter. Then, the very next week, New Zealand‘s gaming regulators proposed a ban on credit card gambling deposits. The fact that the UK is even considering it is, of course, going to raise a red flag for all responsible gaming jurisdictions. The UK operates is the world’s most functional and successful iGaming market, setting a high bar for others to follow. The topic we aim to deliberate on today is not whether such a ban will or will not be imposed, but rather… Can an iGaming Credit Card Ban Fix Problem Gambling? New Zealand’s Department of … Continue reading

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How Fast is a Royal Vegas Casino Withdrawal?

Royal Vegas Payout Time – Expectations of a Winner’s Withdrawal The typical online casino experience is quick and easy, up to a point. Registering an account takes only a few moments. Depositing funds is instant. Playing the games, fabulously entertaining. Winning a significant sum of money, indescribable! But what happens when it comes time to withdrawal that cash back to your card, bank or web wallet? Suddenly it feels like the wheels are grinding to a halt. Dark clouds roll in. Trepidation and uncertainty abound. What if you mess this up? What if the casino isn’t as honest as you thought it was? Are you ever going to see that money?!? Relax. Take a deep breath. The payout process does take a bit longer, but if you’re working with a reputable casino like Royal Vegas, you have nothing to worry about. Their reputation dates all the way back to the … Continue reading

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Online Casino Safety Tips from the FTC

Critical online security tips to promote a safe computer casino experience. It’s hard to tell who you can and can’t trust these days. Phone scammers claim to be calling from a government agency. Phishing emails warn us that an account balance is in jeopardy, hoping we’ll cough up our login credentials over a fake login page. If you have a phone number, email address or bank account, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The reality for online casino goers is all the more crucial. As real money players, we are gambling with our personal and sensitive information all the time. We process deposits and withdraws over the internet on a regular basis, and trust that our information is safe each time we do. But are we really doing all we can to promote online casino safety? Critical Online Security Tips to Promote Safe Computer Casino Gaming If you can’t … Continue reading

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What to Expect from 2019 Prague Gaming Summit

Online gaming industry’s top topics of interest at Prague Gaming Summit 2019. Two weeks ago, ICE Totally Gaming, the online gambling industry’s most prestigious, must-attend trade show wrapped up in London. Less than three weeks from now, the majority of that event’s attending delegates will be on their way to the Czech Republic for one of Europe’s most important information sharing and networking conferences, Prague Gaming Summit 2019. Now in its third rendition, PGS3 will take place on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at Vienna House Andel’s Prague. It’s a single-day event, but one that’s packed with panel discussions and activities. Online Gaming Industry’s Top Topics of Interest at PGS3 From 9:00am to 5:00pm, attendees will be bombarded with information imperative to the continued growth of the global online and mobile gambling market. Many of the industry’s most challenging issues are on the agenda. Before, after, and a few times in … Continue reading

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5 Ways Web Wallets are Best for Online Gambling Payments

Online casino web wallet payments the right choice for industrious players. Online gambling is a business that’s been growing at an exponential rate for the last two decades. There’s no indication it’s going to slow down anytime soon, either. The number one concern for players is safety—particularly the safety of their finances. As online casino enthusiasts, we don’t mind taking a risk when we gamble. But we must refuse to take risks with our personal and financial security. This means choosing a payment method that is safe, secure, and 100% trustworthy. Many experienced players will agree, web wallets are best for online gambling payments. Online Casino Web Wallet Payments A web wallet, or eWallet, is an online payment processing company. They are like virtual banks. You set up an account, transfer funds into it from your bank—or link it to your bank account or credit/debit card for direct payments—then use … Continue reading

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CMA demands Fair Online Casino Banking Policies

UK cracks down on unfair online casino withdraw account confiscation policies. In today’s modern society, we’re used to having access to our money at all times. Cash, credit, debit, banks, eChecks, ATMs, online payment processors… There are so many ways to send and receive money, we never anticipate that we’ll have to wait for it. For online casino players, instant cashouts are a rarity, thanks to the obligatory pending and processing times. We’ve become accustomed to these extended time frames. But when an online casino makes it even more difficult receive a withdraw, somethings not right. That’s exactly what the UK’s Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) thought when it received complaints about two UK licensed operators. CMA Abolishes Unfair Online Casino Withdraw Policies The UK government announced on Wednesday that the CMA has instructed a pair of UK online gambling operations to rectify their cashout policies. The online casino banking … Continue reading

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