Canada’s Luckiest Casino Gamblers of the Last Decade

Five Canadian casino winners who struck gold online and on land.

Canadian Casino Winners Kathryn StokesWe don’t often think about casino gamblers who strike it rich. More often, it’s the lottery winners who grab our attention. It’s certainly not because the lottery is easier to win! Rather, it’s because provincial lottery regulators are so quick to promote their winners, in hopes of selling more and more tickets.

There’s a very long list of Canada’s luckiest casino gamblers. They win at land-based casinos, as well as online casinos, and it actually happens quite often. We just don’t hear much about it because the casinos are much more restricted in advertising, per problem gambling prevention laws.

With that in mind, we decided to compose a congratulatory list of…

5 Canadian Casino Winners who Struck Gold Online and On Land

Of the countless winners, we’ve chosen five of the most fortunate to hit a major casino jackpot, all in the last decade. We’ll start with a man who went from average Joe to instant multi-millionaire after hitting the world’s most famous online progressive slot for its second largest payout in history.

#1 Marcus Goodwin – $11.6 Million

In late 2016, the world was flipped upside down (in a good way) for Canadian online casino player Marcus Goodwin. He joined Yako Casino in July of that year, and remained a casual player over the ensuing months, taking advantage of deposit bonuses to keep his bankroll sufficiently stocked.

On November 5, 2016, he was spinning the reels of Microgaming‘s famous Mega Moolah progressive. He was considerably lucky for about an hour, winning a few hundred dollars, when to his absolute shock, he struck the second largest payout in the game’s history.

Mr. Goodwin cashed out for a mind-blowing $11,633,898.44.

#2 Anonymous – $7.5 Million

Just this year, on February 27, 2018, a Canadian member of Royal Vegas Casino also struck the Mega Moolah jackpot, as well. This lucky player, who chose to remain anonymous, collected a whopping $7,452,254!

#3 Kathryn Stokes – $1.8 Million

September 17, 2013, is a day Kathryn Stokes of Toronto will never forget. That was day she was traversing the game floor of Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario and heard the chiming of one of her favorite musical artists coming from a nearby slot machine. It was the Michael Jackson: King of Pop slot, and she couldn’t resist giving it a spin.

She had won a few hundred dollars on the machine on a previous visit. But after inserting $60 on this day, she thought her luck had run dry. With just enough credits to give the game one last spin, she pressed the button. Low and behold, the jackpot struck!

Mrs. Stokes walked away with a staggering $1,862,447.25.

#4 Scott Taylor – $155k

Slot machines aren’t the only games that deliver life-altering progressive jackpots. One of Canada’s luckiest casino gamblers is Scott Taylor, who “hit it big” while hitting a hand of blackjack at After placing the progressive blackjack side bet, which pays various amounts based on consecutive cards dealt to a player, Scott was unbelievably lucky enough to be dealt four aces in a row!

Against all the odds in the book, that coincidental dealing earned Mr. Taylor a phenomenal $155,345.

#5 Anonymous – $86.5k

Although this win is the lowest in overall value, its owner just may be the luckiest of all Canadian casino winners. This anonymous player from Alberta, Canada won not a single jackpot, but two of them!

He was spinning the reels of his favorite online slot machine, Microgaming’s Avalon Slot, when he snagged a fantastic payout of $72,650. He immediately cashed out his winnings, but got the itch to try his luck once more. When he did, Avalon’s mythical Lady of the Lake bestowed upon him another lucrative jackpot of $13,900.


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