Playtech now featuring Online Slots Tournaments

New slot machine tournaments online at Quickspin casinos.

New Slot Machine tournaments Online from QuickspinPlaytech is adding a new spin to their impressive portfolio of online gambling verticals. The company, which has been a leading member of the iGaming software development industry in casino, live casino, poker, bingo, sports, and other platforms for nearly two decades, is now delivering online slots tournaments via the firm’s Quickspin technology.

Following a collaborative partnership with Competition Labs, that company has been helping Playtech-owned Quickspin build a tournament engine into its existing slot machine software. This week, the Swedish gaming firm is proudly lauding the fruits of their collective labor.

New Slot Machines Tournaments at Quickspin Casinos

According to a press release from Quickspin, the new tournaments feature will allow internet casino operators that employ the software to present their members with unique events. Players will earn points by participating in these events, which will, in turn, award them with various forms of rewards and prizes.

Unlike most online slots tournaments on the market today, these new events offer a unique twist. Simply winning the most coins in the time allotted doesn’t have to be the goal. “Players can for example get points every time a scatter symbol appears, or every time they get a win involving a wild symbol,” explains Quickspin.

A real-time leader board is built directly into the platform, so players will be able to follow their progress in-game. Developers designed the leader board for easy operator customization, with minimal effort. Casino’s will be able to set up individual tournaments to align with any season, promotional campaign or other special events.

Daniel Lindberg, Chief Executive Officer at Quickspin, comments:

We are very proud to be bringing our new Tournaments feature, which piles on the excitement with an added layer of interactivity that we are sure players will love.”

Lindberg goes on to express his enthusiasm over the recent editions of an Achievements Engine and Achievements Races, which will perfectly complement the tournament format. “The new Tournaments feature is a natural extension of our expertise,” adding to the brand’s focus on “implementing gamification”.

Why Seasoned Players Love Online Slots Tournaments

For years, veteran reel-spinning enthusiasts have sought out slot machine tourneys for their added value. Just playing slot machines can be very entertaining. But without a little assistance from Lady Luck, they can also end in rapid depletion of a bankroll. Tournaments ease the pressure on the monetary end, while providing the same level of excitement and a chance to win a substantial amount of cash.

Slots at Quickspin CasinosMost slot machine tournaments online only cost a few dollars to enter; $5 or $10 is the norm. Playing in a tournament that can last hours helps players to stretch their bankroll a lot further. The unique points system within Quickspin’s new tournaments should provide players with an even more rewarding experience as they strive to increase their standings on the leader boards in multiple ways.

The Swedish-based company, founded in 2011 and acquired by Playtech in 2016, is known for delivering top-quality slots with 3D graphics and player-friendly features. They are already rolling out the new software to their online casino licencees. The tournaments will be available on more than 300 Quickspin-powered gaming websites, including Canadian favorite LeoVegas Mobile Casino.


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