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Online Casino with Free Sign Up Bonus, Real Money Gambling at its Cheapest

Online Casino with Free Sign Up Bonus, Real Money Gambling at its CheapestGambling is generally thought to be an expensive pastime. You must play to win, but you must also pay to play. And there’s no guarantees you’ll win anything. But what if the casino was willing to let you gamble for free, at least for a little while? Placing wagers on their dime is not a bad deal at all, especially if you get to keep the winnings. 

Real Money Gambling at its Cheapest 

Every internet casino offers some type of incentive to get players started. Free bonus credits and/or slot machine spins are more common than you might think. Some are more enticing than others. And some have more sesquipedalian terms to bleed your eyeballs. 

Sifting through them all can be a pain, unless you know what to look for. And let me tell you, having researched this industry for more than a decade, the CTRL+F function can be your best friend! We’ll talk briefly about the different types of online casino bonuses, then how to decipher their terms with ease. 

Online Casino with Free Signup Bonus – Deposit, No-Deposit, Free Spins 

There are three basic types of bonuses you’ll run across. They include deposit bonuses (free cash on top of first deposit), no-deposit bonuses (free cash prior to first deposit), and free spins (for slots). At least one of these will be offered as a welcome bonus for new players only. Most operators will continue to offer similar promotions, on a much smaller scale, for existing players.  

First-Time Deposit Bonuses: These are generally the largest (most generous) bonuses you’ll find. They’ll match your first deposit by a certain percentage rate, and up to a certain amount. Typical offers would be something like 100% up to $1,200, or 200% up to $500. Don’t get too excited, though. The larger the offer is, the more neutralizing its terms will probably be. 

No-Deposit Bonus: These aren’t nearly so common as they used to be, but they do still exist. A no-deposit bonus awards a small amount of free money to gamble with; $5 to $10 is the norm. There is no deposit required; just sign up and claim the bonus. Be warned, though, these are notorious for having a ‘non-cashable’ clause in the terms. 

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Free Spins: These are exactly what they sound like; any number of free spins on the slot machines. It could be 10, 20, or even 50 free spins. Most often, the spins will be limited to a single online slot—whichever the operator is promoting at the time—or a limited selection of slots. Disallowing progressive jackpot machines is common. 

Sifting Through the Online Casino Bonus Terms 

No matter what type of bonus you’re claiming, there are _ very specific things you want to determine. What are the wagering requirements, which games are eligible, and can you withdraw the winnings? 

Wagering Requirements: Also known as ‘WR’, these represent a multiplier regarding how many times you’ll have to play through the bonus, or deposit+bonus, before it’s cleared. Using CTRL+F on your computer (or the Find in the Page option on your mobile device), search for the term “wager” to find this. 

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Eligible Games: You’ll need to know what games you can play, and which count towards WR, when using bonus money. Again, using the CTRL+F function, search the terms for the word “eligible” to find this info. 

Withdraw Winnings: This is the most important aspect of any online casino with free signup bonus offers. If it’s non-cashable (I.e. you can’t withdraw any winnings), you might as well be playing in practice mode. Very few operators let their players withdraw all winnings once WR is met, either. Don’t be surprised to find a cap of around $200. Search for the keyword “withdraw” in the terms to find out.  


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