Why don’t Fruit Machine Slots have Tomatoes?

Surprising Fact: Favorite fruits and online fruit machines don’t match.

Surprising Fact: Favorite Fruits and Online Fruit Machines Don't MatchSince the dawn of the modern age—we’ll say about the time electric refrigerators came along—every parent has said the same thing time and again. “…not until you eat your vegetables!” You never really hear people complain about eating fruit. It’s juicy, sweet, and incredibly delicious. It’s like nature’s candy!

Most of us can name our favorite fruit in an instant, without putting any thought into it. I’m a cherry fan, myself. The dark, sweet variety. They’re amazing fresh, and twice as good in a homemade deep dish pie. You know the one, with the woven crust on top. Mmmm!

Honestly, I would have expected more people to pick cherries as their favorite. If not cherries, maybe grapes, oranges, even lemons (they do make most drinks much more tasty!) But no, cherries aren’t even in the top 10. Plantains are more popular than cherries!

Why does it matter? Well, because such natural delicacies have been symbolic of fruit machine slots for the last century. Wouldn’t it make sense that game manufacturers utilize the world’s favorite fruits in their most famous machines?

Favorite Fruits and Online Fruits Machines Don’t Mix

As it turns out, most of the world’s favorite fruits do not appear in the classic fruit machines so many generations of casino fans have come to adore. Surprising, right?

Today, game manufacturers do tons of research to see what it is players love most, then incorporate those themes into their games to attract more players. It could be animals, sports, holidays, fantasy, television shows, movies, musical bands, etc.

It would seem that, in decades past, it wasn’t popularity, but rather familiarity that ruled the production lines. As you’ll soon discover, the majority of fruits that have graced the reels of fruit machine slots for so many generations are not the fruits people seem to love most, but rather the most recognizable variety.

According to scientific research published by World Atlas in November 2017, the most popular fruit in the world is… the tomato! Yes, I know, I know, the whole fruit/vegetable argument remains, but the fact is, according to well-documented scientific classification methods, a tomato is, indeed a fruit. The fact that it bears its own seeds within, and that those seeds are the key to bearing additional tomatoes, makes it a fruit.

Those same rules also mean that peppers and squash—even pumpkins—are fruit. So many of us think of these as vegetables, simply because they’re not the sweet variety of fruit we typically think of, but fruit they are. Not that peppers or pumpkins made the top 5, or even top 10 list, but there you have it.

The truth is, there is only one top 5 favorite fruit to eat that is also among the top 5 fruits used in classic slot machines, as well as today’s more modern online fruit machines. Can you guess which one it is?

Clearly it’s not the cherry, or that being my favorite would have made a terrible example above. It’s not the orange or the lemon, either, nor is it grapes. It is, dear readers, the juiciest of all fruits, the watermelon.

World’s Top 5 Favorite Fruits to Eat 5 Most Common Fruits in Slot Machines
Tomatoes Cherries
Bananas Lemons
Watermelons Oranges
Apples Watermelons
Grapefruits Grapes

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