Use Visa Debit Casino Deposits for Online Blackjack

Visa Debit Casino DepositsHit, stand or double down? So many decisions! Online casino blackjack players should be able to concentrate on such things without petty distractions, like wondering if their payment method is safe and secure. Visa debit casino deposits alleviate these worries, and give players instant access to their funds.

Today we’ll discus how to use Visa debit deposits for casino blackjack – or slots, or video poker, or any other table games you may wish to wager on over the internet – and all the pros and cons involved therein.

Benefits of Visa Debit Casino Deposits

The pros list for Visa debit deposits is extensive. This payment method is extremely secure, instantaneous, and draws the funds directly from your bank account.

In terms of security, the possibility of identity theft is almost non-existent. Operators achieve this by integrating minimum 128-bit SSL encryption during the transfer of all sensitive information. It’s also mandatory that the debit card be issued to the exact same name and address as the user’s online casino account.

The speed of deposits is appreciated, but not really a perk. Truth is, pretty much all casino deposit methods are instant – even bank transfers and eChecks. The casino receives an automatic message from the bank stating that the funds are available (assuming they are), then the casino deposits the cash in your gaming account, whether they’ve received those funds yet or not.

Because the money is drawn straight from your bank, you can’t send what you don’t have, and will wrack up a debt you can’t afford to pay off, as can be the case with credit card deposits.

Disadvantages of Visa Debit Casino Deposits

Using Visa debit deposits for casino blackjack does have some drawbacks. There are restrictions in withdrawing funds to the card, and not everyone is comfortable giving out so much sensitive information over the internet.

Generally speaking, Visa debit withdrawals can only be made in amounts up to the original deposit made with the same card. If a player were to deposit $100, then later attempt to withdrawal $300, only $100 of it would go to the Visa debit card, with the other $200 being delivered by another method, like bank transfer or cheque by mail. At some online casinos, Visa debit withdrawals are not permitted at all.

Making Visa debit casino deposits requires users to divulge their whole name, physical address, and all the information on their debit card, (16-digit number, expiration, 3-digit security code). Despite the stringent security systems in place, that’s a lot of info to put out there, and could make some players uncomfortable. If that’s the case, we recommend using a secure online payment processor (aka eWallet) such as Neteller or Skrill.

How To Deposit with Visa Debit

Making a Visa debit casino deposit is a simple, 3-step process. Note that the actual debit card information must only be registered once. From there, players can select the registered payment method, enter an amount to deposit and submit the payment.

To register a Visa debit card at an online casino:

1. Log in to the casino, go to the Banking / Deposits section and choose Visa Debit as the preferred payment method.

2. Enter the information from the card as instructed (name, address, card number, expiration date and CVC code).

3. Enter the amount to be deposited and click Next to review the payment before submission.


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