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Canadian Poker Pro Jonathan Duhamel Tough as Nails

Nothing can stop Canadian pro and WSOP crusher Jonathan Duhamel. We’ve all heard stories of strong people who’ve overcome ridiculous odds. It happens in the poker world all the time. Every WSOP Championship bracelet ever awarded took guts, skill, and a survivalist instinct. But I don’t think any Main Event winner overcame so much as Canadian poker pro Jonathan Duhamel. Anyone who’s followed live poker for any length of time should recognize the name. Even if you weren’t up to date when Duhamel achieved his most memorable accomplishment, winning $8.9 million in the WSOP ME in 2010—the first Canadian poker player ever to do so—his imminent skill continues to make headlines each and every year. At just 30 years of age, he’s the second highest career earner on the Canadian all-time money list (#22 in the world) with $17.98 million banked. He’s now up to three WSOP bracelets, having won … Continue reading

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Daniel Neagreanu falls 2nd to Justin Bonomo in Super High Roller Bowl

Daniel Negreanu still the best poker player of all time after losing heads up to Justin Bonomo. This week, a very prestigious crowd of 48 elite poker players gathered at the PokerGO studio within Aria Las Vegas. Each paid $300,000—an amount most of us would cringe at—to participate in the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl. One Wednesday, the field was down to three, including one man who felt the golden touch of Lady Luck upon his should just hours before. Justin Bonomo—a 13-year American poker pro with more 6- and 7-figure cashes than birthday candles—was a card away from losing his stack on Tuesday. On the verge of bubbling, he pushed everything all in against SHRB defending champ Christoph Vogelsang. His prayers were answered when the one card that would save him fell, sending Bonomo into final, Day 4 action. 2018 Super High Roller Bowl Final Three The eliminations came … Continue reading

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Is Bluffing an Effective Poker Strategy? The ASA says No

ASA pulls PokerStars ad for promoting bluffing strategies in poker. This year, the UK has been cracking down on its internet gambling licencees like never before. Following an investigation that unveiled massive incidents of irresponsible behavior, major operators are facing penalties left and right. The worlds largest online poker room, PokerStars, has had no issues with the UK Gambling Commission as a result of the investigation. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is another matter. Earlier this month, the ASA upheld a decision that PokerStars had launched an inappropriate ad campaign. They say a television ad, which aired in October 2017, promoted bluffing as an effective poker strategy, “exploited inexperienced” players and encouraged “recklessness”. PokerStars Ad Promotes Bluffing Strategies for Poker The commercial shows a hand of poker being played in which the active player is holding one of the worst possible poker hands, 8-3 off-suit. In the background, a … Continue reading

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Profile: Canada Female Poker Player Kristen Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell Bio – 2017 Female Poker Player of the Year, Canada’s sweetheart. There have only been a handful of professional poker players who’ve captured our hearts over the years. Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree, and Vanessa Russo come to mind. Their inherent charm and affable personalities, combined with immense skill for the game, have earned them a rightful place among the world’s top favorites. Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell (right) is worthy of similar acclaim. At just 31 years of age, her success has been prolific, in both the online poker community and on the global tournament circuit. She’s personable, witty, beautiful, and the top ranked Canada female poker player. Kristen Bicknell Bio – Early Life Growing up in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Kristen’s path to poker success doesn’t match the stories of most of today’s top pros. She didn’t disappoint her family by dropping out of college. Quite the opposite, in fact. Her … Continue reading

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Why Canadian Gamblers should avoid US Casinos

Forget Las Vegas, Canada casinos don’t tax gambling winnings. We Canadians love to travel as much as anyone. Taking a vacation south of the 49th parallel isn’t uncommon. When the winter weather sets in, a warm destination like Las Vegas may sound tempting, but don’t do it! There’s one very good reason why Canadians should never gamble at US casinos. If you win a sizable amount of cash, you’ll be taxed for it. So if you plan to do any form of wagering, stay home. Otherwise, plan a different vacation that doesn’t involve gambling. Canada Casinos Don’t Tax Gambling Winnings Being a native of Canada, it’s hard to imagine having your gambling winnings taxed by the government. It’s never happened here, and that isn’t likely to change in the future. Canada, like most countries on the planet, allows gamblers to keep all of their winnings. The only time a Canadian … Continue reading

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Canada’s Favorite Poker Pro, Daniel Negreanu

Canadian professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, $35m and counting. Who is the best poker player in the world? That’s a very tough question. How do you judge such a category? Do you go by accolades? Recent success? Lifetime earnings? If championship titles reign supreme, American pro Phil Hellmuth is the man, with a record 14 WSOP bracelets to decorate his curio cabinet. Recent success goes to Spaniard Adrian Mateo, who just won the GPI 2017 Player of the Year Award. But if it’s monetary success over the extent of one’s career, Daniel Negreanu is the hands-down winner, with more than $35 million banked. Negranu has been the poker world’s all-time money leader in live tournaments for several years now. His current career winnings total $35,840,955. That number is likely to rise any day now, as he constantly participates in events all over the globe. He is undoubtedly Canada’s favorite poker … Continue reading

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Kahnawake Canada to host 2018 Winter Festival Poker Tournament

The new year’s first major Canada poker tournament, 2018 Winter Festival, to run January 14-31. Throughout the last half-century, poker has slowly, but steadily, grown into one of the most beloved, mentally-driven sports in the world. When the very first World Series of Poker was held in Las Vegas in 1970, it attracted just 7 players. The next two years saw fields of 6 and 8 respectively. As time went on, dozens, then hundreds of players, were taking part. The 2004 WSOP was the first to attract over a thousand entries; 2,576 in all, up from just 839 the previous year. Anyone who knows the history of poker – particularly online poker – knows why. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker won an online satellite to the WSOP (avoiding the standard US-$10k entry) before winning the $2.5 million prize and title of WSOP Champion. Since then, poker tournaments have been drawing immense … Continue reading

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Switzerland mimicking Online Casino Laws in Canada?

The online gambling laws of Switzerland are taking shape, in part mimicking the failed attempts of Quebec, Canada. After three long years of debate, Switzerland has finally updated its laws in regards to online gambling. Officially termed the Geldspielgesetz, aka Money Gaming Act (MGA), the new laws will go into effect as of January 1, 2018. The MGA is an update to existing gaming legislation that’s been on the books since 1923 and 1998. Neither of those renditions were adequately capable of addressing the modern world of internet gambling. As such, operators from all over the world used their ambiguous nature to assume that acceptance of Swiss players was perfectly lawful. Not anymore. Swiss Online Gambling Laws The new MGA states that online casino gambling and sports betting is legal. However, it may only be conducted by local operators who obtain a license from the Swiss government. International operators will … Continue reading

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Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP Fantasy Poker Draft

Picking the pros for the annual WSOP Fantasy Poker Draft. We’ve all heard of fantasy football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. Fantasy sports drafts have been going on for decades, and most sports fans are familiar with the way it works. But did you know there’s an annual fantasy poker draft held prior to the start of the World Series of Poker? It takes place each year at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, just a hop and a skip south of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino where the WSOP is played. It’s no rinky-dink set-up, either. The fantasy poker draft is actually organized by Canada’s most decorated poker pro, Daniel Negreanu.If you know poker at all, you surely recognize that name. Daniel Negreanu—aka Kid Poker—has 6 WSOP bracelets and 2 WPT titles under his belt. He’s also the current all time money earner in the sport, … Continue reading

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Dutch Gov threatens Illegal Online Gambling Sites

There are three basic types of online gambling laws throughout the world’s myriad jurisdictions. There are places where it’s legal and regulated, known as a ‘white market‘. Places with explicitly illegal online gambling are in the ‘black market‘. Places where the laws are too outdated and ambiguous to matter are called a ‘grey market‘, meaning it’s not really legal, but there’s no laws to stop it either (i.e. exactly what we have here in Canada.) The Netherlands falls into the second category. Despite being a black market country, illegal online gambling continues to be a big problem. International operators have circumvented these laws by providing players with links to Dutch-based web domains, then redirecting them to externally operated gambling sites. Dutch gambling regulators with the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) are fed up, and determined to crack down on the issue. However, based on the current laws, there’s not much they can do … Continue reading

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