Four Must-Play Halloween Online Slots to Die For!

New 2018 Halloween online slot machines you have try this October.

If you’re a fan of online gaming and Halloween frights, there’s a few new creepily-themed online and mobile slots you have to try. Each is created by a different software company, so no matter what online casinos you haunt, there’s something for everyone.

I’ve tried each of these games personally (and many others) before choosing the top three. I have to say their creators did an awesome job coming up with creative designs and freakishly-fancy graphics. I hope you enjoy these must-play Halloween online slots as much as I did.

For reference, I’ve provided links where you can play each in demo-mode before converting to real money play. At the bottom, you’ll also find my absolute favorite, all-time Halloween online slots game. It was made in 2017, so it didn’t make the 2018 list, but it’s by far the scariest slots game online today!

Best New 2018 Halloween Online Slot Machines

Wolf Hunters Slot by Yggdrasil - best new 2018 Halloween online slot machines#1 Wolf Hunters – Yggdrasil (LeoVegas Casino)

I fell in love with this one from the moment I saw the intro cinematic (do not skip it!). Wolf Hunters goes back in time to the days of inexplicable and gruesome deaths that could only be explained by lycanthropic legend and lore. Players tag along with a pair of the game’s namesake main characters; wolf hunters who fight to protect the villagers from pure evil as the full moon rises.

The game’s features include skirmishes between the werewolf and hunters, with the main-feature goal of defeating the mighty werewolf to unlock Slayer free spins.
Try it now? Play Wolf Hunters Slot Demo

Wicked Tales Dark Red Slot by Triple Edge Studios, Microgaming#2 Wicked Tales: Dark Red – Microgaming (Royal Vegas Casino)

Developed by Triple Edge Studios for the Microgaming platform, Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot is another tale-spinner with a sinister plot. Twisting the fabled tale of Red Riding Hood, this version takes a new turn as the lead character, Dark Red, stalks the deep forest in search of the bloodthirsty werewolf. Or is it the other way around?

The story unfolds as each session progresses, delivering a wealth of features like the Wolf’s Wheel Bonus and Wandering Werewolf Wilds.

Try it now? Play Wicked Tales: Dark Red Demo (scroll down, click the Dark Red logo and confirm you’re 18+)

Necromancer VR Slot by Evoplay

#3 Necromancer – Evoplay (???)

There’s no backstory in this one, but if you have a VR headset, it’s definitely worth a spin! The crew at Evoplay did a supreme job in creating a virtual reality slot machines with a dark theme, wherein the goblin-esque Necromancer conjures a hoard of undead minions from his magical cauldron to fight for him.

The undead minions are the symbols, ranging from simple ghouls and ghosts (low paying symbols) to fierce, heavily armored skeletal warriors (high paying symbols). I’ve only demo-ed this one on the Evoplay website because there’s no online casino regulated in a respectable market that offers it.

Try it now? Play Necromancer Slot Demo (available with or without VR)

Best Halloween Online Slot

Best of the Best! Halloween Online Slots – Microgaming (Royal Vegas Casino)

I’ve played countless Halloween-themed online slots games, dating back to the early 2000’s. If you’re looking for a fright, there’s nothing better than Microgaming’s 2017 Halloween Online Slot, built by Triple Edge Studios. It’s licensed and branded to mimic John Carpenter’s terrifying 1980 horror film, Halloween, featuring the “boogeyman”, Michael Meyers. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence), Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and other memorable victims—er, I mean characters—from the film.

The original spine-tingling soundtrack, the cinematic bonuses, the blood-curdling screams… need I say more? Forget the new 2018 Halloween online slot machines. This one tops them all!

Try it now? Play Halloween Online Slot Demo (scroll down to October 2017 releases, click the Halloween Online Slot logo and confirm you’re 18+)

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