New Three Musketeers Online Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

New Three Musketeers Online Slot by Red Tiger GamingThe Three Musketeers are back! This time, d’Artagnan’s trio of sidekicks, Pothos, Aramis and Athos, are slashing their way across the reels of a new online slot machine by Red Tiger Gaming. The new Three Musketeers Online Slot is now live on all Red Tiger-powered internet casinos.

Its creators chose to go the 2D cartoon-style route in terms of graphics, but the design definitely fits the theme. Our trio of heroes are each endowed with their own special powers, delivering unique game features for players to cash in on.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our favorite French swashbucklers in the new Three Musketeers Online Slot.

Three Musketeers Online Slot – Red Tiger Gaming

In today’s age of intensely cinematic, HD graphics, I was surprised to find how enjoyable and elegant Red Tiger’s approach to 2D animation is. Being a classic folk tale, originally told by celebrated author Alexandre Dumas, the game’s design mimics the centuries-old fairy tale model.

The sound effects are nothing too special, but they align well with the motif. Every once in awhile, depending on the result of a spin, you may here the trifecta of heroes shout out appropriately French terms, like “Bonjour!”, “En garde!”, and “Tres bien!”

The symbols in the Three Musketeers Online Slot fit the theme perfectly, including the main characters, Porthos (in red), Aramis (in blue) and Athos (in green). These are each special symbols found on the game’s 5×4, 40-line grid.

New Three Musketeers Online Slot Wild SlashThe higher paying symbols include an embossed gold coin, trio of swords, feathered hat, and tankard of ale. On the lower end, there are playing card symbols of spade, heart, diamond and club.

The Shield symbol is the Wild. It won’t multiply anything, and doesn’t have its own payout structure, but they can appear stacked – as can all other symbols. The Three Musketeers can slice and dice additional wilds onto the screen at random.

During the base game, one (or more) of the Three Musketeers online slot characters will shout out and slash the reels with his sword to produce a line of extra wilds. Porthos slices horizontally, Aramis vertically, and Athos diagonally. These wild slashes can be performed during any random spin.

Three Musketeer Online Slot Bonus Features

New Three Musketeers Slot Bonus FeaturesOn the right of the reels, you’ll see the Three Musketeers lovely mugs lined up, with a Bonus feature title above each, and a meter below. As the game progresses, each time a character appears on the reels, he will toss feathers into his meter to fill it up. Once full, that bonus feature will trigger.

Porthos Bar Bonus: When the Porthos Bar Bonus is triggered, the player is transported to a selection of rooms; the Exclusive Room, Luxury Room, and Bar Room. In each corner of each room is a bet multiplier. Porthos starts in the Bar Room, and the player selects one of three symbols to determine what direction he travels. After so many moves, the player selects another symbol to earn more moves. The prizes in the Bar Room are lowest, Luxury Room are median. Making it to the Exclusive Room awards the largest prizes, up to a 500+ times the total stake.

Aramis Wheel Bonus: Triggering the Three Online Musketeers Slot Wheel Bonus reveals a large Windmill, with various prizes across the fan blades. They include things like 2x, 3x, 6x or 8x free spins, plus multiplier prizes of 25x to 388x the total bet. Spin the wheel, and as it slows, Aramis will gracefully stab his blade into the wheel to denote the prize.

Athos Offer Bonus: The Athos Offer Bonus is an interesting one. Athos sits across the table and unravels a parchment with a special cash bonus offer. If the player accepts, the prize is theirs. If not, a second offer is made. Decline that one, and a third, final offer is made. The value is random, so choose wisely, and don’t be too greedy! I triggered this four times while playing the Three Musketeer Online Slot, and half of them saw the smallest prize on the final offer.


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