Mobile Jackpot Slot Mega Moolah pays €6.6 Million

Mega Moolah Mobile Jackpot Slot WinnerThe only thing better than winning a live, online or mobile jackpot slot is when one of your closest friends or relatives wins one and shares the spoils. Since that didn’t happen, we move to the third best option, which is learning the incredible story of someone else whose lucky spin finally came up.

It seems like we hear this news every couple of weeks now, but it never gets old, and is a constant reminder that any one of use could be just as fortunate. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about Microgaming‘s universally famous Mega Moolah progressive.

The mobile jackpot slot has made yet another millionaire, paying out €6.6 million (CA $9.6mm) last week. The windfall occurred at Zodiac Casino, just one of hundreds of online and mobile casino sites that employ the Microgaming platform, and offer the Mega Moolah series of million dollar progressive slot machines.

It was the original, safari-themed Mega Moolah that made a millionaire out of Zodiac Casino’s most fortunate player, known only as “C. F.” He was playing the mobile jackpot slot on his smartphone last Tuesday when the unimaginable occurred.

C. F. spun the reels, triggering the Mega Moolah prize wheel. A few ultimately fortuitous spins of the wheel later, and a massive, life-changing €6,681,487 (CA $9,609,986) jackpot was released. As always, the entire multi-million prize was paid in one lump sum.

According to Emma Hall, Casino Rewards Promotions Manager for the online casino, CF won the immense jackpot after taking advantage of a €1 promotion. Hall added that Zodiac Casino was “thrilled” to have paid out their eighth millionaire in the operator’s history; the second resulting from the casino’s €1 promo since it started in the beginning of 2017.

Mega Moolah Mobile Jackpot Slot

Mega Moolah Mobile Jackpot Slot
Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is the most famous of all interactive slot machines that carry progressively cumulative prizes. First launched in November of 2006, the game has contributed to the making of 32 millionaires already, paying out a grand total of €647 million in life altering prizes.

The digital slots game has been making headlines and breaking records for years now. Just two months ago, on January 16, 2017, the jackpot was struck for another €6 million (CA $8.6mm). A few months prior to that, in August 2016, the Mega Moolah set a new milestone for highest jackpot paid to a mobile player – he was using his iPad tablet at the time – dishing up €7.9 million (CA $11.36mm).

The most impressive win of all occurred on October 6, 2015, when a 26 year old British soldier by the name of Jonathon Heywood earned his place (alongside Mega Moolah) in the Guinness Book of World Records. His name appeared as the winner of the highest online progressive jackpot payout in history. His phenomenal windfall on the mobile jackpot slot was worth £13,213,838.68 (€17,879,645.12, or CA $19,005,472.32)

Microgaming’s ‘Millionaire Maker‘ (a well deserved nickname) is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine with a 4-tier jackpot. The highest of all, the Mega, is reseeded at €1 million each time it’s struck. The Major starts at €10,000, the Minor at €10, and the Mini at €1.

The smaller jackpot prizes are struck very frequently, often on a daily basis, if not more. The Mega jackpot strikes about every 11-12 weeks, paying an average of €5.12 million (CA $7.37mm) with each new winner.


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