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US DOJ Aims to Reverse Online Gambling Laws, Again

US DOJ files appeal to include all internet gambling activities in Wire Act. To the surprise of no one with any knowledge of the situation, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is still donning their summer flip-flops. Following a sorted history that goes back more than a decade, the federal administration is hoping to see the definitions with in the Wire Act of 1961 altered to include all forms of online gambling. At present – as it has for the last 8 years – the Wire Act makes it illegal to offer sports betting over any type of telecommunication service, including the internet. Such activities can only be offered, where legally regulated, at a licensed retail sportsbook. Since the reversal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) earlier this year, sports wagering is being legalized and regulated in more and more US states, which seems to be drawing … Continue reading

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NJ Lobbies for Higher Penalties as PokerStars Pays $10k Fine

NJDGE fines PokerStars $10k for accepting illegal sports bets. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) has spent the last six years regulating the most successful online gambling market in the United States. There have been ups and downs. There have been mistakes made, problems realized, and solutions conceived. Is this not to be expected when pioneering any market of such a volatile nature? One thing gaming regulators in the Garden State have learned in recent times is that the penalties for non-compliance could have – nay, should have – been set a lot higher. That was the sentiment coming out of NJDGE offices last week when it was announced that one of their most prominent licensed operators had been fined just $10,000 for violating the state’s strict sports gambling laws. PokerStars Fined $10k for Accepting Illegal Sports Bets On April 12, 2019, David L. Rebuck, Director of the … Continue reading

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Sportsbook Refunds Bets on Saints NFC Championship Loss

Saints bettors find online sportsbook more fair than NFL referees. On Sunday, January 20, 2019, American football history was written, just as it is every year around this time. That was the day the NFC and AFC Championship games played out. The winners of each would go on to compete in Super Bowl LIII on February 3. By the time the clock the struck midnight, all had been decided. The New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to claim the AFC Championship title, while the Los Angeles Rams overcame the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC Championship. The Patriots earned their third consecutive appearance in the Super Bowl, and the Rams will join them, making their first appearance since 2002, when they lost to—guess who?—the New England Patriots. But the history books won’t be so cut and dry for the 2018-19 season. There are many who question whether … Continue reading

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Mobile Casino Jackpot Pays $288k for Working Gal

Work + Play = $288k mobile casino slots jackpot for NJ woman. Who says you can’t mix work with play? Your boss, probably. They tend to frown on things like playing mobile games, particularly when an employee is on the clock. But for one New Jersey woman, mingling the two activities paid off, delivering a mobile casino jackpot worth nearly $288,000. If you’ve ever endured a conference call at work, you might have some idea of just how boring they can be. Often times, a host of employees are required to listen in as bits and pieces of information will apply to each their departments. Once the corresponding information is acquired, you still have to sit through the rest of it. Thanks to mobile technology, and a knack for being inconspicuous, this lady managed to turn an otherwise dull moment into a life-changing experience. Working Gal Wins Mobile Casino Slots … Continue reading

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FanDuel Relents, pays $82k Win despite Malfunction

Sports betting giant capitulates, pays $82k on erroneous bet slip. The universal law of gambling, where technology is concerned, is that a “malfunction voids all pays”. When a slot machine accidentally displays a jackpot win, the player doesn’t get the money. When the ball bounces out of the roulette wheel, all bets are void. A misdeal in blackjack will authorize no payouts. No matter who’s fault it is, the player always seems to be the victim. For once, that’s not the case. Last week, the headlines were lit up all over the betting world. For a mere 18 seconds, a set of odds on the Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders Week-2 NFL game were displayed incorrectly at FanDuel. Not just incorrectly, but exorbitantly so. Only a dozen bettors were observant and quick enough to place a bet on those odds, including one Anthony Prince of Newark, New Jersey. $110 Bet … Continue reading

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FanDuel refuses to pay $82.5k Win on Accidental Odds

FanDuel won’t pay winning NFL sports bet worth $82,500 due to glitch. Since the dawn of computer technology, we’ve had to deal with glitches. Human error is a lot more common, but even a computer system can malfunction, if not break down entirely. Have you ever paid a bill through an online bank account, only to find out next month that you owe double because the payment never came out? I have—twice. And I can’t tell you that according to the billing department, it’s your fault, not the bank’s. Glitches happen every day, and when they involve money, it can be a real pain in the you-know-what. A New Jersey man, Anthony Prince, now knows this better than anyone. After placing and winning a wager on DFS and sports betting giant FanDuel, his payout is being refused due to a glitch in the system that accidentally posted incorrect odds. FanDuel … Continue reading

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Investments in Online Gambling Software Company turn Sour

New Jersey court to hear case of $1.3mm online gambling fraud. From July 2012 to December 2017, Mr. Sandy J. Masselli was a very busy man. The CEO of Carlyle Entertainment Ltd (formerly Carlyle Gaming & Entertainment Ltd) worked tirelessly to convince New Jersey investors that his company was worthy of their investment. His hard work paid off, generating over $1.3 million from 26 investors. According to a press release by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJ-DCA), Mr. Masselli is now the primary defendant in a serious case of fraud. Last week, Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and the Bureau of Securities of the NJ-DCA filed suit against Mr. Masselli and his numerous investment firms for allegedly using the investment funds to bankroll an “extravagant lifestyle”. $1.3 Million Online Gambling Fraud Masselli is accused of convincing more than two dozen investors that he is a “savvy business”, and … Continue reading

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Canada’s Favorite Live Casino launches in US Market

Best Canada Live Casino expands south into New Jersey, USA. The live dealer casino market isn’t nearly so competitive as its cousins in electronic gambling. There are hundreds of companies developing game software for online casinos, building interactive, RNG-based slot machines, tables games and more. Contrariwise, only around two dozen brands host live casino studios, streaming genuine table action to desktops, smartphones and tablets all over the world. There are a few logical explanations for why the live casino industry is so much smaller. For the last decade, it’s been more of a niche market, largely due to high-tech demands. It’s also not the type of software online casinos look to employ more than one of. Furthermore, it’s not a very inviting business for entrepreneurs when a single entity has already reached astronomical heights, soaring far beyond the capabilities and popularity of any existing competitor. If you’re familiar with today’s … Continue reading

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Understanding US & Canada Online Gambling Licenses

US & Canadian Internet Gambling Jurisdictions by Province / State As promised in a previous segment detailing National Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions, today’s edition will cover more locally run regulatory bodies—specifically those in the states and provinces of the US and Canada—where online casino and/or poker games are locally operated. In these countries, the federal government has limited control over internet gambling laws. Both nations have decreed that gambling is not specifically legal or illegal, unless deemed so—one way or the other—by the state or province in which one resides. Therefore, the legality and regulation of internet gambling depends entirely upon where one lives in North America. We’ll give a brief run down of US and Canada online gambling licenses, where they exist, and what they permit. Important Note on Federal Gambling Laws United States: Unless otherwise legislated, online gambling is generally illegal in any US state where the activity … Continue reading

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Play Foxwoods Live Roulette Online, just Not in US

Canadians can play roulette live from Foxwoods via LeoVegas. Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut, USA is one of the largest and most famous casino destinations in all of North America. Being on the east coast, it doesn’t compete with Las Vegas, and often draws players from as far away as Canada to its gaming floor. Now, those same Canadians, and many more—even players from across the ocean—can play at Foxwoods, without even leaving their home. Through an interactive gaming contract with Authentic Gaming, the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes of Connecticut—owners of the casino resort—Foxwoods’ European roulette tables are now streaming live on the world wide web. Anyone of adult legal age can access them, from any jurisdiction where online gambling is legal. Thus players in Connecticut and other US states will still have to travel to play in person. Canadians can Play Roulette Live from Foxwoods via LeoVegas Authentic Gaming … Continue reading

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