High Roller Slots – Reel ‘Em In Lobster Potty

SG Gaming unveils upcoming slots for high rollers, Reel ‘Em In Lobster Potty.

Reel em In Lobster Potty Slots for High RollersIf there’s one thing I like about slot machines, it’s the fact that you can play them on a wide betting scale. Some of us love slot machines because they are so cheap to play. Others prefer to bet big with the hopes of a huge return.

There aren’t too many titles that fall into the category of high roller slots. Sure, you can be a big spender, betting high amounts of cash on pretty much any slot known to man. But is that game going to reward you more generously for doing so? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I believe all designated ‘slots for high rollers’ should give big spenders an advantage.

An upcoming slots release from Scientific Games is a perfect example. It offers a wide betting margin, scaling RTP and dual gaming modes. By adjusting bet sizes and game modes, the return to player (RTP) can spike to 98%. Not too shabby for a slot machine!

Reel ‘Em In Lobster Potty

Okay, the name sounds a little funny, granted. This is actually an additional to the original Reel ‘Em In series by WMS (now owned by SG). And don’t worry, the Lobster Potty has nothing to do with taking a bathroom break. Those potties refer to lobster pots, or traps, used to catch these tasty critters from the ocean.

Graphically speaking, there’s definitely a comic vibe going on. There’s a doofy looking fisherman in the top right perched in a small fishing vessel with the melodic oceanic background below. The 5×3 reels are equipped with an array of cartoon-style fish, and those ever-present playing card symbols.

Reel Em In Lobster PottyEnough of those fishies will deliver a decent payout, but this fisherman is hoping to snag a lobster pot. Not because they’re filled with succulent lobsters, but rather a pile of bronze, silver or gold coins. How many coins? Up to 500x the players bet.

Big Bet for High Roller Slots Fans

There are essentially three RTP-dependent ways to play this game. Playing in standard mode at low stakes ($0.20+) delivers an RTP of 94%. Meh… no thanks. Up your bets to $2+ per spin, also in regular mode, and the RTP jumps to 96%. Not too bad. Play in Big Bet mode (5x selected bet size), and the RTP soars to an impressive 98%. Nice!

Standard Mode Slots for Low Stakes

This mode offers traditional wilds and two bonus game features. With the game still due for release, there’s very limited information on how these bonuses are tiggered. I won’t bother speculating, but here’s what we do know.

Reel em In Lobster Potty High Roller Slots BonusReel ‘Em In Bonus: This bonus will cause the middle three reels to spin. There are three things that can land in the 9 available spaces. Fish come with cash prizes. A blank space offers nothing. A boot will deactivate the reel it lands on. When complete, all prizes are collected.

Lobster Pots Bonus: When this bonus activates, the middle reel will spin to reveal a bronze, silver or gold lobster in the center. The color will determine the prize, up to 500x the triggering bet.

Big Bet Slots for High Rollers

Big Bet mode is a more expensive, but more rewarding way to play Reel ‘Em In Lobster Potty. Players must choose to operate the game in this mode – just increasing the bet size won’t do it. When activated, Big Bet links 5 separate spins, where wild symbols appear more frequently on reels 2, 3 and 4. Two additional bonus features also become available.

Big Bite Feature: This appears to be a random feature, wherein a shark with a ‘Big Bite’ places 2x multipliers onto wild symbols. Thus any winning combination using that wild will receive a 2x payout.

Mega Bit Bite Feature: Much like the previous feature, this one endows the reels with multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x.


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