Safety in Casinos: Know the Odds, Know the Risk

Live and online casino safety starts with protecting you from yourself.

Do you have game sense? Most gamblers think they do. They believe that by understanding the rules and playing strategically, they’ll have all the weapons they need to beat the casino. But as so many athletic championship events have taught us, it’s rarely the offense that wins a game. It’s the defense.

Having game sense doesn’t mean metaphorically equipping yourself with weapons, but rather armor. You must be able to shield yourself from the inequities of casino gambling. The games are not fair. You are not meant to profit here. Most players will lose more money than they win.

Live and Online Casino Safety Starts with Protecting You from YourselfPlayers with genuine game sense understand the odds and risk of playing, and that the reward is rarely money, but entertainment.

Live & Online Casino Safety: Protecting You from Yourself

I know, it may sound ridiculous—why should you need protection from yourself? But when it comes to gambling, there are a lot of people that don’t even realize their making bad decisions, acting on impulse, and eventually chasing losses with money they can’t afford to lose. Not until the damage is done.

You may have noticed I used the phrase “game sense” several times above. That is a reference to a comprehensive problem gambling prevention and awareness campaign developed right here in Canada. It’s called GameSense, and the idea is to equip players with the knowledge to protect themselves from the potential harms of gambling, without discouraging from the gambling altogether.

GameSense is a program that teaches players the true odds of casino games. It empowers players with the knowledge of the risk they are taking. When players truly understand how a game works, and their genuine odds of winning or losing that game, they are able to see it for what it is. Gambling a form of entertainment that is, most likely, going to cost money to enjoy, just like any other leisure activity.

Playing Live or Online, Bring Your GameSense With You

Originally adopted by the British Columbia Lottery Corp (BLCL), GameSense is making its way across Canada and beyond. It offers a wealth of information, far beyond learning the odds of various gambling games. It teaches families how to be a positive influence around children, who are learning about gambling at a younger age with each new generation. It offers brief questionnaires that reveal more about you as a player than meets the eye.

GameSense delivers a combination of responsible play education and informative materials on the risks associated with gambling. Some of the program’s key bullet points include:

– Play for fun, not to make money.

– Don’t chase losses. Accept them as the cost of entertainment.

– Set a budget and stick to it.

– Know how the game works and what the odds are before playing.

– Set a time limit before you play.Balance gambling with other types of leisure activities.

Walk into any BC casino these days, and one of the first things you’ll see—before arriving on the casino floor—is a GameSense area. It will be equipped with interactive kiosks and other educational materials. During busy hours, a member of the BCLC will be on hand to interact with customers seeking knowledge.

BC’s online casino,, actively promotes GameSense as well. You can’t miss the tab attached to the scrolling bar on the website.

Statistically, 3% of all gamblers have or will develop a problem of some degree. GameSense is there for you. Take advantage of the knowledge. Use this opportunity to learn exactly what gambling is about. Your live and online casino safety may depend on it.

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