Don’t Waste Time Hacking Online Scratch Cards

Online scratchies hack will gain you nothing but grief. Don’t do it!

Online Scratchies Hack PointlessOver the weekend, I was approached by an acquaintance who told me of this new and “amazing” trick he’d discovered. He said to me, with a gleam in his eye, “I’ve been hacking online scratch cards, and it really works!

My first thought—and in all likelihood the very thought you’re having now—was “that’s illegal!” My response, however, was, “And you win money doing this?”

“Yes, and no,” he told me. This supposed cheating mechanism he’d found doesn’t actually help you win. In fact, it’s a total waste of time, and could get you in a whole lot of trouble!

Online Scratchies Hack Only Works After You Buy the Ticket

The very first problem with this technique is that you actually have to buy the ticket before you can use it. Whether it’s a winner or not has already been determined by this point. Despite this fact, he was still very excited about it, which made little sense to me.

In order to use it, you have to download a special add-on that works with your web browser. Some browsers will have this feature built in already. It’s not an illegal software, but could potentially be used for illegal purposes. Therefore, I won’t bother telling you the name of it, because I do NOT encourage doing this.

Anyway, this software allows the user to view the source code of any web page, including the source of HTML5/Flash items (like online scratch cards). If you examine the code closely enough, and know what to look for, you’ll be able to see if an online scratch ticket is a winner or loser before you virtually scratch its surface. But why?

This is a total waste of time. You could just as easily scratch the ticket, or simply tap the ‘scratch all’ option, to get the same results. What’s the point of spending so much time bleeding your eyes over miles of code to find the exact same result?

Note: This trick does not work on other casino games, like slot machines, video poker, or blackjack. The results of these games are determined by a random number generator (RNG) the moment a player hits the ‘Spin’ or ‘Deal’ button. Therefore the source code can provide no information as to the outcome of any play.

Hacking Online Scratch Cards Could Be Illegal

I did some research into this method, although I did not try it personally. There are websites and YouTube videos out there describing the process in great, graphical detail. Based on what I’ve seen, it does work (but is still pointless). I’ve also noticed that everyone claims it’s not illegal, since it doesn’t effect the results.

I’m not so sure that online gambling operators would agree. While viewing the source code is not illegal, operators don’t take kindly to any type of activity in which players seek to compromise their systems. And if caught, this sort of behavior could be construed as a failed attempt at hacking online scratch cards.

Depending on the verbiage of the website’s policies, you could be severely penalized for this. Your account could be suspended, if not permanently closed. Worse, you may or may not get your account balance refunded.

My advice to you would be to ignore any and all cheating and/or hacking mechanisms advertised on the internet or elsewhere. If they help you win, they are 100% illegal. If not, they could still be illegal, or at least worthy of account closure.

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