How to Spot Fake Online Gambling Reviews

Stop reading Fake Online Casino Reviews!

Stop Reading Fake Online Casino ReviewsThe online gambling affiliate business is massive. There are hundreds of thousands of websites out there, hosted by people trying to make a buck by driving traffic to online casinos, poker rooms and sports betting sites. The unfortunate fact is, the majority of them are nothing but biased fluff.

I’ve been in this business for more than 12 years now. Five days a week, I’m steadily researching information on gambling sites, operators, software brands, payment processors, security systems, regulatory authorities, and everything else that the industry entails. And if there’s one thing that really gets under my skin, it’s the endless number of fake online gambling reviews that I see every day.

So Many Fake Online Casino Reviews!

You may be wondering why anyone would bother publishing a fake review. To explain it, I have to tell you a little bit about the affiliate business.

Our job is to drive traffic to the online gambling sites we are affiliated with. Every time a person signs up through our links and makes a deposit, we get a small (very small) amount of money for it. The more traffic we drive, the more we make. It’s that simple.

But there are two types basic of affiliates out there. Some of us are responsible and care about the people who read our content. We want them to have a secure and thoroughly entertaining experience. To feel confident when making a deposit. We want them to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are joining a distinguished and trustworthy operator. And, we want them to trust us so that one day, they might come back. They might even refer someone to our website. Repeat customers and word of mouth is the backbone of any successfully business. You won’t get that with low-quality content or a bad reputation.

Then there are those affiliates who don’t care. The ones who will say or do anything to drive traffic. They look for all possible shortcuts. They do very little (if any) research, either flat out lying about a casino’s integrity, or simply stealing information from reputable review sites. Some are disgraceful enough to actually copy/paste the text!

Not only are these affiliates unworthy of the money they make, their information can’t be trusted. I’ve seen them promoting online casinos known throughout the industry to be rogue as if they were the most honest operators in the business. They are shameless!

How to Spot Online Fake Gambling Reviews

The easiest way to spot a fake online casino review is to simply read some of the text. Is it written in an informative manner, or does it read like an advertisement? Informative text will take an unbiased approach, pointing out both positive and negative aspects. An advertisement will only highlight the good stuff, like bonuses and game variety, often sounding like a car salesman’s script.

Another way is to skim over the topic titles before actually reading. Most reviews are segmented into categories like licencing and regulation, software, game variety, promotions, security, payment options, customer support, etc. If the review is too short, or skips some of the most important segments, that’s a bad sign. Not only does it lack depth, it shows that not much research went into it.

Last, take a look at just how many online casinos they’re promoting. If it’s a long list, they shouldn’t all be positive 10-star (or even 8-star) reviews. If there’s only a few sites on the list, that’s different.

Most of the good reviewers will either review as many sites as possible – hundreds, if not thousands – and rank them without bias. Or, they only associate with a handful of the most reputable casinos (like myself).

If enough people learn to recognize fake online casino reviews, maybe – just maybe – they won’t continue to flood the internet the way they do now.


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