New Online Slots by Yggdrasil, Gem Rock Slot

Yggdrasil releases new high variance slots game, Gem Rocks.

New High Variance Slots by Yggdrasil Gem Rocks SlotThe variety of online slot machines from Yggdrasil Gaming is growing this week with the launch of their new Gem Rock Slots. As usual, the graphics are supremely crisp, and there’s some unique features to keep players entertained. But the creator boasts that this title was “custom-made” to appeal to players with a sweet-tooth for high variance games.

It’s packed with colorful gems that cascade onto the reels. The biggest draw are the gentle giants, whose monster clusters feature guaranteed wins. Consecutive wins result in enormous symbols covering positions of up to 4×4, increasing the profit potential with each new winning spin.

Jonas Strandman, Head of Slots Gaming at Yggdrasil, is particularly proud of this new title. “Gem Rocks is custom-made for players who prefer high variance slots and love the thrill of big wins, he says. “We are sure the exciting win streaks, win-guaranteeing monster clusters and over 9000x bet wins will keep the players coming back to this gem time and time again.”

New High Variance Slots Game, Gem Rocks

Gem Rocks Slot ReviewThe Gem Rocks Slot is a 6×4 game with a phenomenal 4096 ways to win, but not in the normal all-directions way you might think. Combinations line up only from left to right, and create a win when alike symbols appear anywhere on the first 3 (or more) reels. However, you can get huge multipliers for extra symbols on those reels.

Landing more than one alike symbol on a reel multiplies the winnings that many times. Three on the first reel grants a 3x multiplier. Another 2 on the second reel awards a 3×2 (6x) multiplier. Land another 3 on the third reel, and it’s a 3x2x3 (18x) multiplier, ect.

Gem Rocks Feature Monster RockThese aren’t spinning reels but cascading reels. Gem symbols will fall into place with each new play. The greatest thing about cascading reels is that whenever a winning combination appears, those symbols will explode, dropping new ones onto the screen. This game is no different. It’s the equivalent of free respins after a win on traditional spinning-reel slots.

Consecutive wins are the most rewarding in this game, due to the special Gem Rocks Feature. After two consecutive wins, a Monster Rock appears on the reels, taking up a 2×2 position and guaranteeing a win. After 5 consecutive wins, the Monster Rock returns to cover a 3×3 space and guaranteed win. Nine consecutive wins sees the Monster Rock grow to 4×4 (more than half the screen).

This feature can become extremely lucrative for players. Remember, when there are multiple symbols on a reel it initiates a multiplier. So as simultaneous wins occur, a player can potentially get paid with a multiplier of more then 9000x!

My Experience with Gem Rocks Slot

I took Gem Rocks for a spin (er, cascade) this morning, and if there’s one thing I can say, it really is a the high variance slots game! It took more than 10 spins to hit any kind of win, and another 40-50 to land anything substantial. However, when it did, I snagged a $64 payout. Of course at $2 per spin, that wasn’t a huge profit, but it did get me a few dollars above even. I stopped there 🙂


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