His & Hers Slot Machine Jackpots

His and Hers Slot Machine Jackpots at Sycuan CasinoAll casino goers hope to one day collect a big score playing slot machine jackpots. It’s a rare occurrence indeed, and one that – unfortunately – many of us will never experience. For one San Diego couple, the ultimate dream not only came true, it happened for both of them on the very same day.

The husband and wife, known only as Peter and Ivette R., have been lucky in love, and equally lucky at the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California, 20 miles east of San Diego. Each struck a jackpot worth five-figures, and even more amazing, they both happened within just 34 minutes of each other.

Perhaps the most incredible part of the story isn’t the win itself, but the fact that they chose to stay and keep playing after winning the first big prize. Me? I probably would have grabbed my significant other and said, “That’s it, Baby! Time to hit the road.”

Congratulations to Ivette and Peter for sticking it out and doubling their winnings.

His & Hers Slot Machine Jackpots

The first of the two slot machine jackpots went to the Misses. She was playing Konami‘s Asian themed Winning Animals Slot, a progressive game teeming with golden idols representing a frog, tiger, deer, chicken, dragon and others.

Before she knew it, the reels aligned in that perfect, heavenly combination, releasing a progressive jackpot worth $10,516.35.

Exactly 34 minutes later, her husband Peter was spinning the reels of Sycuan Casino’s Shockwave slot machine when he struck a jackpot payout of his own, collecting a cool $10,000.

John Dinius, General Manager of the San Diego area tribal casino, expressed his elation for the fortuitous couple in a press release issued this morning.

“It’s incredible to witness a husband and wife both hit big jackpots on the same day,” said Dinius. “I’m thrilled for Ivette and Peter and I am excited to see if more couples could win big at Sycuan.”

About Sycuan Casino

Sycuan Casino Bingo Jackpot WinnerSycuan Casino is a prominent gambling destination in Southern California. Originally opened in 1983 as a relatively small Bingo Palace, the property has since grown int a vast entertainment facility that hosts millions of visitors each and every year.

The formerly-exclusive bingo parlor now offers an expanded bingo area, plus more than 2,000 slot machines and over 40 gaming tables, including customary games like blackjack and roulette, as well as an assortment of popular Asian table games and a live poker room. A throng of restaurants and entertainment venues are also available.

According to the Sycuan Casino Facebook page, slot machine jackpots are being struck pretty often here. Just two days ago, on April 4, another lucky player by the name of Rosa struck it rich for $24,226.84 on one of the casino’s Lightning Link progressive slot machine jackpots.

The bingo parlor is still one of Sycuan Casino’s main attractions, though. Players who get lucky enough to win a large bingo jackpot don’t just take home the cash, but are also rewarded with a commemorative t-shirt (shown right) to celebrate their big win, just as Cody did on April 3 when his numbers came up to the tune of $15,000.


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